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Nothing here proceed.

Entry staircase-
Pick up the visible skull, ruby, and coin; then go to your inventory and choose the shovel. Clear the dirt to pick up the ammo. There should be a brick sticking out a little ways above the doorway down the stairs click on it. Use the lighter in your inventory to illuminate the room and pick up the scimitar. Leave the room and proceed down the staircase.

Hall of axes- I haven't found anything special here except that as everywhere that they are present you may squash the bugs for a small bonus. To cross: wait until the axe is above the meeting of the wall and ceiling, there should be a thin brick line just above it, proceed when the axe is above it.

Room of the Head-
Pick up the coin and the skull. Dig up the dirt for ammo and a gem. There is a brick sticking out to the left of the head click on it and illuminate the secret passage to pick up the ring. Leave the chamber and use your crowbar to pry up the boards before descending.

Chasm of the Stepping Stones-
Nothing here except bugs. Order of stones is (facing):

Chamber of the Pits-
Use the lighter to ignite all of the unlit torches (it may be difficult to light them). Pick up the visible skull. Then dig up the coin, gem, ammo, and other skull. Proceed.

Room of the Twin Puzzles-
To solve the one on the left use simple arithmetic. The answers in order form left to right are 9, 9, 9, 7, 0, and 1. To solve the puzzle on the right simply use the symbols on the right to find their two counterparts in the grid. There is a secret room to the right of the right puzzle, to enter, click on the slightly protruding brick. Illuminate the room to collect the golden chalice. Leave and proceed forward.

Lair of the Cursed Spiders-
Simply shoot at the little buggers before they reach you, accurate aim is more useful than rapid fire. Ammo is very important for your next fight so it would be a good idea to collect as much as you can, it is OK to take a little damage.

Sandy Dungeon-
Collect the two visible coins. Dig up to skulls, ammo, and a sapphire. Click on the recessed brick left of the door to enter yet another secret alcove, illuminate the room to find the sacrificial blade. Then dig up the next puzzle. This puzzle is very difficult and annoying. The game instructions may say take your time, but in my experience it is generally better to look through first, find out the order of numbers and go as swiftly and accurately as possible. Speed makes for a large number of points. Don't be discouraged if it is difficult keep trying you'll eventually get the hang of it. Note that you get an extra fifty points for going directly through the dots.

Winding staircase-
Collect the skull, two coins, and the ruby. Proceed

Waterfall Atrium-
Collect the two skulls and the coin (the coin is on top of the waterfall). Use the shovel to dig up another coin and a ruby. Click on the protruding rock next to the waterfall. Make fire and find the Elixir of Life. Exit, click on the bucket on top the falls. Select it in your inventory and fill it at the falls. Enter the next challenge. Use the bucket to raise the water levels and the corresponding wrench to lower them. Get all levels to the marked white lines. Turn the wheel to move onwards.

Gilded passageway-
Use the trowel to uncover to gold coins, two skulls, and a ruby. Proceed.

Skull Antechamber-
Collect the coin and ammo above the skull along with the coin by the entryway and the diamond in the corner. Use your trowel to uncover two ammo lads, two skulls, and a coin. Extra:read the note. Proceed to the final room.

Lair of the Dread Spider Queen-
Damage her by shooting her mouth after she fires a web. You can play conservatively and shoot her offspring, collecting ammo, and slowly
killing her off, or you can fight my way; keep your gun aimed at her mouth, every time she opens it release a rain of fire, and shoot her little eight-legged monsters every time they jump there.

Congratulations! You have just beat the game!

Anything I missed feel free to add.

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