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This is my first guide on how to use a poison biological.
First of all, you will need alot of STR.
When you level up, pump your stats into STR. Now, this guide isn't just about how to use a poison biological... It's how to complete the game without blasting your money into re-speccing. The skills you get will be used effectively throughout the whole game.
First, when you get your 5 points, get 2/2 in Break. It will help alot.
Get 1/2 Disrupt. 2/2 If you have the points, the only time you will probably use this is for the Baron.
You could probably keep this as it is.. So the starting skills would be:
1/4 Vicious Strike
2/2 Break.
1/2 Disrupt or 2/2 Disrupt if you really want..
-Before I forget, Integrity helps so much, it's passive, it heals your health and regenerates 25 focus per turn when maxed-
While you have these skills, You should probably use this strategy:
1) Break
2) Destroy
3) Leading Strike
4) Repeat Step 3
5) Repeat the list.
After you have these skills, get these skills:
1/4 Slash
1/4 Corrosion
1/4 Envenom
Now.. Gear yourself up with the most STR Boosting items. It's time to get 4/4 Infect.
Your damage will rise with strength now.
(The good thing about poison bio's are that they use STR, and the starter skills use STR for power)
Now here, there are two ways to go. You will get both skill routes but here is where you choose what path to go first. There is a Full on damage way (Which I will discuss first) and a poison damage/piercing path (I will discuss after the damage way)
[Route 1] - Full on DMG.
The next skill you go for is Savagery.
This is a pretty cool passive skill that actually helps, so this is a good reason to go this way. Savagery (1/4) increases damage and physical piercing by 3%. It's only 3% but it still helps you.
Now, here is what you want from this route, Predator Form.
It beefs your damage by 10%, your physical defense by 25% and last of all, 100 Focus. Now this, 100 Focus will help you so much.
[Route 2] - Poison Beefage.
Get Anasthetic 1/4, then now... The 2nd best thing about this route..
Toxicant Form. You heal from it, you gain damage and poison damage.
Now after that fantastic form, you get the mother of all poison skills.
Acidic Blood. You gain so much Poison Piercing from this, it's unbelieveable.
Once you have those 2 forms, your most likely skill pool would be:
1 Predator Form.
1 Toxicant Form.
1 Destroy.
1 Leading Strike.
3 Infects.
-1 Break-
-1 Sample Blood-
The 2 above are of your choice,
Break can stun the enemy and since it's 2/2, it costs no focus.
Sample Blood beefs your toxic attacks, so thats an upside, it costs focus but you have Integrity which heals health and focus so... ^_^
Now... Strategy.
[Strategy 1] - Length-long battles-
1. Use all your Infects (4/4 costs 15 focus, integrity regenerates 25 focus)
2. Use Predator Form.
3. Use Toxicant Form.
4. Destroy.
5. Infect.
6. Repeat steps 4 & 5 till your forms run out.
7. Use Destroy. (Predator Form heals 100 focus, even just before you lose the form)
8. Use Infect, over and over again.
9. Leading Strike until you get 100 Focus.
10. Use Destroy.
11. Repeat steps 8-10 until you can use your forms, then repeat the whole list again until you kill everyone ^_^
[Strategy 2]
This is basically the same thing but you don't use 3 Infects before you use the forms.
This strategy is for medium-length battles, with the forms, right str, right equipment, battles will be fast and easy.
-If you have done all this right, you will finish the battle with 3 infects-
Veradux is good on Phalanx, at the start, he is the main attacker while you break in your skills, so at the start, he needs to be on aggresive.
Roald, he can assist your attacks in battle, he isn't the [/i]best[i] healer, so he will most probably be aggresive/relentless.
Felicity; I don't reccommend using Felicity, she takes ages to break into your team, by the time you get her, you would be needing Veradux as your used to him on your team, and Roald is far better than Felicity in my oppinion.

This is pretty much the end of my guide..
if you need anymore help, post a comment on this thread or my profile.
I hope this helps you..

To me, for spending my time on this rather than homework :P
Flamemachedi, for making a Bio Guide, he really helped me on how to make and layout my guide.
I'm guessing transitive for his psycho guide..
Last, and certainly not least.. DaliuXas for his Hydro Guide..

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