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There will be maximum 15 players allowed, i make the storyline.

Your description should look like this:
Signature Skill:
Health/esoteric existence:
Resistance to trauma:
Material damage:
Magic damage:
Dark Energy:

Name-it may be everything, no sugestions
Race-There are four races, diferenced by primary skills

Shadow Spawn(reformative):
1:spawn regeneration-autoheals 5% health per turn. this skill is passive and alwais active
2:metamorphosis-costs 10 dark energy. increases material damage by 33%, changes it into magic damage, and decreases resistance to trauma by 5% per turn. costs 5 dark energy to close this skill
3:ectoplasm mitosis-costs all dark energy(at least 5). reduces health to 50% and increases resistance to trauma by 25%. creates a clone that has your exact stats. if one of you dies, the other will regenerate 15% health

Dark Elemental(evazive):
1:elemental attudment-against a dark elemental , magic damage has a 25% chance to fail, making him to gain 20% esoteric existence. this skill is passive and alwais active
2:shadow hide-costs 5 dark energy. during the next 2 turns, you have a 66% chance to be missed by your enemies, but your resistance to trauma is reduced to zero.
3:shadow wall-costs all dark energy(at least 15). material damage can't touch you 4 turns, and elemental attudment increases its chance to 33%. during this time, you gain 2 dark energy per turn. if you attack, the skill is over

Noctomancer(maneuvering battle):
1:study and observation-increases both tipes of damage by 1% per turn for every enemy you battle. this skill is passive and is alwais active
2:shadowbolt-costs 5 dark energy. deals 20 magic damage+2 per level or 10%+1% per 2 levels. what is greater will be used
3:mind darking-costs 20 dark energy. enemy cannot use magic damage or skills for 5 turns, and his resistance to trauma is temporarly increased to infinite

1:incorporeal-material damage is reduced by 10% against ezoteric existence and 25% against rezistance to trauma. this skill is passive and is alwais active
2:go under the floor-costs 5 dark energy. you are invulnerable for one turn and loose 15% ezoteric existence
3ossesion-costs all dark energy (at least 15). for 4 turns you deal 33% more material damage and only material damage. if you do not die, your ezoteric existence will be equal to the one had before using this skill

Skill1:a partly weak skill used instead of attacking. cannot be a primary skill. you choose it (must be clear)

Skill2:a very weak counter-skill used after the enemy has attacked.cannot be a primary skill. you choose it (must be clear)

Skill3:a skill used to flee the battle. you choose it (must be clear)

Signature skill:a special strong skill you use. must be original and must cost dark energy. must not be overpowered, nor evazive

Health/ezoteric existence:
hell spawn/noptomancer-health
dark elemental/wraith-ezoteric existence
you start with 50-150 health+5 per level
less health=more material damage

Rezistance to trauma:you can attack this instead of health
if you attack health, this is also affected 25%
you start with 35-85 rezistance+5 per level
less trauma=more magic damage

there are 2 ways to kill:
1. attacks health until reduced to zero
2. destroy resistance and then attack once

Material damagerimary attack
starts with 4-14+1 per level

Magic damage:secondary attack
starts with 9-19+1 per level
costs 3 dark energy eack attack

Dark energy:used for skills
start with 9+1 per turn

i control level up
a shop will appear every 2 days

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Why are there so many rpg forum games now?

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because they are cool
wanna join?

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there are 4 initial weapons that level-up 5 times:

1. Wand+1 magic damage+1 dark energy>enchanted wood wand+ 3 magic damage>dimensional wand+2 magic damage- 1 dark energy cost+ 1 dark energy>demonic staff+ 100% dark energy>dark scepter+ 50% dark energy+ 4 magic damage+ magic damage has no dark energy cost
2. sword+1 material damage+ 10 health/ee>sacred sword+ 3 material damage>shadow scimitar+ 2 material damage- 2 enemy material damage>hell katana+ transfers 3 enemy material damage to you>dead man's blade+ 1 material damage per 10 health lost + transfer 1 material damage from enemy every 2 turns
3. living hand+ 15 hp/ee>living demon hand+ 1 both damages+
10 hp/ee>living spawn hand+ regeneration gain(spawn doubles regeneration, others have 5%)+ 5% both damages>two living hands+ 33% hp/ee+ 3 dark energy+ 3 both damages>hand of truth+ 75% hp/ee
4. hard thing+ 2 material damage>harder thig+ 4 material damage>much harder thing+ 6 material damage>hardest thing+ 8 material damage>holy cow+ 8 material damage+ 5 magic damage

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dude make it less to read with all that stuff this going to be hard to host cause you need to ether look back all the times to see stuff it does or memorize it all...

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ok, a small change
forget about skill1,2 and 3

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