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You are a stick figure(humain ...sort of).
Everyone helps him to stay alive, muscle, intelligence and charm. You write what you want to do in the first day then the next person in the second day then blablabla...
You have 5 hours to do something in a day.Some stuffs also requires money after doing that or some stuffs you have to pay. Stick figure has health, Exp and attack points. Gain Health by sleeping or eating, gain Exp by haunting or fighting and gain attack points by getting strengh.Some jobs requires Strengh, Intelligence but NOT charm. You will always have 15 health at the beggining of a day. If you die you loose 25$ and if you can't pay, you compare the money you need to the exp. Here are the stufs you could do in a day but each of them cause a hour or sometimes 2:
-Walk:1 Strengh
-Run/Sprint/Jog:5 Strengh Loose 3 Health 1Exp
-Work Out:7 Strengh Loose 3 Health Loose 10$ 3 Exp
-Fight:3 Strengh Loose 12 Health Win 25$ 2 HOURS 4 Exp
-Study:4 Intelligence Loose 5$
-Have a Test:7 Intelligence Loose 10$ 2 Exp
-Talk:2 Charm
-Flirt:5 Charm 3$ 1 Exp
-PARTY!:10 Charm 7 Health 5 Hours 5 Exp
Here is what happens when you level up:
-300$,+10 Charm,+10 Strengh,+10 Intelligence, Full Life
Restart the hole day and have +1 Hour in a day
There is 10 Levels and you start from level 0
1. 10 Exp
2. 25 Exp
3. 60 Exp
4. 100 Exp
5. 160 Exp
6. 250 Exp
7. 375 Exp
8. 600 Exp
9. 1000 Exp
10. 1500 Exp

Now the Jobs...It takes 1 hour to have a new job or promotion. The only 3 jobs are: Acting, Fighter or Host of a show. Acting is for charm, Fighter is for strengh and host of a show is for Intelligence.Your allouded job switching for 1 hour!

Here are the promotions, Acting:
Begginer Dance Teacher:Need 50 Charm, 50$, +1 Charm
Acter:Need 200 Charm, 275$ +4 Charm
Singner:1000 Charm, 2000$, +10 Charm 12 Hours

Now for Fighting:
Karate Teacher:Need 60 Strengh, 70$, +2 Strengh
Boxer:Need 400 Strengh, 300$, +3 Strengh
Wrestler:Need 1500 Strengh, 3000$, +15 Strengh 13 Hours

Now For host of a show:
Gaming Show:Need 75 Intelligence, 100$
Smart TESTZ sHoW:Need 500 Intelligence, +1 Intelligence
Internationnal Smart TESTZ sHoW:Need 1250 Intelligence,5000$
+12 Intelligence 12 Hours

Now Everything is explained so enjoy(By the way the name is Joe, I pick a random name Lol)!

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By the way we start with 100$

And also im gonna start Day 1
Work Out,Work Out again, Walk, Walk And talk
Gain 7 Exp 17 Strengh, 5 Charm
Loose 3$, 6 Health Sleep Full Life YAY!

Thats how a day is for the game 6/10 Exp Soon gonna level up lol

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its like a copy of the stickRPG its actually a flash game and you have charm, intelligence and strenght too

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