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This guide is intended to assist in making character development decisions. This is my opinion, and I don't claim that this is the only viable build. However, I do claim that this build is extremely effective and can easily defeat every enemy in the game.

Before I begin reviewing skills individually, a statement of design philosophy and some perspective.

My goal is to beat the game efficiently. This build is designed to win fights quickly and easily, not to do so with any particular style in mind. The things I value are power and consistency. Power means big numbers. Consistency means there's nothing your enemy can do to prevent you from using your strategy.

With that in mind, I will make the case that the Electric path is by far the best approach to building this character. Specifically that Shock Therapy is the best attack available to this character.

Finally, keep in mind the role of your team-mates. Roald is useless and the best job he can do is distract the enemy. Sometimes he grows a brain and uses a well timed stun or silence, and these are wonderful abilities if only he would use them at the right time more reliably. His damage will never be better than mediocre. Veradux on the other hand is a key player. His healing is the main thing that keeps you alive and you should keep him on defensive or phalanx stance at all times and work primarily on boosting his healing powers (it seems to scale primarily with Strength).

Here is the detailed review of each skill:

Starting Skills

Dark Infusion - This is extremely bad. You may need to use it at the beginning of the came to regen some focus (before you have access to Electric Storm). The damage is totally mediocre and having to deal with giving your enemy free focus is annoying. Using it on yourself is unacceptable except when you have no choice.

Corruption - this actually does very good damage during the early game, before you've developed a better attack. Its not unreasonable to set it up with a Dark Echoes or something. It does however, eat up Focus very quickly and should be dropped when better alternatives are available.

Dark Echoes - This is a reasonable attack but its damage never gets to be particularly good. The best thing about it is the low focus cost and the low cooldown, its a good set-up for stronger Shadow damage abilities. Ultimately you'll stop using this at some point in zone 2 when you switch to full electric and no longer use Shadow attacks.

Placebo - useless. low damage, weak debuff, nothing to see here.

Nerve Shock - same as Placebo. skip it.

Terrify - the damage is mediocre but the heal-over-time is moderately useful. However...Veradux is your healer, you shouldn't need any other healing if you're doing it right.

Free Will - One of the best abilities for the class. Recommend maxing this one. The dispelling abilities are critically useful and the damage shield will bail you out on a regular basis since sometimes Veradux falls a little bit behind. The heal-over-time is just bonus, it isn't the real reason you use this ability but its still nice.

Traumatize- Another extremely good ability and a low point commitment to max it as well, so its quite good. This is good for stalling for time to put hard hitting enemies out of the fight while Veradux catches up on healing. This is also very useful for managing cooldowns and ability durations. For example, you can stun enemies with short duration buffs on them so they miss their window of opportunity. The focus drain component is just gravy, though it is critically useful in the Baron fight.

Destruction - this can only be used on allies, not yourself. neither of your allies has good damage, not even Roald wearing full Strength gear. you're the damage dealer of the party. skip this one.

Betrayal - pure garbage. This only works when its set up ahead of time with Retrograde. If something goes wrong you either wasted two turns or perhaps you even just nailed one of your allies for a large amount. Way too tricky. Way too inconsistent. Leave it alone.

Retrograde - also garbage. way too inconsistent. yes i know this has funny combos with Nightmare and Betrayal and whatever else you can think of. Thats all tricky non-sense and you don't need to waste your time doing that. at 2 points you can also use this on enemies. there are no fights in the game that require you to do so though so you can safely ignore that tactic.

Confinement - this is actually quite useful against enemies that heal alot. can view healing prevented as some form of damage dealt, in the end they're totally equivalent. if you can use the skill points (and slots on your ability wheel) to do more damage than the equivalent healing prevented than you should. i was always able to find a more effective damage increase compared to the healing decrease. damage increase is also generically useful against all enemies, even one that don't heal.

Shock Therapy - This is the best attack the class has. Max this, put 3 copies of it on your ability wheel, zap the crap out of every enemy you see. the 330% instinct co-efficient is superb, basically unmatched. the fact that this is ALSO a buff dispelling ability makes this unparalleled in its level of utility. Simply the best thing going and the focal point of this build.

Salvation - this is an extremely worthwhile buff. once you max this, you should find that Veradux no longer has any problems keeping pace with incoming damage. It also keeps him alive longer and boosts his focus regen. Really you couldn't ask for anything better. This is mandatory and the reason why you can trust Veradux to do all of your healing.

Insecurity - this would be an important skill if we were attempting to use Shadow damage. We're not though, so you can ignore it completely.

