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Hello and welcome to my Hydraulic in-depth guide , where you will discover lots of useful information about in this wondrous class.


Hydraulic class is one of the best choices to fully experience the game.Why you ask me?Well itâs because you can make up to 4 different builds that is being played differently.Hydraulic (Hydro from now on) is based on water element mastery , but that doesnât mean everything will be associated to that element.You already should figure it out that this class will be dealing Ice magic to enemies.But itâs not all about water , because Hydro can deal pretty massive damage in melee!He can also take some serious damage to himself or heal his team mates.So you now know that this class can heal , tank (for those who are new this word means âtake a lot of damage and have great resistanceâ) do melee and ice damage.

The Builds

What we are going to overlook now is just a simple quick review about 4 builds that I have developed.

Hot â" Blooded â" Able to buff up youâre damage , cause some pretty heavy damage and lower youâre opponentâs defense.

Shattering Beast â" Itâs all about debuffâs and final attack called Shatter , which is really scary to see sometimes.Debuffing such as lowering youâre enemies speed , damage or healing still causing a lot of pain , this build is recommended for beginners.

Guardian â" Ever wanted over 20000 Health?Have awesome buffâs to help youâre team mates out?This build is all about you to take a lot of damage from enemies and to buff up youâre team.Admit it , even zombies have theyâre guardians and thatâs Sonny.

Heal Bot â" Heal.Heal.Heal.Mirage.Heal.Heal.As you guessed itâs all about healing and some buffing , since you are the healer you are welcome to replace Veradux for Felicity.Itâs fun to watch youâre team mates fight.

Hot â" Blooded

As you read before this is a melee class.Now you ask , why is it called Hot-Blooded?Well itâs an abilities name that passively increases strength by 50%.Means if you have 400 strength , 50% of it will give you 200 more.Thatâs 600!And remember the more strength
the more damage you do.

Pros : Can inflict pretty serious damage , quite high health.

Cons : No healing.None defensive skills.

Attribute Points

Allocating them is not that hard.When you gain level up , you get some attribute points.You should always give the lead to strength , then to vitality and last to speed.
When youâre at level 30 , it should look like this :

Vitality 210
Strength 500
Instinct * (It should be around 30 â" 40 ~ there may be some gear leftovers that adds Instinct)
Speed 120 (feel free to add more , although STR will decrease)


4/4 Bloodshed
1/4 Impair (prerequisite)*
1/1 Hot Blooded
1/3 Regulate (prerequisite)
4/4 Wreck
4/4 Demolish
4/4 Decimate
4/4 Lasting Pain
4/4 Warm Neurology
1/1 Avenger Form
1/3 Restore (prerequisite)
1/4 Reconstruct (prerequisite)
1/4 Safe Guard (prerequisite)
1/4 Mirage (prerequisite)
2/5 Stiff Upper Lip

*Now you will disagree that Impair is a great skill to increase damage , but did you noticed that Roald already casts this debuff?I know you will repeat you can double it , but itâs youâre way if you donât like following guides.

Now this is a really good build , all you need to do now is to put these skills in Ability Pool , know youâre tactics and youâre ready to pwn some noobs.

Ability Pool

2 Demolish
2 Wreck
1 Decimate
1 Bloodshed
1 Avenger Form
1 Vapour Cannon

!!! Always start with that marked Demolish skill in red.ALWAYS.Donât ask why.!!!
You shouldâve noticed that Vapour Cannon is added.Demolish and Wreck scales with youâre Focus , the more you have the more you deal damage.If you have 140 Focus (thanks to the Warm Neurology) , you will deal about 3-4k without any buffs.

Awesome isnât it?

The Gear

I will not list what gear you should have , because you will be changing it every time.But keep in mind that gear needs to have a lot of Strength ,none Instinct (or at least some , but not very much) , good Vitality and some speed.For example if youâre already 30 , kill Hydra to find Emerald Death , most awesome sword for this build.

Trick Bag

The more Focus you have the more damage youâll cause to enemies.Demolish and Wreck scales with Focus , so keep in mind to use Avenger Form or Vapour Cannon to replenish it and destroy youâre foes.

Hereâs a link for Hot-Blooded example.Use it in PvP Arena , to test it out against youâre friends.Triple click on the code , then copy it and paste into the PvP arena , Import page.

Shattering Beast

Debuffing enemy , stunning and silencing it , you become a deadly opponent to anyone and show the true shining of this class.

Pros : Stunning , Silencing , Debuffs , Healing and Shatter attack which can deal really a lot!

