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This is a story of a really huge book of 2350 that my friend's dad wrote well im just gonna turn it into like 100 pages with 10 episodes probably or more.

Episode 1:Breaking through there own house!

After walking in the park, Jack ( A 9 year old kid ) and Joseph ( Older brother of 15 year old ) decided to go back in the lab of his father James. They walked for few minutes and they ran to the stairs because the were too excited. Jack tripped in one of the stairs and hit the door. Jack was a little bit hurt and that cause him a brooce.
Joseph rang the bell and after few minutes, no one open the door, they tried to hear what or who was inside but there heard nothing. No cars in the front yard and no one in the neighbourhood. They decided to try to go by the small hole to go directly to the labotory and Joseph couldn't. So Jack did it and said wait, he realised a mark of blood in is bathroom wall and a mark of a hand with brown and green stuffs. The mirror was just a photo of the bathroom without him. He tried to get it out but when he did, he saw a picture of the face of a black and dark monster. The face was moving slowly after him, he tried to open the door but to was locked. He was all scared and nervous but after when he blinked, all around the bathroom was blac hair!!!

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