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I'm tired of being treated with ignorance and bigotry. People simply fail to understand the core concepts of fascism, and the fact that it's NOT nazism - we're not 'kill-the-jews Third-Reich' racist people. We're authoritarian, nationalist, collectivist, and generally conservative. Nazism was BASED on fascism, but fascism was around first. In fact, had it not been for Italy's involvement in WWII and corruption by the Germans, Mussolini would be considered one of the most successful leaders of all time. Mussolini had an EXTREMELY high approval rating as prime minister, and set up the economy for a huge boost a decade after the war.

So, what exactly is fascism? Fascism is a form of government based around once concept - the will of one, the good of many. No one person is more important than the entire country. If the whole is improving, then the individual is unimportant. So what if a few die to improve the whole? Better that a few sacrifice themselves to save everyone else than we all suffer. This leads me to the next point - duty. We all have a duty to serve our country, one way or another. Your country gave birth to you, repay her. The best way to die is with a rifle in your hand next to your comrades. And don't forget loyalty. The highest of crimes is treason, as this causes suffering not only to your family but to the entire nation. Remain loyal and you will be rewarded.

Those three points (obedience, duty, and loyalty) are the basis of fascism. Fascists are NOT the people who make the retarded laws - that's communists. Who, ironically, want to move towards anarchy, but end up censoring everything and controlling the people because the politicians don't want to lose their jobs Fascist law may be strict, but it's not evil. In fact, it wouldn't affect you much more than the current law does if you're a law-abiding citizen.

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