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You are a dragon. Here are the types of dragons for now:
Red:Shoots Fire and its mid-skilled. Free.
Blue:Shoots thunder, has lots of agility but is weak.Free
Green:Shoots Acid, Slow but strong. Free
White:Freeze Others, Fast and strong.10000 gold

Here is how you sign-up

Dragon name:
Dragon type:
100 Points to put(Example):

Then when your done you have a free 1000 gold.

With gold, you could also buy attacks. When you buy a dragon, they have no armor no attack. You could also add agility and strengh to them.

Red Dragon:
Fire Ball 300 Gold 5 Mana
Dragon Breath 700 Gold 7 Mana
Flame 1500 Gold 30 Mana

Blue Dragon:
Thunder Ball:300 Gold 5 Mana
Dragon Breath:700 Gold 7 Mana
Lighting Strike:1500 Gold 30 Mana

Green Dragon:
Poison Ball:400 Gold 5 Mana
Acid Breath:800 Gold 12 Mana
Poison Vomit:1500 Gold 35 Mana

White Dragon:
Ice Ball:300 Gold 5 Mana
Freeze Breath:700 Gold 6 Mana
Ice Beam:1500 Gold 25 Mana

There gonna have new attacks next time!

Leather Armor:100$
Rock Armor:400$

So who wants to join 15 People Max or might have more if this game starts getting too Popular.

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