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Saw alot of people in the msgs asking about how to be so and so level so here ya go.

49-Jump up and fall into the spike pit

48-Push the first safe into the right corner to use as a stepping tool. Jump up and push next safe out of the way, then fall into spikes.

47-Step on the button to release the button blocks, dropping the safe Push the safe onto the button, then jump onto the ledge and into the spikes.

46-Push one button to drop the safe then climb up to where it dropped, Push the safe onto the far right button block on that level, positioning it above the button, Go down and step on the button below the safe you just positioned, dropping it on you.

45-Do not push the button yet, jump over it and push the safe under the one held up, Push the button dropping the safe on the button block onto the safe you positioned. Push the bottom safe out of the way, dropping the higher one on top of you.

44-Get the gun then stand on the left ledge, and shoot the safe to the right, Use the safe as a stepping stool and climb up into the spikes.

43-Get the gun then shoot the trampoline, which will redirect the bullet, As it goes around the level on the trampolines, jump into it.

42-Get the gun then shoot multible shots into the trampoline on the left, Run quickly and position yourself on the right so when the bullets hit the safe it falls on you.

41-Have to be fast here, get the gun then jump and shoot the wooden block but keep firing, You want to shoot the wooden block then while still falling, shoot the safe clear of the hole. After its positioned on the right beyond the hold, use it as a stepping stool and jump into the spikes.

40-Get the gun and jump onto the green spring, only jumping will activate it shooting you into the air, Shoot the purple block and hit the bullet as it comes back at you.

39-Same concept as last level, get the gun and shoot a the trampoline on the left, then jump into the bullet as it comes at you.

38-Get the gun then shoot the explosive blocks, as the safe goes flying through the air position yourself under it.

37-Get the gun then jump onto the platform with the lone explosive block, push it right onto the others, Then position it onto of the non-explosive block. Position yourself under the button block and safe then shoot the explosives.

36-Get the gun then position the safe on the right explosive block, shoot the explosives and the safe should jump onto the next floor, Do the same to this one positioning the safe on the 3rd set of explosives, but do not shoot the last set, run to the left under the button block and safe, then shoot the explosives. The safe will fly unto the button and drop the safe from above.

35-walk to the left of the screen crossing sides, then climb up and jump into the spikes.

34-Push the safe to the right as far as you can, then cross to the right past the switch and hit the button dropping 2 safes. Cross back over to the left and jump up onto the platform from the far left safe, then push the safe on the platform right into the hole above the button block, go hit the button again dropping this third safe onto the stack. Push the safe right past the switch activating it, then use the safe you pushed over to jump over the top platform leaving the switch on, then jump on the electric blocks.

33-go to the switch and slightly touch it, just barely activating it, if you did it correctly you can walk back left without turning it back off, then jump into the electric blocks.

32-Push the safe to the right and set it on the safe button, dropping the explosive block, Do not hit normal button. Set the explosive block on the farthest right electric block, and set the safe to the right of that explosive block. Go to the switch and hit it and run under the button block/safe combo. The electric will set of the explosive which will push the safe onto the button.

31-Get the gun and shoot the safe knocking it onto the button, then shoot the next safe clearing the open side of the wooden block. Shoot the trampoline so the bullet bounces around to hit the wooden block, then shoot the trampoline again and run into the new opening redirecting the bullet into you.

30-Walk into the spikes.

29-Grab the gun then shoot the 2 left wooden blocks, jump up into the top platform next to the 3 set of wooden blocks, fire 3 shots fast then run under the now falling safe.

28-Get the gun and while still falling, shoot one of the purple blocks. This will have the bullet bouncing between the two. Hit the switch when the bullet is on the right side of the screen, The bullet will hit the safe launching it into your area and just run beneath it.

27-Grab the gun and run to a side of the screen, shoot into the open then run to the edge flipping sides and run into your own shot.

26-Dont move the safes yet, jump onto them and climb to the right to grab the gun then jump to the top left platform and push the safe up there down. Set the safes there on the 2 buttons, then climb up and jump onto that safe then jump onto the next level and goto the hole, fall down and shoot the block then run under the falling safe.

