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I have composed a new RPG (yeah, we have enough of those, blahblahblah, it won't be like Firetail's, blahblahblah) I hope you will enjoy. I am finishing up some smaller details, but I think it will be sick when it's finished. I'm just letting you know ahead of time. To prepare. I'm only gonna let 10 people in (maybe more, I'll have to think about it. I won't let what happened to Firetail's RPG happen to me) so think about it!

Here's what I've got so far:

"You are the famous headmaster of an even more famous Insane Asylum. You're asylum takes in the worst of the worst, and transforms them through whatever means nesessary, either force, or kindness. There hasn't been one case you couldn't crack.

Well, almost all of the cases. There is one patient who, no matter what form of torture or medication, could not be cured. In fact, this one patient's codename is "Virus". He is a criminally insane mesmerist, or hypnotist, who was arrested and sent to your asylum, to be "Cured." Also, after the case, the court warned you that, if you kill him, in ANY way, you will legally succumb to all of the systems used at your asylum. And, being completely sane, you decide not to, but to keep him in a cell 2 floors under the main asylum, under complete guard and without the slightest chance of trying to change anyonoe else. Or so you thought...

Well, "Virus" managed to woo you'r guards, and convert them to his level of insanity. Oh, and they also agree with him that you would be better off dead. So, he has managed to talk to every single inmate, and convert them to his way of thinking. And, with your Asylum being so famous, he has a consistant, constant buildup to his army. There is no way to fight them all: You have canceled all your weapons suppliers subscriptions, so what you have in the asylum is what you got. The only option is to escape. There are supposedly others in the world with your kind of problem, other headmasters of other asylums with other escapee's trying to kill them, who are conveining at a secret location. When, or rather, if, you manage to escape, the secret will be told to you somehow. If it doesn't stop soon, there will be no stopping the "Virus" from spreading.

There are a few things that can set each headmaster off from everyone else (as they say, every case is different), but your goals will be painfully clear. Or, if you fail, just painful. So, are you willing to be one of the leaders of a new world of insanity, or just to remain a follower of your normal lives? The choice is yours alone."

How's that? Well, there will be updates as to who has what on their asylum, but this will be determined with the people joining. Also there are a few differences that have been made from the adverage RPG. Like:

-->Every day, there will be a growth of enemies, due to the fact that you need the revenue still, and that, being one of the most popular asylums to go to, you are one that people want to go to.

-->You cannot close your doors to ANYONE! people will be automatically added to the total amount (which varies with the person) and most, if not all of them, will be instantly changed into enemies

-->There are many different types of places to go, but the maps are all the same (you all used the same architect, go figure)and each place has it's own strength, stuff, space, and storage. everything about the maps will be the same, including the time it takes to get there, the risk of meeting an enemy on the way, and the way of escape (which will be obvious at the time (or maybe not?)

-->I expect people to write out a little, to create a story with their experience. If you can do that, than all the better for your survival. If not, well, I will see to that.

-->Weapons, for the most part will be the same. Although you can't take any of them with you, no matter how small or effective.

-->All things change over time

-->All things are different, but the same

So, can you handle it? If you do want to join, I want a name for your asylum, your name (for the character) and a description (detailed, not "tall, big, strong". Can include Hair color, weight, height, eye color, clothing type, agility (biggie), ect.)

Have fun, and please think about it.

P.S. I also will accept some feedback. I would like to hear all of your opinions on my first RPG attemp: criticism, what could be changed (after all, it's still in the embryonic stage), and other comments related to the subject.


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i wanna join but i see no form

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