ForumsGame WalkthroughsHey you! Yes you! Wondering how to get Loads of Armor Games Points? Come on find the answer out!

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Alright...Normaly to get Armor Points you need to play games BUT thats not the only way hehe.Posting a comment will offer you some points.I`m not saying keep posting a comment and spamming and spamming,just post a comment about a game or thought every hour like I do.Writing down a Walk-through will give you some $Armor Points$Yeahhhh! Or any other way of helping the Armor Games Community we`ll thank you for it.Voting on a game will give you some too baby! So take this advice and you could have as many points as the Pro`s do.*Imagine that*.Being a High Armor Points Pro.Anymore questions please report to my Profile as soon as possible.

Happy Easter,Everyones friend Zarock.

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