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The game is very hard if you dont know what you're doing.
first off all you need to know all the controls witch you will see on the game.

controls: Up = jump
down = duck (if you upgraded evasion.)
right and left = move right or left

upgrades you need. the best upgrades are upgrading evasion and jumping.

jumping levels:
lv0 = normal jump
lv1 = double jump
lv2 = higher jumps
lv3 = triple

evasion levels:
lv0 = nothing
lv1 = duck
lv2 = while in air press down to land faster
lv3 = when ducking press right or left to roll

the rest are very simple to understand.
but first when you start upgrade your speed. if you have trouble dodging stuff then upgrade speed, jump and evasion.
when missiles come torwards you low then jump, when higher then duck. (if you dont have jumping skills to go high enough.)

the only way to play without dying is to be smart and act fast. that is the only way to play survival lab.

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I beaten it

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