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Hey Armor Gamers!

Well, I know most of you like themes, and of course armatars. So we are going to have a Halloween Armatar Contest! Yaaaay! That means that you get to draw an armatar, submit it to us, and we will choose some of them to be featured as armatars for Halloween! There is not a maximum or minimum number necessarily. So if everyone submits fantastic armatars, they all have the potential to be added!

As you know, Halloween is coming up quite quickly, so we don't have much time to get this done. So if you want to enter, try to get them in ASAP so we can get them up for Halloween. Just remember that they will just be up for a few weeks or so, and will not be a permanent armatar addition.

Ok, so here are some guidelines:
1. Must be appropriate. Cannot be offensive or profane in nature. Try to keep it clean!
2. The entry must be square, and at least 100x100 pixels in dimension.
3. Must scale down well to 100x100. So if it is larger, make sure that it will still look good when it is scaled down to armatar size. A few suggestions about this:
- Sometimes simple is better. If you go into a lot of detail, it might not look as great when you scale it down. So just keep in mind what the final size will be.
- If you are able to do vector, that can help with the sharpness of the image. However, since they are so small this probably isn't a big issue.

4. Must be Halloween themed.

I expect to see some really awesome submissions! Please try to get them in as soon as possible, so we can get as many as we can up before Halloween.

Let me know if you have any questions =)

Good luck!

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