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This is basically a thread where you can post any fictional zombie outbreak journal entries.
You have a choice if you want to continue from your last journal entry or if you want to start a new one.
Just be sure to inform everyone.

I guess I'll start us off.

July 1st, 2012.

Day 1: First off, I would like to inform you that this is not the first day of the outbreak. This is just the first day that I've started writing in this journal.
I would also like to inform you that the "outbreak" I speak of, Is not just the chicken pox, or some other common disease. It is the outbreak of a virus, dubbed Solanum by scientists, that causes you to die. From this virus, you do not just die, you reanimate. Yup, you heard right, reanimate. In other words "rise from the dead".
Now to get back to why I started righting in this journal in the first place. Today, on my way to go in to town to get some food, I saw three zombies. Unfortunately this was one of those days where I took my kid with me. At the sight of these creatures he let out a terrifying yelp. This was not good.
One of the crazy beasts immediately lunged toward us like a mad dog. I dodged perfectly, but my son was not so lucky. The other two came after me in a surprise attack. I was tackled to the ground. I felt a pair of teeth bite my shoulder. The monster hadn't tore the fabric! I kicked the deadhead right off me.
I then proceeded to pull out my 22. pistol and blow off every single one of their nasty little heads off. I checked my son. He was bleeding.

- Rhett Mathewws

(hope y'all liked it!)

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