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I was bored so i guess i will make a game it works so!

Story of the game : your ship has been shooten down by a mysterious giantic monster and you felt on a unknown planet...... there were a lot of pieces distributed on the planet and every man got thrown into another direction....... Can you survive and get back to earth?

Quest?: your quest is to survive by finding weapons ,meat and your camrades ( a lot of different other things) there is just one problem.... Do you even know what you face ,Humans?Malformed Dinos? Who knows.......

Playing: it is simple you want to play and i will add you but at once there are just 4 people to play and after every game ( who survived in the end) we start another one there can only be one legendarious survivor

How can i win best?: haha do wisely choice and you will maybe survive this terror!

Requirements: as soon as 4 people are in don't ask again or i will not add you anytime soon :P btw if i am off don't post

Can i be the leader of the game?: no i will choice my peeps by myself

And now: Start your DESTINY!

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