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Hi Sonny 2 fanatics, I'm going to show you an alternative to the popular strength build that most "beginners" use for the biological class.

This speed build is actually pretty strong because it has:
-high hitting attacks such as Sample Blood and Slash
-the buff Shadow Blend which multiplies your speed by 4
-and finally, the ability to always go first during fights and to dodge lots of attacks

Basically you're getting power and speed, by only adding speed
It is pretty fun build and believe me its not bad at all

Pros: Lots of damage, ability to dodge many attacks and be the first one to start

Cons: Low hp, You have to wait 2 more turns for shadow blend to come back, high focus attacks

Ability Points

With this build, these are the skills you should have by level 30:

Slash: 1/4
Sample Blood: 3/3
Vicious Strike: 1/4
Break: 2/2
Disrupt: 2/2
Sharp Senses: 1/4
Shadow Blend: 4/4
Evolution: 3/3
Savagery: 4/4
Integrity: 4/4
Endurance: 4/4
Corrosion: 1/4
Envenom: 1/4
Infect: 1/4
Withdrawal: 4/4
Predator Form: 1/1
Toxicant Form: 1/1
Anesthetic: 1/4

It REALLY doesn't matter what you do with the rest of the Ability Points, just spend them wisely.

Ability Wheel

This is how your ability wheel should look for this build

1 Sample Blood (good buff)
1 Leading Strike (to recover focus)
1 Shadow Blend (basically multiplies your damage by 4)
1 Withdrawal (to heal, also a great attack)
1 Break (to stun, still a great move without strength)
1 Toxicant Form
1 Predator Form
1 Crystallize

The sad thing is I'm not even joking about this, look

I seriously hit this at level 30 with these stats

This really is a great build to use, if you just add every stat point to speed and end up with 559, you'll seriously hit that much.

Of course, if you wear +speed armor, you'll hit higher... BUT WAIT!!!!
DONâT!, because if you add all points to speed, you'll be left with a crappy health, basically like 1571

SOOOOO, I recommend trying to get good vitality armor *cough* Titanium (Android) Armor! *cough*


Speed Build Strategy:

Prerequisites: Keep Roald on Relentless (to help damage), Keep Veradux on Phalanx (to heal you, since you have crappy hp)!!!

1: Use Crystallize on one of your opponents to stop them from attacking you
2: Use Crystallize on another opponent (if there is one)
3: Use Predator Form
4: Use Toxicant Form
5: Use Shadow Blend
6: Use Withdrawal as soon as one of your opponents wakes up and it will deal MASSIVE amounts of damage!
7: Repeat steps 1-6
8: If you run out of focus just use leading strike and you should back to full in no time

Credits: Thanks:

Krin: YOU ROCK!!! I HOPE SONNY 3 COMES OUT SOON (but not too soon, take your time and work hard!)

Flamemachedi, DaliuXas, and Transitive: You guys were so helpful in creating this guide and your guides were all amazing because they really helped me start off Sonny 2. Thank You for all your help and I hope you support this guide

reswantur: I'm not even kidding, I JUST read your post on the speed build and I thought it was pretty good (I DID NOT USE ANY OF YOUR GUIDE) so I just thought I should mention you

If any of you want a guide to any of the bosses for this build, please request it in a reply!

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