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You are a Knight that fights monsters and stuffs...
You write from 4-7 things what to do and the next person writes what you want to do then the next person writes from 4-7 things what to do and the next person chooses.

(Please Read)Here is a small help box for you to know more about the country and town and bad peoples:

There was once a brave warrior named Roy.
He lives in a really small town of a population of 30 peoples. They have lots of stuffs to do like buy weapons or fight with some one or get out and hunt and search for gold. So one day, the boss (not a king) decide to send Roy the only knight in the town to get some gold and defend.
He accepted his simple mission but will he success??? The bad people could only be fantasy creatures or humans, please make sure everything make senses like a goblin, Ogre, hobbit or even a dinosaur because it makes sense but a gangster or flying frog won't make sense...

So lets start with these stuffs to do:
Get out of town and search for gold
Get out of town and search for food
Defend the castle
Goblins are coming
Dance for money
Give money to the hobos

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