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Hi, it's me. I've been watching and discussing and we've come up with a proposal. comes a big OP. But if you're interested in putting your character here and you're an AG regular, I advise you to read the entire post carefully.

There have been a growing number of fictions that involve some of the users portrayed as characters, or user characters. For this reason, despite the presence of previous threads of a similar nature, I've decided to make this one, the purposes of which will be:

* To have all pertinent information on any of the characters regularly depicted in AG forums in one place.
* To act as a simple guideline for people who wish to use these characters in their fictions.

It's the latter reason that is important because some people might wish that a character is portrayed as accurately as possible, especially the creators themselves. I don't wish to monopolise on this, but this thread will be run very strictly for the sake of tidiness. This is how it will work:

1) Fill out the template. I will detail this later.
2) Make a post here. The post MUST follow the template.
3) One post per character, don't lump them together or people might get confused. Doubleposting is okay on this thread.
4) These posts are an application only. If they are made official I'll notify you that your post is secure.
5) If I find the post doesn't conform to standards I will explain to you why I will delete the post, then I'll delete it. This doesn't mean you're not welcome to participate, it just means something(s) needs fixing or the post was irrelevant.

So to emphasise, the only posts here will be character templates. There will be absolutely no commentary on the characters or any other off-topic posts on this thread- I will automatically delete those comments for the sake of neatness.

One other thing, we're trying to keep this to a minimum so I will also delete characters that have either just been concocted for the purposes of being involved in this thread, or have not been used in larger fictions on AG, e.g. the MWT, Moderation Wars, Chronicles of AG, SoS etc. I understand this is arbitrary and may appear exclusionary. Again this doesn't mean I have outright rejected your character but you will need to become more involved in the community before applying again.

Now, the Template. This is in a fairly standard format:

1) Images of your character, or a link to said images.
2) Information on your character's name and defining attributes.
3) Physical attributes
4) Personality or character
5) Background of character

Remember, this is an official thread. It is up to you as to how much detail and what details you provide but make sure you're pretty set on the level that you would like other people to follow. Once again I expect the character sheets here to have a great deal of thought put into them.

Finally, if you want to include a character that belongs to somebody else in your fiction, you need to ask first. That applies regardless of this thread. Unless you are writing a work of parody, which is exempt from certain copyright laws.

Okay, that's it for now. Have fun!

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I just thought that I'd update my little profile, so here goes:

Images, appearance, relationship w/ character etc: Thoad is my e-persona of course, though he started out sa a zombie story character. His online version is much different from the Role-Play version, so yeah. Go ahead and ask me if you want his other backstory.
Image (as drawn by cenere): [link]

Name, Attributes, Etc.:
Name - Thoad, thoadthetoad, thoadsy, Thoadling.
Attributes - Easily angered, has it out for zombies, hits hard, runs fast, being about 10-20 miles per hour. Lives in a condo. Is lonely more than 1/4 of the time.
Attire - Helmet, usually not hooked on. LolWhut long sleeved shirt, jeans.

Started out as any other internet-goer. Eventually found AG and set his home there. Moved to dA, still uses AG home as a summerhome.

Other bells and whistles:
Likes music. Has several NSFW inside jokes. Wants to be apart of Cenere's, Zoph's, and Strop's reindeer games but can never do so.

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Lol, strop said "Hi, it's me" (see 1st post).
How precise...

I never tought of making myself a fanfou character, even if this is my everyday internet name (exept on ps3, it's pivottt because "fan" or so was a banned word from the site)

So here I present you Fanfou... I inspired him form my old kid cartoons I used to make...

here is zézé, my alien made when I was kid. I just drawn him just like he was before...

And here is the great new fanfou character.

Name : Fanfou (fou means crazy in French, and fan is the short for fanatic)

Physic : Ball-like monster. Represented angry, he is red and black (whith wide lines). I might use him to replace the O in fanfOu if I make an avatar for another website... He can only bounce to move (or roll, but it makes him sick). His two triangular eyes float over his head.

Mental : He likes to mess around and play, and of course, to kill and DESTROY. He likes elephants and monochrome stuff.