Cons : Quite low HP , no team buffs.

Attribute Points

Always stack Instinct.Drop few points into Vitality sometimes , nothing else.If you want to be a good starter of combat than sure drop in some into speed also.
When youâre at level 30 , it should look like this :
Vitality 250
Strength * (it should be around 40-50 or so if you have some of it in the gear)
Instinct 540 - 550
Speed 120-150


4/4 Frost
4/4 Hypothermia
1/4 Mind Freeze
3/4 Flash Freeze
1/4 Ice Wall (prerequisite)
4/4 Glacier
5/5 Crystal Ice
3/3 Restore
4/4 Cold Neurology
1/1 Guardian Form

All you need to do with this build is stack debuffs on enemy and use Shatter when ever you can.Remember , Flash Freeze and Mind Freeze also counts as debuff so be sure to use these skills wisely.On the other hand Restore is a great skill to remove up to 3 debuffs from youâre team mates.

Ability Pool

1 Frost
1 Hypothermia
1 Glacier
1 Shatter
1 Guardian Form
1 Flash Freeze
1 Mind Freeze
1 Restore

You can start with either debuff skill , just keep landing em matey!

The Gear

Simple.Everything that has most Instinct in it.Thatâs it.All I can say is that Law Binder (2h staff) is the best for this class , because it adds 141 Instinct!

Trick Bag

Letâs remember Hydra the boss of Zone 4.Arenât those claws annoying?Well hereâs what you need to do.Those claws are extremely bad at Ice Defense , so few good ice hits should kill em.BUT!Thereâs even better answer how to kill them faster.Want to know how?
Watch this

Just send Hypothermia first at the first claw and the other will die the same.Well itâs too bad Hydra canât die from that one cool hit.

Hereâs a link for Shattering Beast example.Use it in PvP Arena , to test it out against youâre friends.Triple click on the code , then copy it and paste into the PvP arena , Import page.


The Guardian class is one of the best tanking classes in Sonny 2.Sure Biological can do the same , but try to compare theyâre buffs.

Pros : A LOT of Health , Good Buffs , can take a lot of damage also (just exaggerating this ^^ )

Cons : Duh.Itâs tank and theyâre slow.Not only it is slow , but this guy canât even make a single attack.LOL.

Attribute Points

Just put them all in Vitality.Pleaseâ¦
When youâre at level 30 , it should look like this :
Vitality 580 â" 600
Strength *
Instinct *
Speed *
All of these will be different , because the Vitality gear normally has random stuff in it.


1/3 Restore (prerequisite)
4/4 Reconstruct
1/4 Mirage (prerequisite)
4/4 Safe guard
5/5 Stiff Upper Lip
4/4 Ice Wall
4/4 Dead Manâs Plea
4/4 Cold Neurology
1/1 Guardian Form

Funny there are 6 points left which are totally pointless (get it? pointless haha xD) so do with them what ever you wish.

Ability Pool

2 Ice Wall
2 Safe Guard
2 Dead Manâs Plea
1 Guardian Form
1 Reconstruct

The Gear

Simple , everything that has Vitality in it.

Trick Bag :

If youâre actually good with this tanking build , you can replace Veradux for Felicity and try to have more fire power.So hereâs a tip how to keep them alive.Guardian Form -> (Switch both to Relentless) -> Ice Wall (self) -> Safe Guard (target the one who has least HP) -> Dead Manâs Plea (offer both turns to give this buff on both of them) -> running low on HP?no fear Reconstruct! -> AND SO ON.

Hereâs a link for Guardian example.Use it in PvP Arena , to test it out against youâre friends.Triple click on the code , then copy it and paste into the PvP arena , Import page.

Heal Bot

To be honest this build is funny to make youâre opponents angry since Restore removes 3 debuffs , which some of the enemies are only meant to debuff all the time 24/7.This build letâs you switch Veradux for Felicity , so both team mates can fight 100%.

Pros : Healing , Buffs

Cons : Only has one attack..

Attribute Points

Instinct nothing else.
When youâre at level 30 , it should look like this :
Vitality 200
Strength (it will scale with gear)
Instinct 580 â" 600
Speed (scales with gear)


1/4 Ice Wall (prerequisite)
4/4 Glacier
5/5 Ice Piercing
3/3 Restore
1/4 Reconstruct (prerequisite)
4/4 Mirage
5/5 Stiff Upper Lip
3/4 Safe Guard
4/4 Warm Neurology
4/4 Dead Manâs Plea
So as you see these abilities are very handy to keep youâre team and yourself alive 24/7.Not to mention you still get to damage youâre opponent with Glacier.

