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Moonbeams By Rebecca Thrasher
Part 1
The first time was the worst.
It started just after moonrise on a cool fall night. The first hint that something was happening was a strange feeling, like liquid fire coursing through my veins. Suddenly I felt an overwhelming need to be free. Free of my restricting clothing, free of my fatherâs house, free of everything. Next thing I knew I had dropped my nightdress on the floor of the small alcove where I slept and slipped out the back door. I made my way through the kitchen garden behind the house, not caring if the neighbors saw me by the light of the hunterâs moon. Then I was out in the village fields with the fire in my blood urging my bare feet forward, racing over the slightly frosted earth and stubble, heading for the woods.
By the time I reached a glade in the forest and collapsed onto my knees by the pond there I knew that something wrong was happening but I did not know what. When the changes started I did not have time to wonder anymore. I started to slim down as the fat around my thighs, hips, stomach, and breasts melted away only to be replaced by new muscle that grew around by body, almost flowing from the middle of my chest outwards.
I caught sight of my reflection in the pool just as my face began to twist and morph. The lower half of my face started to push outward, stretching into a snout while the muscles that moved my jaw became thicker and more powerful. My forehead started to flatten and tilt backwards and my ears moved towards the top of my head, becoming longer and pointier as they went. I felt my teeth sharpen and lengthen, morphing into fangs. As I brought my hands up to feel my face I glanced down and froze, staring in horror as my fingernails became razor-sharp claws. Frantically I heaved myself up onto my claw-equipped feet and looked down at them only to gape in revulsion as they lengthened and twisted, forcing me to stand only on the balls of my feet with my heels up in the air. Just as I thought I could become no more misshapen and freakish I felt a weird sensation behind me. I craned my now thickly muscled neck over my newly powerful right shoulder only to see that the base of my spine had lengthened into a two-foot-long, pink, rat-like tail. Then my panic became complete as my beautiful hair â" which I had spent years growing out until it reached the small of my back â" dropped from my scalp like a cascade of dark brown water. It was immediately replaced by short fur that started to grow at the tip of my wet, black nose and raced down my body like quicksilver, clothing me from head to toe. The warm fur was stiff and course on my shoulders, limbs, and back, yet silky and soft on my throat, chest and stomach. It was silver-gray in color except for the patch of pure white on the tip of my now bushy tail.
As I was trying to come to grips with the monstrosity I had become, the animal mind that lies dormant in the subconscious of all humans reared up and shook off its chains like Fenris slipping his bonds at Ragnarok. It bared its blood-stained fangs and swallowed my sanity, my reason, overcame all concern for manâs laws and morals. Then my primal mind used its newly acquired throat to howl its savage triumph to the ice-cold hunterâs moon.

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