Origins : He was born on a fire planet in the Yakitori system, far from the Milky Way galaxy. He is always making one of these 10 things:
1 - eating
2 - sleeping
3 - being bored
4 - drinking root beer
5 - playing with blue elephants
6 - asking cute animals to suicide
8 - activating the sticky keys by pressing SHIFT five times
9 - making (or pretending to do) homeworks
7 - finding lost or forgotten things and play it
10 - play on the ps3

Here he is :

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Alias: KnockoutSloth.
Age: 16
Sex/Gender: Male
Species: Sloth.
While he is a sloth, he is also very active and enthusiastic, he also
Height: 180cm
Mass: 150 pounds
Build: A little pudgy but very active.
* Can stand on two feet
* Long Sand colored fur
* Long claws
* Slightly blackened nose and mouth
* Deep green eyes
Clothing: Well he usually wears only his fur, but can be seen in a Nirvana hoodie from time to time.
* Boxers gloves
* Sloth based humour book (written by KnockoutSloth)
* Poetry notebook
Personality: Jewish! (didn't know if I should put his religion.) Very conservative and lovable, has many friends in the kingdom of AG, also likes telling jokes.
Likes: Climbing in trees, knocking stuff out, Sleeping, and hanging out with his buddies, also loves rainy days
Dislikes: Spammers, bashers, jew-haters, and snow
Occupation: Poet, most noteably in the "survival of the fittest." thread, is also a Rabbi of the Judaism Questions answered! thread
Backstory: Sloth came from the awful kingdom of newgrounds to find a new life, a new hope, and new friends! Often seen moreso in Forum games and world events forums he runs into a lot of varied people such as: Atheists, Catholics, One Jehovian, and various other funny personalities.

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Name: Wyuen Wood. Aka WW.

Physical attributes:
He is a tree made of hard wood. He has two branches for arms and 2 large roots for legs. His eyes are just dew filled holes, showing the lighter colour of the wood inside. His head is thick and full of leaves, branches and sometimes misplaced birdâs eggs. Being a tree of solid wood, he can be very heavy sometimes but luckily when scared to death he runs like his life depends on it.

Personality attributes:
He is a average brained tree, his knowledge comes from his constant watching of the environment when he was trapped as a rooted tree. Usually easy-going unless angered by some insults about his tree descendents. He likes to make friends but his bad sense of humour degrades other peopleâs view of him.

He is a tree that got uprooted from a patch of magical seeds. He ran away, seeking refuge from the horrible axe handler. His parents was a farmer who wanted to grow some trees that provide unlimited fire wood. Fortunately, WW managed to plot his way out but couldnât encourage the other trees. He made his way to armour games to find protection and hopefully start his life over again.

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^Oh and his height is of an average tree, ranging between 7 and 10 feet. His bush makes up for half his height.

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Alias: Bueno
Gender: Male
Species: Bear with human characteristics (see more info below)

Physical Attributes

Height: 3 feet
Mass: 60 lb.
Build: Not the strongest...
Has the power to stretch legs & arms abnormally long
Has amazing dancing powers
Black eyes, just like dots
White/grey-ish fur
Mouth up close to eyes

Over shoulder pack. It's dark green on the bottom half, and light green on the top
Crown, kept in his pack

Curious, but knows when he's pushing it
Adventurous, like to challenge himself
Friendly and outrageous
Likes: Summer time, swimming, adventures, playing with Crown, trees, dancing
Dislikes: Sarcasm, people who don't like him, poachers

Occupation: Student, "artist"
Hobbies: Playing with Crown, dancing, swimming

(without pack)


I understand I will be a cameo character. KoS informed me. :3

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Alias: Goes by the name of Kipdon, real name Duncan.
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Species: Humanoid Mimic (you know, the treasure chest monster, just in human form)
Height: 2 feet (Mimic), 5'10 feet (Human)
Mass: Too much work, didn't post...
Build: Well-balanced, not muscular, but strong, fairly intelligent
Features: Normally has a gilded border, or has green eyes unless angered, then eyes turn light blue and glow dimly.
Clothing: Likes wearing robes when not wearing armor
Accessories: Cross Necklace
Personality: Shy
Background: Not much is known about Kipdon, aside from the fact that he was a treasure box who followed a group of moderators into Armorgames, then transformed into a human to avoid being banned.

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Here goes nothing

Alias[b] - 1337
Age - Supposedly 1000 years old, looks as if he's 16... maybe he is.
Sex/Gender - Male
Species - DEATH/Former Human. Yes you can touch him.


Height - 5 foot 5 inches.
Mass - He hovers, so does it really matter?
Build - Average?
Has a long dark robe/cloak.
Has a spiral to keep his cloak intact.
Has long-ish hair.

