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In a land before the Romans, there was caos. Italy was overtaken by small tribes who endlessly declared war on each other. But there was onen who would rise up and assemble the masses in one final battle that would shake the very pillows of the earth....

A man named Communist, born in 4,000 BC, lead a barbarian civilization armed with reflex bows,battle axes,and large wooden hammers as well as small swords by 3989 BC. He united many of the war-like tribes through his philosophies and new benefits for the people. For those who rebeled, they were to be invaded by many ex-rival tribes these series of conflicts lasted from 3975 BC - 3967 BC.
Before the conquest was done, he controlled all of Italy and France with a force of 30,000 communist warriors, who would never again be called "barbarians".
By 3957 BC, he conquered the greeks with his highly advanced wooden catapults in a bloody battle which lasted for years. His military cruesades did not end there, he carved through the middle east and completely pwned egypt by 3949 BC. He then was infected by an early version of the plague and frozen in carbonite for thousands of years. He awoke some time in the early 1990s (AD), his great military acheivements forgotten when his people suddenly disappeared with out a trace near 3867 BC.

He finds solice on Armorgames where he conquers orcs, trolls, elves, capatalists, and zombies to this day.

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