Ability Pool

3 Restore
2 Dead Manâs Plea
1 Mirage
1 Glacier
1 Safe Guard

Trick Bag :

Mirage is youâre friend.Always use it on youâre team mates at the beginning of the fight.After that Dead Manâs Plea follows it and all you need to do is keep yourself alive.To be honest this build is really dangerous at some points.

Hereâs a link for Heal Bot example.Use it in PvP Arena , to test it out against youâre friends.Triple click on the code , then copy it and paste into the PvP arena , Import page.

Zone Boss Guide

Zone 1 â" Felicity

Keep using any offensive ability at her until she drops at 50-60% HP , after short dialogue she will boost herself with a buff that lets her deal and decrease damage by 50%.Just keep doing what you did before , just remember I will be talking about Easy and Challenging only , because I really hate to waste time on Heroic mode.

Zone 2 â" Captain Hunt

This fight is really annoying at Challenging mode.Alright this boss has his allies â" Sniper and Medic.The Sniper unlike Captain Hunt can deal really a lot of damage if he keeps himself buffed.I suggest attacking Sniper first , break his shield buff , deal some damage and wait those 12 turns until medic and sniper shields wears off.Medic will use up his all mana to do some healing and after that he will be weak as a bunny (not the bunny in Sonny 2).After taking out Sniper go for Captain Hunt , who will eventually put a shield on himself called Desperate Shield that shields him from 4000 damage , but stuns him for 14 turns.Use the opportunity and kill the Medic after that , break that puny shield from Captain Hunt and kill him.

Zone 3 - Clemons the Deceiver

This guy might appear difficult in the beginning , but he isnât really that strong.He will keep landing some debuffs , striking some serious hits and so on.All you need to do is set Veradux on Phalanx , Roald on Aggressive and keep damaging him until he drops to 20-10% of his health.After that he will âshow his true formâ , which is a 99 turn buff that replenishes all his HP , but makes him suffer 200% more damage from all attacks.Just keep attacking him again and he will be knocked out.

Zone 4 â" The Hydra

***NOTE*** Use a build that has Ice attacks , because of the Fire Claws!They are extremely weak to Ice Defense.You should knock them out really fast and then the Hydra will be left.The Hydra itself is quite an annoying pest.Try to survive those poison attacks , debuffs.She also stuns one of the team members for 3 turns.I recommend making Veradux on Phalanx mode to work , since he will need to dispel a lot of debuffs.Eventually you will come to the part where you finish her off and hope that an Emerald Death gets droped =].

Zone â" 5 Mayor

Mayor has a Guardian Cannon with himself , so kill that cannon first , if you donât damage Mayor at all while trying to kill the cannon , he will be pretty weak and hit about only 200-400.After killing the cannon switch Veradux to Phalanx mode and Roald to Relentless.When you take about 10% of health from Mayor , he will go into Enrage which lets him deal 400% more damage.Beware , when you keep knocking health from him , he will do a skill called âTeam Sacrificeâ that stuns for 8 turns.He also does debuffs to reduce youâre healing or damage and DoT (damage over time).He will also increase itâs instinct by 40% or regenerate focus.He will finnaly mysteriously at 20% or so increase his avoidance and will cast a spell on himself called âRetrogradeâ that switches damage into healing.Keep youâre team mates defensive , recover youâre wounds and when itâs over (it takes 1 turn) , go into offensive phase again.After that you should kill him.

Other Difficult Enemies

Iâve been reading a lot of people posts asking how to kill âGregorâ âBaronâ or âBunnyâ.Well I have made a quick guide how to kill some of those guys so stay sharp.

Baron Brixius

I think this guy is a lot of peopleâs headache , well Iâve found a cure.Although I will copy-paste this from my last answer to people , itâs still for Hydraulic class.


Mind Freeze 1/4
Flash Freeze 1/4
Restore 3/3 (2/3 if you're haven't got enough ability points)
Ice Wall 4/4
Dead Man's Plea 4/4
Cold Neurology 4/4
Guardian Form 1/1
Regulate 1/3

Gear and skill points

Basically have a gear that contains a lot of Instinct and Vitality.
Combat Action Bar

It must contain these skills :

