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These levels are for Crush the Castle

Post your own killer fortress or try your hand at crushing the castles of others. For users posting their own creations, please consider the following guidelines:

Give your castle a title. This will allow other members to easily reference it in their comments.

Show off your work with a screenshot. A great tool for screenshots and videos is Jing.

Provide a description or hint. If your castle has any notable features or specific tactics make sure to let people know about them.

Don't forget your code. Simply copy the code directly from the Crush the Castle editor and past it in its entirety within your post.

We had a ton of fun making this game and are really looking forward to seeing what you can do!

Note: When posting images please use the image button in the form below and provide the URL to your screen shot. We do not allow raw HTML tags nor do we host images. If you need a place to host your images online consider one of the many photo sharing services.

How to Load a Castle


How to Save a Castle

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