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Alright, I've heard the cries and pleas of those who wanted this walkthrough completed, so I've decided to make one myself. Here goes nothing...

Getting Started: First off, you must select your character hero that will lead your army to dominate the world. If you are one that likes to fight in the frontlines, then I suggest to try Karl and Elizabeth from the Order of the Holy Cross or Vaeslav from the Forest Lands. The two races have the most endurance and/or strength and their countries have the strongest weapons and armor. If you are one for fast, quick kills and high evasion, I suggest to try Sieg and Niora from The East Empire. They have the highest dexterity so you will be able to attack fastest and dodge easier in the beginning, plus their race has the fastest weapons and strongest soldiers in terms of attacking. How you develop your character is all up to you in the end. Each race has its own perks, such as the best weapon in its region.

Starting Off Easy: Now that you have created your character and are located in your hometown of whichever village, you are able to battle and move around the map. Don't start attacking villages now; they will beat your army to a pulp and make your moldy flash head pop off. I would suggest to start off doing some quests, those can be looked at in the town hall of each town. Every town's quests are at random and every town is the same in terms of rewards. If you don't like your quest and/or the rewards the town will give you, just select the button again. The higher your level, the more gold you will receive when you complete the quest.

The two quests are as follows:

Delivering a package from ____ to ______: All this will make you do is travel from your starting location to the desired city or town to drop off the package. You will receive your reward when you report to that specific town's town hall.

Defeating Rogues: Travel to the rogues' den for a nice sum of money (and I mean NICE). Move away from your village and look at the world map; the symbol of a mountain with a red flag would appear somewhere within that town's region. Move your hero to that spot to engage in a battle against those rogues. MAKE SURE TO REPORT BACK TO THE SAME TOWN WHEN YOU ARE DONE!!!

Repeat these quests and make sure to refill your soldiers in the town's barracks whenever you need to do so. Eventually, you will level up quite a bit. Every rogue quest you fight will level you up once or twice, depending if you fight with the higher amount of gold rewards. Once you have a good amount of levels, go to your skills icon on the bottom of the screen. Immediately raise your main weapon level to 100, your strength to 100, and if you have enough, your constitution to 100.

Thankfully, your technique points are separate to the skill points. You will gain 1 skill point for every level you gain. For every skill technique, you are able to increase the level 5 points. There are skills that you don't need to activate, called Passive Skills. The only thing you need to do is acquire that skill and it will automatically be in effect for every battle with no cost to energy points.

Move your hero to the capital city of your region and buy the best armor and weapon for that region. You may have to go do more rogue quests to fill up your skill points and gold purse. Having the best armor in your region (especially the Forest Lands or Order of the Holy Cross) will make most enemies do little to no damage to you at all, while having the best weapon in your region (especially the Forest Lands or Order of the Holy Cross) will eliminate an enemy in one fell swoop.

Dominating Your Region Comes First!! As said in the sub title, fighting other towns and cities from other regions is utterly pointless. They will embargo trade to you as soon as you take over one city and immediately attack you if you so happen to step foot in their city. Enemy towns and cities are shown in red font on the world map. Here are some things to think about before attacking a town or city:

Looking at Their Strengths: Finding a town's strength is not shown firsthand until you actually fight them, but I (and possibly other people) have found a simple way to figure out how strong that town really is. Simply look in their market. If they have strong weapons that even you don't have, stray away from there. But on the other hand, if you see weapons you already have, or if you have much better weapons than they do, it's a good possibility that your army can take theirs. If all else fails, autosave is the way to go.

How Big is Your Army?You are obviously not going to finish a battle with only 7 people at your side, so broaden your line a bit. A good number would be around 30 for towns, and possibly more for cities. In this sequal, these towns fight desperately to defend themselves, they won't just keel over and take the punishment. You will need an army equal to, or higher than your opponent army's. Once you are ready, the battle can be a breeze (unless you kill yourself)

Thirsty?Potions are your friend! Bring plenty! Feudalism II has a neat feature where you can shift click and buy 5 potions at one time! Although they don't have any morale scrolls anymore, you can easily make that up with runes! (see the bold print for runes) There will be plenty of times that you will be on the verge of dying, so potions will help a great deal. Don't just bring 50, that's not plenty enough, try 150! You have plenty of money from all those rogue missions, you can certainly afford it!

Once all this is checked off the list, start bringing towns to their knees! Be sure to update your army! Once you take over an army, chances are you had to fight with the odds against you! This means they had better trained soldiers to defend their town. They will cost slightly higher, but it is highly worth it. Continue to invade and update, and eventually, you will reach the cities' armies. DO NOT SKIP TOWNS AND AUTOMATICALLY FIGHT CITIES! YOU WILL DIE.

Cities:What's so different about them? Not much actually, except you fight twice when invading, with no breaks. The cities usually have a whole batallion of soldiers waiting to chop your moldy head off, so bring plenty of hands. The second fight is slightly easier, but not when you run out of soldiers. You run out of soldiers, you fight the royal guards by yourself (which isn't very fun at all). Once you are done with the grueling fight against the city, you will have access to some of the greatest soldiers in that region, close to the capital city. You capture the capital city, you will have the most powerful soldiers, the best horses, and the best items in that region. Towns and villages will not stand a chance against your army. They have never seen gold and obsidian weapons before.

Blacksmith/Runes/Enchanting/Etc.: The best place for upgrading your weapons and armor. You will gain runes from fighting in plenty of battles. These are great, because you cannot automatically sell them! They appear as blue items, and they show exactly what they increase, or add in the chosen weapon or armor. Move over to the blacksmith/forge to get started. First, move your weapon/armor to the empty square in a drag 'n' drop fashion. I suggest to not enchant beginner weapons, because there will certainly be much better weapons to enchant. The percent change in the strength range will be higher. Here are some things to think about for the Forge:

Refining: This will increase the weapon/armor's power. Each level will be slightly stronger, with a less successful chance the refining will work, and of course, the price will be higher. Once you refine to level 10, you will be able to refine to level 11, 12, and so on, but the chance will be slim.

Enchanting: You will be able to enchant a rune with a weapon or armor piece to give it extra properties. There will be a set cost to have the item enchanted, and you can only have one enchantment on the specific item. But don't worry, if you wish to change your property, you can easily just set an enchantment over the old one. Enchanting the item will always have a 100% success rate.

Well, hopefully this is everything here, if not, I can always update the guide here, and hopefully this guide also helps those that are struggling in Feudalism II. Note that I don't jot down notes on things that the game already includes about itself, so if there isn't anything on here you're looking for, chances are it is already in the game. Good luck in Feudalism II guys!! =)

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