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Book #1, Why Cats Don't Bounce on Trampolines

Chapter 1

"One, two, three, four...", a voice meowed.
"Hey, we're trying to get some sleep, you know!", another voice meowed crossly.
It was a normal day in the apprentice's den, and Heatpaw was counting the branches in the apprentices den.
"Sixty-seven, sixty-eight, sixty nine", Heatpaw counted.
"Shuddup!", Rainpaw growled.
"Sorry...*pause*...seventy, seventy-one, seventy two"
Rainpaw got up, licked himself, and went out of the den.
"Ninety, ninety-one..."
A few minutes later, Rainpaw got back into the den, hoping Heatpaw had got up and went out.
"Seven hundred fourty one..."
"Ugh...", Rainpaw groaned, and went back out.

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