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I think Mushroom Farm Defender is a better TD than people seem to think. I am not addicted to it liek I am addicted to Gem Craft.. but I think it can be a fun game once you figure it out. I had some time to kill and decided to figure out all aspects of the game, specifically the element combos. Maybe after reading this you will find it more entertaining...

Description of turrets (mushrooms) and their attack points when upgraded:

Light Green mushroom (aka Gamphus)
-holds 1 element
-shoots 10 attack points at level 1, 32 at level 2 & 67 at level 3
Dark Green mushroom (aka Catharellus)
-holds 2 elements
-shoots 44 attack points at level 1, 164 at level 2 & 408 at level 3
Yellow/Orange mushroom (aka Lentinellus)
-holds 3 elements
-shoots 173 attack points at level 1, 464 at level 2 & 961 at level 3
Red mushroom (aka Neolentinus)
-holds 1 element
-shoots 500 attack points at level 1, 750 at level 2 & 1000 at level 3

The elements (this is the fun part of the game--in my opinion):
There are 3 elements in this game
The ruby (red square), pearl (blue circle) & diamond (white tornado)
For shorthand I will refer to these as R, B & D. You can combine these elements within turrets to get different abilities. The order of the elements does not matter to gain the ability (as in RRP has the same ability as PRR or RPR).

Here are all the element combos for the yellow/orange mushroom (3 elements):

PPP: Regains 1 health per kill (upgrades do not change this ability)
RRR: Has 10% chance of triple damage (10% upgrades to 13%, & 16%)
DDD: Has 3% chance to teleport enemy back to the entrance ( 3% upgrades to 6% & 9%)
RDD: Has splash poison attack, does damage according to tower attack (upgrades do not change this ability)
RPP: Reduces enemy speed by 10% for 3 seconds (10% upgrades to 20% & 30%)
PDD: Has 5% chance to freeze enemy for 3 seconds (5% upgrades to 10% & 15%)
PRR: Huge splash range (upgrades do not change this ability)
DRR: has 3% chance of planting a bomb if enemyâs health is less than 50% (upgrades to 6% & 9%)
DPP: Has 30% increase in money earned with kill (upgrades do not change this ability)
PRD: Has 2% chance of instant kill (2% upgrades to 4% & 6%)


With this info shared, here is my strategy (I have won easy & normal on all 3 maps with 100 lives left with this strategy--I haven't tried hard yet)

Basically as you can only afford light green, buy two of them and place them into areas where they can shoot at the enemies twice. Do not upgrade these or add elements unless you really feel the need to. You want to try and wait to afford the dark green mushroom. With my approach, you need to be prepared to take some hits (but don't will make up for lost lives). Once you can afford the dark green mushroom, place it in a spot where it can shoot at an object twice (like the light green ones). Like before...try not to upgrade. If you start getting near 40 lives left..then ok... upgrade a light green mushroom twice (so it is level 3). Once you are near 1600, you can even sell your light green mushrooms to afford the yellow & red one. This is when the fun starts! I think the yellow mushroom is the best turret because you can do so many things with it (as in all the different element combos). Place the yellow in a spot where you can shoot at things twice (possibly where a light green mushroom was before you sold it). Then once you can afford 3 elements (250 each) buy 3 pearls (PPP) because every kill you make you gain a health. Over time you will gain those lost lives back! If you still have light green mushrooms at this point...sell them and help pay for another yellow mushroom. If I am really low on lives I would make it another PPP, but if I have like 70 lives I would make it RRR--it has a 10% chance of triple damage. Try really hard to always place mushrooms where they can shoot at objects for a long time or more than once (cut down trees if you have to). Personally, I don't even bother trying to buy the red mushrooms..they only allow one element and hence do not have ability bonuses like the yellow/red mushroom. Once I own about 3 yellow mushrooms, I try and save up to upgrade them. I usually upgrade the PPP one if I am still lacking lives other wise I upgrade the RRR one to the 2nd level. are in great shape! I personally like making PRD yellow mushrooms. I try and upgrade this to the fullest extent so I have a 6% chance of instant death! When I have a good amount of money I place lots of PRD yellow mushrooms near each other with a PDD or RPP mushroom (those freeze/slow down enemies). At this should be all set. Play with the different combo's and you should definitely survive all 60 levels.

If you have any questions...let me know!

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