Personal Effects:
*Can control light
*Has a pet bunny (that can be vicious) not seen in drawing
*Has a cloak that can turn into darkness
*Can hover/float
*Can vanish then reappear (Can only do this 20 times in a 24 hour period)

^A long big scythe as displayed in picture
^Ninja handbook
^Potions that heal (100 Heath Potions (HP) 100 Magic Potions (MP))
^Dual swords
^Writing journal

Personality - Can be dark and mysterious 1/3 of the time, the other 2/3 of the time he is wise and tired.
Likes - His big scythe, his robe, his love, darkness, writing, and AG.
Dislikes - Light, ghosts, trolls (both kinds), daggers, and NG.
1)He walks normal speed.
2)You will usually feel an eerie presence when you are in the same room as him
3)Was in the Ninja League when he wasn't all grim reaper-y.
4)Likes to play Scrabble


Occupation - Killing people (not intentionally, he is DEATH after all), Writer, Adventurer.
Hobbies - Writing, ghost killing (er... that made no sense what so ever), slicing things with his big scythe, talking (sometimes)
Accommodation - A nice 2 story house.
Backstory - He was left alone on a doorstep to a family of fat, mean relatives... no just kidding. He was an orphan in AG, he learned to survive, he went to Ninja Academy, then died, and then became DEATH.

Hm... that failed.

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I have no image, so bear with me.

Name: Sir Orion Stellus
Age: 14
Sex: Male
Species: Human

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 145 pounds
Build: Stocky, slightly chubby but has strong muscles

Long, dark blond hair
green left eye, blue right eye
scar on his eyebrow

Personal Effects:

Two short blades on his sides, along with a cutlass on his left hip
Gold watch
Large navigation book with green pen
MP3 player


One of the better sword fighters around
Can see in both infrared and ultraviolet spectrums, making his night vision perfect

Personality: Happy go lucky, has serious stage fright, a fear of heights, and a fear of not having a weapons with him at all times. Enjoys reading poetry, listening to music, and killing annoying gnats known as spammers. He also has a superiority complex which is not intelligent to mess with. Never point out his flaws.
Likes: As said, poetry, music, killing spammers, along with debating government issues.
Dislikes: Spammers, stupid people, ignorant religious folk, arrogant atheistic folk, and anyone who tries to make him seem lower than he believes he is.

Occupation: Writer, former judge of the Haiku contest, pirate, professional shrimp eater
Hobbies: Cutting up stuff, debating
Accommodation: A large Spanish galleon that somehow made its way far inland and crash its entire keel into a perfectly flat floor. It's big, and he is always adding new furnishings.
Backstory: Always lived in Armor Games, going and sailing in a boat every chance he had. Occasionally he would board other ships, typically those of spammers, and steal everything on board. If it was a major spammer, he would kill them. The mods never caught on, and has appeared in the record books as a 'law abiding sitizen,' when he clearly is not. He is a frequenter of the community aspects of Armor Games, but stays away from the entertainment areas. Nothing further is known.

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At Cen's behest that the crew of the Explore make a character sheet, here's mine.

Sorry, my scanner got... How do I say this... it fell a few feet and doesn't work anymore, so the sketch I did of pH is unavailable, which is quite disappointing seeing as I was awake until 2:00 AM working on it.

Let's hope there are no overtly obvious fails in here.

Alias: Lt.(semi-retired) pHacon nopHacn (pronounced 'face-in' 'no-fohn', goes by pH or Phil, or in rare cases, Philip or Mire/Myr.
Age: 17 (appears to be in his mid 20's though)
Sex/Gender: Male
Species: Human (we're pretty sure about that, at least...)

Predominantly left handed in all but tasks that require more dexterity such as writing and drawing (wtf, I know, it gets a little annoying)

Height: 5'11" Tells people he's 6 ft, but is 6'1" with his boots
Mass: ~ 170lbs
Build: Lean but well built
-Rough beard and mustache
-A large number of scars on his back and several slashes on his chest. (that's what you get from swordplay without armor)
-Has one scar going from the left corner of his forehead down his cheek.
-A deep blue capital 'H' tattoo on each hand, legs starting at the index and ring fingers bridging at the knuckles and ending at the wrists.


Clothing: Generally wears his bridge-coat over his normal clothes, even on extremely hot days because it keeps him from taking the heat directly and blocks most from coming in, while letting it radiate out quite nicely. Seems to have a thing for heavy boots. Wears what is supposed to be a lightly armored cavalier with a phoenix feather hanging off of the side.