Overdrive - this is broken and bugged and totally malfunctioning. don't waste your time. even if it worked as advertise, you simply don't need to accept a life-loss penalty to get good damage. this is never a good trade-off. the risk/reward calculus fails on this one.

High Voltage - less damage than Shock Therapy without the dispel, and in fact it buffs your enemy. Super Awful. 1 point for pre-requisite advancement but never use this.

Tenacity - its very powerful but its usefulness is totally related to whether or not you're actually dying. You can use this as a place to dump extra skill points but if you're doing things correctly you'll kill so fast that the extra survivability of this ability isn't especially important. I usually just put 1 point in here.

Epiphany - this is an actually good Shadow damage ability but its so far down the tree and requires so many points wasted in other garbage abilities that I can't justify building around this.

Electron Charge - same as High Voltage. less damage and overall just worse than Shock Therapy. don't bother.

Electrical Storm - another core ability of this build. it does respectable damage (though noticeably less than Shock Therapy) but ITS TOTALLY FREE and it regens 40 focus. Max it, love it, lean on it, it drives the build.

Charged Blood - the damage passive that makes this build truly deadly. max it, no explanation should be necessary. this is what makes your crits gigantic.

Wraith Form - this is a very powerful ability but strictly speaking you don't need it. I use it because the Speed increase is gigantic and usually gives you 4 turns in a row of guaranteed massive crits. that kind of burst damage is devastating and most opponents can't withstand it. the focus regen from this is convenient but not that important since you've got Electrical Storm.

Nightmare - more tricky garbage. you can try to use this as a finisher or you can try to combine this with Retrograde and hit yourself with it, but in either case thats an inconsistent situation and you don't ever need this. Skip it.

Haunt - re-spec and get this 2/2 for the Baron fight. thats the only time in the whole game you need this. skip it otherwise.

Psychopath Form - this is exceptionally powerful but requires you to be invested in garbage like Betrayal, Retrograde, and Overdrive. If you could get this without having to take Garbage it would be ridiculously awesome. As is this is like the consolation prize for playing a bad build. It doesn't make up for the weakness of the rest of the Shadow Damage stuff.

Shock Coma - this is cute and mildly useful. Its versatile, as you can use it to crowd control an enemy for a long time or to recover your own stuff. have better options for both crowd control and recover so really this is second rate at either task and thus should not be used.

Ultimatum - pure trash.

Sacrifice - this is funny. sometimes you might REALLY want to just eat Roald. ultimately though you may as well keep him around to absorb hits and save yourself the wasted skill points and ability wheel slot.

Implosion - i've yet to find a situation where this would matter. waste of points/slots. another one of those tricky Shadow abilities that requires way too much set up.

So if you've stayed with me this whole time, thanks for reading. I hope you found this useful. Before I finish I'll leave you with my most typical equipment choices and ability load-outs.

Ability Wheel Load-Out
1. Shock Therapy
2. Shock Therapy
3. Shock Therapy
4. Electric Storm
5. Traumatize
6. Free Will
7. Salvation
8. Wraith Form

Equipment Choices
Primary Stats: Instinct and Lightning Piercing
Secondary Stats: Vitality and Speed
Tertiary Stats: whatever miscellaneous defense you can find

the Electric Armor set from Zone 4 (the Tunnel) is actually extremely useful. You can equip it starting at level 18 and is good enough to last through the end-game. If you're especially lucky you'll find a really good weapon with high Lightning Piercing like Poseidon's Trident (or whatever its called).

With this build its typical to crit for 3500+ with your Shock Therapy. More or less depending on buffs/debuffs and the Lightning Defense level of your opponent.

In Wraith Form you can go on Offensive kill streaks where you unload 4 attacks in a row for a total of about 14,000 damage in 4 turns (3 Shock Therapy crits, and 1 Electric Storm crit). This is enough damage to blow away any regular enemy in the game. Only bosses can survive a round of this. Bosses usually die in the 2nd round of Wraith Form though.

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So which stat should be higher? Instinct or Lightning Piercing?

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Piercing is pretty overrated if you ask me. Go with instinct. Get some piercing on the way if you can, but don't lose too much instinct to do it.

However, in Z4, you should definitely get the armor set that gives piercing. For that little while, it's effective.

