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I know this may be kind of out of place, but I figure that if we can discuss the shelf life of a processed snack food after an atomic blast then this fits in well.

We all have atleast one deep rooted fear, and it comes from somewhere. Some we are born with, others are gained as we grow older.
For me, this is actually kinda difficult to just put out there. Yet the way I see it, if I put myself out on a limb then others may be willing to share.
Not only am I going to give what my deepest, darkest fears are...but what I think they rooted from. Or if I have no explanation, then I will just explain it. I have some basic fears that many people have, but they manifest in very odd ways. So here goes.

Heights: A lot of people ha this fear, I know. But my fear of heights only come out when I am high up in an open enviroment. Like a merry-go-round or ski lift. People were not meant to be that high above ground in such an open space. It is just wrong. Now, an airplane or the such I can handle. Even a zip line. Or sky diving. Noe, I know sky diving is the ultimate open eviroment, but atleast you go up in a plane. And if I happen to die, then it will be one helluva death.

The dark: Yeah, yeah. Only little kids and meek women are afraid of the dark. But my fear is only limited to one place: My own bedroom. I am more comfortable wandering the forests or a city street at midnight. All I can figure is that I feel very vulnerable in my own sactum, the one place I really let my guard down. For me, my bed room is a place for rest, relaxation and love making. So what would be worse than getting stabbed by a raccoon in your bedroom? Yes, a raccoon. Vicious rodents. They even have little bandit masks. All the better to hide in your dresser with.

Deep bodies of water: But only for swimming. Get me in a boat of any kind and I am fine. I am not afraid of sharks as much as I am just getting lost and dieing out in the middle of an ocean. Or some krakken eating me. You know those old skool maps that say "Here be monsters" miles past shores? They had a reason for that.

Umm...that is all I think.

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