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Welcome to the 20 Questions IQ TEST

Here you will be asked a total of 20 questions pertaining common sense and common knowledge. For the above-average test ask someone who is smart to tell you where to find that, [for Im not smart nor cunning]. So here is the IQ test for the simple minded average/ smarter folks.

- No cheating
*looking on other sites for answers
*looking at previous tests
*copying answers
*telling answers to someone.
- 1 person takes an individual test
*new test for new person
- No hints from me
*No help from me
- Each question has a 5 point value

Additional info:

All you need is the answers, you don't need the whole test.
|i.e| 1) Mars

Grading rubric-
|100-90|130-120 IQ|
|89-80|119-110 IQ|
|79-70|109-100 IQ|
|69-60|99-89 IQ|
|59-0|75-0 IQ|

Answer the following questions using complete sentences. Explain answer! 1/2 credit without explanation!
1) If I had a yellow dog, an orange dog, and a black dog; how many orders can I put them in?

2) In triangle ABC, D is the mid-point of line segment AB, and E is the mid-point of line segment CD. If AB [The base of triangle ABC] is 10 in. long; how long would line segment DE be?

3) If line FG is parallel to line HI, and HI is perpendicular to JK, and LM is parallel to JK; then what is the relationship between line HI & LM?
*Note* No explanation needed for 3).

Lucky for now, for you have multiple choice!

4) If x+12=9x- 20 then what does x equal?
(a)32 (b)-1 (c)3.2 d)4

5) If x equals your answer from 4), then what would this equal:
(a)276 (b)-54 (c)-12 (d)-4
*Note* You must have the correct answer from 4) to get credit for number 5.

Riddle time!

6) The 1 has one and can only be one, which one does this 1 concern?

7) A black dog is in the middle of a intersection in a town painted black. No street lights are working due to a storm. A car with two broken headlights heads towards the dog. But right before impact the car swerved out of the way before it hit the dog. How could this be?

8) Two bodies have I but joined as one. The longer I stand the faster I run. What am I?

Just answer these.

9) If you where born on december 22nd at 11:59 & 62 seconds p.m, and today is now March 4rth. How old are you?
Months- Days- Hours- Minutes- Seconds-

Since your almost halfway there, I will make these easy.

10) 743 1 15 2. What dies that say? [ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. ]

Congratulations you are now half-way-done. [Uh-oh!] Serious numbers here!

11) 2=3

12) 6=1

Find the value of x and y.

13) y=x+7

*Note for 14* x&y have the same value


Ok let's go back to multiple choice.

16) Triangle HOT is congruent to triangle PIE. Justify this theorem.
(a)HO=PI (b)HO=IE (c)IDK (d) Not enough info

17) Triangle HOT is an equilateral triangle with a perimeter of 27 in. Triangle PIE is also an equilateral, with line segment PI=9 in. Are triangles HOT PIE congruent?
(a)yes (b)no (c)maybe so (d)not enough info

18) Can you answer this?
(a)yes (b)no (c)IDK (d)definitely

19) You flip a quarter 15 times, what is the probability of getting heads?
(a)6 (b)6/15 (c)15/6 (d)undetermined

20) Freebee?
(a)Please! (b)No such thing as a freebee (c)Yes (d)What?

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