25-Push the explosive block left off of the button blocks, then put the safe onto the button blocks, jump up and hit the button dropping it, push the explosive block right onto the wooden block and shoot it destroying both then jump up and hit the switch. fall down into the new hole and push the safe onto the safe switch, then jump into the electric blocks.

24-grab the gun and jump, while falling shoot the safe then jump under it.

23-Grab the gun then shoot the trampoline on the left, jump up and shoot the safe nonstop. It should fly left once the button is hit and land on the switch, then jump into the spikes.

22-Jump on the spring and land on the left platform but do not hit the button yet, Jump over it to the left then fire a bullet burst then run into the button. Your goal is to hit the explosive block in midair to fragicide the other crates. While they are all exploding run right under the opening where the safe will fall.

21-Grab the gun then stand left of the button, shoot then run onto and past it. You want to get the bullet past the button blocks, but get the button blocks back up so the safe doesn't fall, repeat untill the safe is on the 2nd pillar then stand on the button and shoot it down the hole and onto the button, jump into the spikes.

20-Fall down the hole and grab the gun then keep falling, Shoot both safes on the sides onto the buttons then walk into the spikes.

19-Be fast, run across the button and grab the gun, then before the safe lands, shoot the purple block so the bullets fly back into you.

18-Another fast level, as soon as you land run right under the safe.

17-Push the safe onto the switch then run left edge and you'll goto the right side then walk into the spikes.

16-Jump up onto the button, then jump onto the platform on the top of the screen, slowly walk across it and fall onto the spikes.

15-Jump onto the platform then jump to the left edge, youll cross sides then land on the switch platform, hit it and jump into the electric blocks.

14-Keep running right past the switch, you'll switch sides and just walk into the electric blocks.

13-Jump on button 1 and hit R key to reset, you'll start in a new side. Hit the switch and then R key again, do this a third time to start in the switch/electric room then flip the switch and fry yourself.

12-The real spike is on the right wall at the bottom, jump into it to die.

11-Jump while moving right and you'll keep jumping higher and higher, grab the gun then shoot the purple blocks then jump into your bullet.

10-Tap the left arrow key and walk into the spikes. If you hold the key and walk normally a wall pops up blocking your way.

9-Fall down the left hole and land on the platform to get the gun, then goto the right side and fall into the hole landing on the explosive platform block, push it right and above the platform to the top right of the safe, shoot it and the safe will be pushed left into the hole, fall into the hole and hit the safe in the air to die.

8-Do not hit the button on the left, shoot the bottom floor of the wooden platform, then the middle, then the top without hitting the explosive blocks, set the safe on the left as far right as you can next to the explosives then climb to the right side and push the explosive block left against the wall, then stand under the button block/safe combo, shoot the explosives and wait for the safe to fall.

7-Hit the K key and find where the safe drops from, reset the level if it didn't hit you and hit K again.

6-Don't move, after about 5~ seconds without moving youll die.

5-Your left and right arrow keys are flipped, but your jump key is the same. climb up and into the spikes.

4-Your mouse clicks make solid blocks, make a staircase and climb up into the spikes.

3-Your mouse in this level is a solid block, move right into the hole then jump and place the mouse arrow under your guy and jump to the right passage way, do the same thing in the next area climbing your mouse. Use your mouse to walk into the gun room then standing on your mouse, shoot the safe onto the button. Then fall and walk into the spikes.

2-Hit the return to menu button on the top left of the screen to die.

1(boss)-Avoid the hearts, for every heart you hit you have to redo the boss level. Try to stand under the block when it falls while avoiding the hearts untill it crushes you.

Mini level-Just keep walking right.

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Someone all ready posted a walkthrough But still nice job getting the info. I personaly dont see why people are having trouble I thought it was a little to easy.

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Thank you so much for this walkthrough it helped even if there is another one that I didn't know about

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Great guide, but already more off these are random on the forums.

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