Coat is dark green, as is the cav, the belts are dark brown, and the scabbards for his weapons as well as his book are a slightly lighter shade of brown.
-Normal length sword on right hip as main weapon
-Short sword hung upside-down on back as backup or right hand weapon
-Long dagger thrust into a small scabbard next to main weapon
-Survival knife hidden inside each boot
-Small collapsible spade strapped to left leg
-Long thin coil of rope inside coat under right hand pocket
-Small sewing kit
-Emergency first-aid kit
-Compass that he keeps around his neck (most precious possession)
-Book hung/tied to right side of coat, contains: observations and sketches of various flora and fauna and what alchemical properties he could derive from them, alchemical formulas, blueprints for building projects and improvised devices, medical information, and functions as his journal.


Personality: More of an introvert, quite at most times but loud if you get him into an argument. Will always try to help someone to the best of his abilities when convenient. Has immense patience.
Likes: philosophical discussion, physical training, thinking, reading, intelligent conversation, funny noobs
Dislikes: Trolls, flamers, stupid noobs, stupid people, close minded people, people with a superiority complex, spammers
-Has learned advanced Krav Maga and Pencak Silat.
-Is marginally skilled with a blade, but feels more comfortable fighting without one.
-Believes that every point unmade is worth making.
-Will sacrifice everything for his friends if need be.
-Has quite a good knowledge of botany and herbal medicine from his wanderings around the Internet.
-Has an excellent memory, but is missing recollection of a few years.


Sailor/Engineer, was working on building housing for new residents after his stint in the Navy ended
Hobbies: sailing, physical training, target practice, training with a waster against a palus, thinking, observing human behavior, sketching random objects, reading or making up a good story
Accommodation: A rather nice camp not too far out from the sity, is sole occupant, although lost people stumble upon it quite often.
Back-story: Grew up on a farm in a secluded part of the Internet, sent to school and developed talents in particular for mechanical and structural engineering, including a love of architecture. While at school he also refined his observation skills and disdain for human companionship. Witnessed his parents' deaths during a vacation from school and blacked out for two years. Woke up in a clearing with a sword by his side along with a note in a strange language. Has been wandering the Internet for the past 4 years searching for someone who can translate the note, and applied for sitizenship in AG about 3 months ago, hoping someone here can understand it.

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Images, appearance, relationship w/ character etc: Thoad is my e-persona of course, though he started out sa a zombie story character. His online version is much different from the Role-Play version, so yeah. Go ahead and ask me if you want his other backstory.
Image (as drawn by cenere): [link]

Name, Attributes, Etc.:
Name - Thoad, thoadthetoad, thoadsy, Thoadling.
Attributes - Easily angered, has it out for zombies, hits hard, runs fast, being about 10-20 miles per hour. Lives in a condo. Is lonely more than 1/4 of the time. Newly found love of ukelele music and stoner-ific things.
Is also a sci-fi nerd and soon-to-be sci-fi tank/fighter pilot. Long story.
Attire - Helmet, usually not hooked on. LolWhut long sleeved shirt, jeans.

Started out as any other internet-goer. Eventually found AG and set his home there. Moved to dA, still uses AG home as a summerhome.

Other bells and whistles:
Likes music. Has several NSFW inside jokes. Wants to be apart of Cenere's, Zoph's, and Strop's reindeer games but can never do so. Likes being a pervert and tries to flatter women on the net. Why? No guts otherwise.

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This looks like fun

Name: Cinna
Age: 15
Sex/Gender: Male
Species: Human

Physical Attributes
Left handed

Height: 5'9 1/2
Weight: 143 lbs.
Build: Wiry
Features: Glasses, unkempt dirty blonde hair, upturned nose, weird bluish eyes, slightly swollen lips, slight acne on chin and forehead.
Personal Effects

Clothing: Crazy. Anywhere from a woven tucked into jeans to a polo and madrid plaid shorts. Usually just khaki shorts and a T-shirt. White ankle socks, and preference for converse.

Accessories: Wallet, watch and phone at all times. Some old brown oaklies when I have my contacts in.

Personality: Happy, slightly nieve some would say. Easy to make angry, but that rarely happens. Lazy, unfortunately, and philosophical at best.

Likes: Weight lifting, Armor Games (duh), sleeping, and muffins.

Dislikes: Running, ad hominem, insults and cockroaches.

Notes: Benches 115, squats 145, power cleans 95. Walks very slowly. Will often disappear with muffin and puppies into basement, not to be seen for another 12 hours.


