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i tryed to search for this, but not much luck. ive read the strategy guide, but im not clear on something about the mana pool. if you have a full mana pool, can monsters go round more than once without damage to the house? there is sumthing about this in the strategy guide, but its not clear.

also, it seems pure gems are more lethal than mixed gems. is this right?

and i don't understand the hue values. does adding gems change the hue values. is there a correlation between the hue values of the monsters and the gems?


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Think of it like this. The house is your house, the place where your mana is stored and the mana is your life-line. When a monster reaches the house you will lose mana. Full mana/half-mana won't make a difference, you will always lose mana if one reaches the house.

Yes pure gems are more lethal.

I'm not sure, but the hues are mainly used to determine the color of the gem when you combine them. And a little to do with the damage.

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