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Hello and welcome!

This is a spin-off of the original GFX Art Battle, but with some updated rules and changes. Please make sure to read the rules before entering, since they have been modified. Good luck, we look forward to seeing some creative artistic entries!

Competition Rules
1. Must be hand drawn, either on paper or in a program. It can then be manipulated in an graphics program. But unoriginal artwork cannot be used as the main focus. Copyrighted images cannot be used. All pieces containing copyrighted images will be disqualified.
2. Submissions must follow the current theme that has been chosen by a moderator for that week. If you submit more than one piece, please clarify which one you would like to be judged.
3. If your image is larger than 600 pixels wide, please provide a link to the image instead of posting it in the forum. Otherwise, the image will be cut off.
4. Artists cannot win in subsequent weeks. You can still submit, but if you won the week before, you cannot get first place again the next week.
5. After the deadline, a moderator will pick the winner, and they will be awarded a 25 AP award.

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