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I have an idea for Armor Games.. Rewards, Cash in Armor points to buy T-Shirts or Hats or whatever, It would bring alot of people to Armor Games and would give alot of incentive to be good and get Armor Points. If not then just normal rewards for having armor points (Access to Special Armatars after you get 100 Armor Points) or any other luxuries that would promote more incentive to do the right thing. and if they decided to go with the T-Shirts and Hats theres some more advertising I Believe it would help this site immensely. Let me know how you guys feel about it maybe if we got enough support behind it might happen, but please no off topic or spamming or insulting others in this thread also try to avoid the 1 sentence responses the more you write the better this thread looks and it reflects back on you

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