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The easiest thing to do first in escape games is collect all the items possible.

Items List: For Great Kitchen Escape

You start off in a section with a sink and counter. The kettle is the red thing on the counter. In the bottom left draw of the same counter contains the mixer. The shelf on the right side of the sink contains the beater.

Click the hand on the right to enter the table section. Click on the radio to get a close up, then click the right side of the radio to get a backside view of it. Click the panel in the back and take the batteries.

Click right again to enter an area with a stove and refrigerator. On the right side of the fridge grab the bowl on the floor. Open the freezer and grab the frozen fish .
In the bottom section of the counter, grab the power cord .

Click right to an area of a bird in a cage in front of a door. Click the bird to get a close up, then click its tail feather to get a feather. In the right corner of the screen you will see half of a dog lying down. Click to get a close up, and *use the feather on its nose to get a collar*(will be mentioned again in directions part). Turn right one more time to end up back at the sink counter area again.

1. Put the kettle in the sink and turn the blue knob.

2. Put it back on the red thing you got it from on the counter.

3. Use the power cord on the kettle and then plug it into the wall socket on the right of the sink.

4. Press the little orange button (above where you plugged the power cord into the kettle ) to turn it on. When finished take the kettle back.

5. Turn right twice to get to the stove and fridge section. Put the bowl on the counter and put the frozen fish in it.

6. Drag the kettle to the bowl to pour the water in. Then click the bowl to get a close up and grab the knife next to the no longer frozen fish.

7. Go right again to get to bird cage and door area. Get the feather and collar(^See item list^).

8. In the right corner of the screen,(above the items you have) is a small hammer in a white circle the says Construct. Click that and put each item in the correct slots to form the drill.

9. Use the drill on the door and Volia, your free!

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Items List: For The Great Living Room Escape

You start off in an area with a dresser with a fishbowl on top. That evil little fish has your key in there but we can't get it yet. Click the bottom draw of the dresser, then click the yellow undies(Eww...). Grab the thing on the left side sticking out of them to get the rubber.

Turn right to enter the couch area. Click the straw in the glass on the table for a close up to get it, simple enough. Click the broken glasses on the floor to get a close up. Click the broken one on the right to get the half a glasses.

Turn right the bookshelf area. Ignore the blinking fish and click the globe for a close up, grab the bottle with a pill on the label to obtain steroids. Click the rope on the curtain on the right to get.... you guessed it rope.

Turn right to see the exit taunting you and that adorable hamster. Grab the umbrella next to the shelf with the hamster cage. Then take the hamster and turn right again to get back to the starting area.

1. Feed the hamster the steroids .

2. Drag the rope over the umbrella and click to form a fishing rod.

3.Drag the half a glasses over the straw. Half a glasses, rubber and straw these were the ingredients chosen to make the... wait wait that's powerpuff girls. They form a swimming mask. Drag the swimming mask over the hamster on steroids to put it on him and form diver.

4. Drag the "Diver" over the fishing rod to make diver on rod.

5. Click fishbowl for close up the let the diver in. Yeah, kick that fish's butt! Grab the key from the castle and hamster.

6. Turn left for once use the key and get outta my living room!

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The games were pretty fun, and fairly easy.

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Walkthrough for the great living room escape:
Open bottom drawer, take rubberband from underwear.

One screen right, zoom in on the glasses, click on the right half to take it.

Same screen, zoom in on the glass, click on the end of the straw to take it
Click on the straw in your inventory and combine it with the glasses to make a diving mask.

One screen right click on the globe and take the steroids out of it.

Screen with the globe, click the curtain rope to take it.

One screen right, click on the umbrella to take it.

Click on the hamster to take him.

Use steroids on the Hamster.

Use diving mask on Hamster to make a diver.

Use rope on umbrella to make a fishing rod rod.

Use fishing rod on Hamster.

On the screen with fishbowl, zoom in on the fishbowl and use your diver on the bowl.

Click on the key to make the hamster grab it.

Click on the key again to take it.

Zoom out, go to the scene with the door, and use the key on the door.

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Walkthroughs for the great bathroom escape:

1. Pick up the brush.
2. Go right. Pick up toothbrush and denture from the shelf, and
dental glue from the medicine cabinet.
3. Go right twice. Pick up suction noozle, open the WC's upper part
and take metal plate. Get to WC's left part and take control valve.
4. Go right twice, notice the fly next to the neon lamp on the mirror.
Talk to it and notice the spider and the crossed wooden pieces.
5. Go left. Use suction noozle on the spider.
6. Go left twice. Use brush on the crossed wooden pieces
7. Go left and talk to the fly, which will exit the room and give you
a metallic thing. Pick it up, notice it is Key part I.
8. Use denture on metal plate, obtain small saw.
9. Use small saw on toothbrush, obtain handle.
10. Use dental glue on handle, stick control valve on it.
You now have Key Part II.
11. Combine thw two parts of your key, use the key on its hole in the door.

12. you are out of there

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walkhtroughs for the great basement escape:

get the hammer and the 1st nail from the chest.

get the 2nd nail at the same screen, on the jar (left)

get the chain, small rack and big rack from the bike.

click the shelf above the chest.

it will break. and right ski will come to your inventory.

turn right.

get the screwdriver on the floor.

get the 3rd nail on the shelf.

break the box at the bottom shelf at the right with the hammer.

get the planks.

click on the jars at the top shelf and get a carrot from the jar.

get the left ski from left of the shelves.

turn right.

open the panel on the wall with the screwdriver.

put the racks in it.

turn right and get the 4th nail in front of the machine.

get a tumbler from the machine.

click on the sink and get the rope.

there is the 5th nail on the machine at the sink screen.

click on the shoe and get the shoe lace fom it.

there is 6th nail at the shoe screen.

click on the hole on the wall.

get the mouse and the 7th nail.

put the tumbler on the panel with rack.

put the chain on the racks and the thumbler.

tie the rope to the rope coming from the ceiling.

combine the rope shoe lace and the carrot.

put the carrot on the hook on the ceiling.

put the right and left skies under the closet on the ceiling.

get the 8th nail on the right box at the sink screen.

click the planks on the skies.

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walkthroghs for the great kitchen escape

On the start screen, take the red kettle.

Open the bottom left cabinet and get the mixer.

Open the top right cabinet and get the beater.

Go right.

Click on the Raido.

Click the back of the radio, remove the cover, and get the batteries.

Go back twice, and go right.

Get the power chord from the bottommost cabinet.

Get the bowl from the right of the fridge.

Open the freezer (Top of the fridge) and get the frozen fish.

Go right, and click on the birdcage.

Click on the bird's tail to get the feather.

Go back, and click on the dog.

Use the feather on the dog's nose. Get the collar.

Go back and right, to the start screen.

Place the kettle in the sink and fill it with water. Take it back.

Place the kettle with water back on the stand you got it from.

Attach power chord to the kettle. Click on the end of the power chord to plug it in.

Press the button on the kettle handle to heat it up. Take boiling water.

Go right twice. Place the bowl on the counter.

Place the frozen fish in the bowl, and fill it with boiling water.

Look in the bowl, and take the knife.

Click on the construct icon in the top left corner.

Place the rest of your items on their spots in the diagram. Take the drill.

Click on the explore icon, then go back.

Go right and use the drill on the door
You're free!

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Nice games but already played them out. You got some helpfull guides, nice man

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awesome guide now i can finnaly get past the kitchen and living room

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