2 Ice Walls
2 Dead Man's Plea's
1 Flash Freeze
1 Guardian Form
1 Restore
1 Regulate

Baron Brixius

Ok so I am going to list this guide in three phases :
Phase 1 Baron is going to start off landing some shadow attacks , so set both of you're team mate tactics to Phalanx.This is not going to be an aggressive fight for this phase.I repeat this build is going to be defensive and this whole fight is to survive and leech the focus.Ok now that I am back to the topic ,
start off by going into Guardian Form , stun the Baron with Flash Freeze so he won't harm you're team mates as you are busy taking off his focus with Regulate.For other Regulate takes 5% of you're health instead of Focus.So always remember to cast a Restore on yourself and you're team mates.When you see that you're team mates are having awful time and they have really gruesome debuffs , immediately cast Ice wall to lower the damage.Now Dead Man's Plea is an awesome buff for you're party members , since they're both busy healing you , while you're stealing Focus from Baron , they will run out in Focus and will need to sacrifice one turn to regain it by hitting him.Dead Man's Plea restores 50 Focus of you're team member and adds a boost for healing.So it's always important to look out for them and cast Ice Wall or Dead Man's Plea to let them survive.Now you're guessing if you haven't figured it out already why steal his focus?Well he in this face replenishes it by casting on himself a debuff that deals 4k damage in every turn , for 2 turns.And you will need to repeat this 3-5 times , until he drops to 40k or so HP.Just remember that always casting buffs on team mates and yourself , using Regulate to steal his Focus and lower it faster , using Guardian Form ASAP when it's on and surviving it until Phase 2.Ok if you followed these instructions , you should be already at 40k or so HP.

Phase 2

Baron is going to get loony now , start casting really weird debuffs and quite powerful attacks on you and you're team mates.Here's where he is weak.It's called Holy Scar debuff , that appears eventually on him , which increases damage done to him.Remember YOU MUST USE SAME TACTICS as I said before!Nothing changes , all you have to do is now keep you're team mates alive , this means switching Roald to Aggressive or Relentless , Veradux to Tactic and you , just trying to let them do more damage with those buffs on them.If you geared them pretty well , Veradux will deal 4k damage with Electro Bolt , same goes for Roald if he is in the same gear you got him , he will deal about 4k with fire bolt.Just remember you just gotta switch they're tactics as I mentioned above.Most important do not use Regulate.It's worthless!Now you just need to reduce his health to 7-5k while he is receiving Holy Scar debuff.

Phase 3

This part is going to be when this puny thing dies.Switch both of you're team mates Tactical Mode , and yourself keep repeating all the stuff I told you before.Eventually he is going to fall and give up.That's it!You killed him , congrats and continue you're game!
And Remember this is only Defensive build I made to defeat him.I killed him in like 10-15 minutes and I enjoyed playing with this build.

Gregor the Cockroach

This little thing gets killed by his own medicine.Just learn an ability âSubversionâ that switches healing into damage.So when his down at really low HP and you think he will cast that healing on himself , quickly cast a Subversion on him and he should kill himself.And if he keeps healing himself , well do the same , keep casting Subversion , this is really a matter of luck.


He deals a lot of damage ,but he doesnât heal himself , so just keep stunning him if you have any abilities , silence it time by time and always have Veradux on Phalanx mode.

Mage Knight Priest

Alright these guys are hard because they all have everything a good team needs.Damage ,healing and tanking.I suggest killing the Mage ASAP.Always Silence the Priest as much as you can and donât let Knight to make a lot of debuffs on you.After the Mage dies , go for priest , who will stun himself when he is low on Focus , opening himself for direct damage.

Mage Mage Knight

This is really annoying set-up.Try to silence one mage while tho other is getting killed.Always switch Veradux on Phalanx mode and Roald on Defensive.After the first mage falls , continue with the second.

Ice Lord

You will get confused when he will heal himself almost fully.Donât worry he still has a Focus limit , so just stun or silence him when he is low on health.


The Shattering Beast is a build recommended for beginners , itâs really easy to use , and it almost never fails.
Playing as Hydraulic , you will never lose youâre Focus , unless youâre Hot-Blooded , so getting Guardian is the best , except for a Hot-Blooded , since I explained you why.
You have all of my builds codes to test them out in PvP arena.It will show you every one of itâs potential , so I recommend you first to check them out.This may change youâre mind completely.
Hydraulic class is one of the most coolest classes in the game.Admit it.
Never give up , whether itâs Easy , Challenging or Heroic mode.Hydraulic class can easily switch into 4 builds , just find which one of them is the most effective.


For me of my hard 6 hours work on this guide , I hope forum moderators will sticky it.
Jonas â" a guy who helped me with a Hydraulic class screenshots.
And for my Mom who let me to sit for straight 6 hours near PC and make this guide.

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