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use only the trident and get the best instinct armour you can i still get a critical almost every time [i] (i love sonny 2)

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oh my god no one knows how to play this class. especially not the creator of this thread. shadow skills are bad??? nightmare is trash??? not so! ive looked at all the player codes, typed them in, and played their characters and destroyed them!! here is my build:

Dark echoes- 4/4
Shock therapy- 3/3
Traumatize 2/2
Wraith form
Electrical storm 4/4
Nightmare 4/4

Using this build, i have found NO ONE on this forum who could beat me. i guarantee if you truly try to beat your character with mine and dont jack around, you will lose.

here is what i do:
i have a party consisting of Roald and Veradux. (the author of this thread was wrong in that roald is useless. equip him with a riot gun and the android/cyborg/titanium armor set, and you got 10k health that does steady damage. felicity is to easily damaged.)

i put roald and verdux on relentless mode. the first thing i do is find the monster with the highest hp (perhaps i choose differently if there is a monster that is a greater threat) and i use traumatize. this puts me ahead no matter what. next turn i ALWAYS use wraith form. while my npcs, on relentless mode, hammer out any goons that i have not stunned, i go for whoever the most threatening monster first. i use my "sweet skills" (Shock therapy, then electrical storm, if necessary dark echoes followed by corruption). if the enemy is not dead already, and is under 1.5k health, i use nightmare. that kills em.

of course, describing a battle and the constantly shifting surface of it is hard. when necessary (if you start to get low on hp for any character)switch verdux to phalanx mode so he will heal your character.

i have only died twice with this character, once on the baron (due to the fact i hadnt figured out how to beat him with my build) and another time when i fought the mayor ( i accidentally used ultimatum)

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Nightmare is trash, unless you have both darkness defense-reducing debuffs on the enemy. Shock therapy does more and doesn't heal them afterwards.

You use it on enemies less than 1.5k health? What level are you?

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On my level 28 guy I have:
1.Shock Therapy
2.Shock Therapy
3.Shock Therapy
4.Electrical Storm
5.Electrical Storm
7.Free Will

For Sacrifice I go into a battle with Felicity and Roald, use Sacrifice on Felicity (she has barely any health to begin with) then use it also on Roald. From there on for 4 or 5 turns you will have 120% more Instinct and will regain 200% of your health each turn. After that I just destroy them with Shock Therapy
and when your out of focus use Electrical Storm.

If you get worried about the opponent killing you after you run out of the Sacrifice buff use free will on yourself. I only use Haunt when I'm bored and feel sorry for my poor defenseless opponent so I don't really recommend it. Just put it on level 1 out of 2 so you can get sacrifice. CAUTION: I do not recommend sacrifice if you haven't beaten the game or if you feel that your guy is not powerful enough to take on enemies by itself without the help of allies.

I also use Tenancy and Charged Blood (passive abilities) so I have around 10k hp and do 200% more Electric Damage. A shocker for me that I don't really get is on my account Wraith Form doesn't work. I think when you use it, it gets rid of the benefits of your clothing/weapons so I seriously don't recommend it.
Try using my guy and see what I mean.


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Sorry about that first post.

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I'm sorry once again.

I did a re-spec just before i posted this.
so here is my real guy:


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spinus_lupin, speaking about PVP, you should first visit 'PVP tournament' topic first, find my char in there and dacer's, and watch them move first and not let you do a single move. You might be strong PVM, well almost everybody is, but in PVP the only thing that makes a winner is first strike plus infinite stun. Well, whatever.

imaninja181, any ability that alters your stats works with your cumulative stats, that is, your naked stats plus equipment's plus whatever stats do your skills alter, and only then activated abilities count in. So Wraith Form's +400%speed will give you 5 times more speed that you have while not fighting. In PVP you barely need it, tho. Also I wouldn't recommend you sacrificing your allies while battling the mayor, or you risk losing them for zero gain due to the mayor's Team Sacrifice.

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Also, if the mayor uses one of those 8-turn debuffs on your teammates or the damage-reducing one on you, you can sacrifice your teammates multiple times without them dying.

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Wow, thanks a lote! My Psycho is unstoppable now. Muahahahahahaha!

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The shadow style "Overdrive" isn't honestly that hard to counter. As long as you keep Schadenfreude up, Overdrive shouldn't get through the healing. On top of that, Schadenfreude gets doubled by Overdrive.

Wraith Form gains speed, damage, and one-time focus. Psycho gets health and focus REGEN and a bigger damage boost.

For a Shadow Psycho, maxing the Dark Echoes tree (maybe minus Dark Echoes) and the Terrify tree (minus Betrayal) would work. Sacrifice might work late-game, Implosion would give you a nice boost to Schadenfreude for a's not that bad.

Also, a few questions.
1) Does Shock Coma's stun duration increase as it levels up?
2) If I Retrograde a Nightmare, do the following seven turns cause healing or damage?
3) Does the old cheap trick of Shock Coma/Retrograde still work?

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hey im using your ideas now what i always lose

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Retrograde only lasts one turn (that's one of their turns, so if they have a DOT or HOT spell on them it will work twice).

Yes it works .

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Very helpfull

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