Occupation: Student.

Hobbies: Football, weight lifting, and eating.

Accommodation: Huge brick house in Silver Lakes.

Back-Up story: Grew up in Iowa, born in St. Louis. Was in the computer lab while watching some people play Armor Games, so decided one day to join, unawares to the religious scuffle he was about to fall into.

Boring, but hey that's the fun of it. Or not. You choose.

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Name: John "SHOTGUN" dude
Age: 7
Sex/Gender: Male
Species: Robotic Humanoid

Physical Attributes:
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Build: Unknown
Features: Spike's on Shoulder's and 10-Bullet Shotgun(he's grabbing his Shotgun every time, even when sleeping).

Clothing: Iron Armor, Dark Steel Helmet, Iron Leggings, Fortified Steel Shoulders, Dark Steel Gauntlets and Gloves.

Accessories: Red Crystal Belt and Black Socks(as footwear).

Personality: Enraged, He's like a berserker, although he won't have a no for an answer, he'll just grab his Shotgun and blow the crap outta you(If he asks you to make him Cookies, make them, don't tell him "no&quot.

Likes: Shooting at Boxes, Shooting at Cockroaches, Shooting at
Innocent People, and eating chocolate n' chip cookies(he loves those).

Dislikes: Crying Babies, Ice cream(cause he cant eat it), Uno(the card game) and roller-coasters.

Notes: He Loves kidnapping children, he has a secret room in his house in where he takes the kids, he won't get out of there for days, or weeks.


Occupation: Professional Shooter.

Hobbies: Killing Roaches, Kid Surfing(Not a board, a Kid), Drinking cans of Oil, and Surfing the Internet.

Accommodation: Big House made out of cement blocks on The Big Hill of Nowhere.

Back-Up story: He Was made by a crazy scientist who loves Chocolate N' Chip cookies.

I did it for the Lulz, but this WILL now be my Character.

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Height: 6 feet four inches
Weight: Secret
Build: Cut, hidden under robe
Features:Magic and Giant Golden Mace, which is not shown here.
Clothing: Robe and Hat.
Accessories: Rick Astley Staff
Personality:Comedic. Acts befuddled, but actually is quite aware and perceptive. Likes to play with people's minds in a subtle way.

That's all you need to know.

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I was finally bored enough to do this.

Alias: Graham
Age: Later 20's
Sex/Gender: Male
Species: Human


Mass:180 lbs
Build: Lanky
*Dirty blond hair
*Very light brown eyes
*Above-average physical coordination


*Comfortable Jeans *NEVAR SHORTS*
*Comfortable T-shirt with some witty, but not mainstream logo.
*No shoes/socks

*Random items picked up and stuffed into pockets while 'splorin
*Codesplitter, which is used to frequently cause portal-shortcuts around the world/rips open dimensional space to see the source.
It works by holding an immeasurable number of vibrations held in the base (without actually vibrating the handle, it's sturdy :]), and all of those vibrations are released in one swoop..distorting the reality around it and exposing the basic elements. Reload time is 1 second.


Personality: Scatter-brained, inventive, adaptive, perceiving, introverted, thoughtful, apathetic, values the functionality rather than the aesthetic, very high level of awareness, not in depressive moods for long, Has an alternate-ego that takes over randomly.
Likes: Messing with intricate artifacts for hours, ripping a hole in AG and exploring its innards, stealing objects and modifying them.
Dislikes: Being followed, yelling, writing, the complaisant, intolerance, smugness, forced-beliefs, pride.
- Is not affected by SRS BZNSS.


Occupation: Just exploring.
Hobbies: Messing with basic elements of AG, thievery
Accomodation: Secret areas.

Graham opened his eyes slowly and saw a hazy outline of a large white figure standing over him, then passed out again. When he awoke, he was alone... tied down to a medical table. After struggling with the large belts, he was finally free. So, he raced over to the solitary metal door, with strange markings on it to find it was locked. On the table-tray next to him was a small glowing blade. Curious, Graham tried to pick it up and cut his hand severely from the sharpness of the blade. Using some of the tools lying around, he managed to bandage up his hand, and construct a handle in the most awkward of places on the blade. His thinking went "Door plus sword = freedom. ". He slashed at the door. Something weird had happened. The door had not budged, but the walls around it peeled off slowly. Anxious to get out, he slashed at the walls, closed his eyes, and jumped in the opening. Falling for what seemed like an eternity, Graham finally landed on some wet grass in front of a giant castle-town.

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