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Inspired by jezz.

You can't beat water. Not with fire. Land will only adsorb it, only to make devastating landslides. Ice only will make water tougher. The Kingdoms try and move it with their tin cans, only making a problem somewhere else. This is why, when i was on the brink of death, i chose water to empower me. Now, loneliness scares me more than death. Without Water, i would be another farmer, soon to be engulfed in floods. The castle can't protect themselves from my immense power, and what many brave knights don't understand, is that, I am immortal. Arrows go strait through me. Sword are useless. Even if they attack me while sleeping in my coastal hut, they can not kill me.

They do not understand why I am ruthless, why I constantly drown out the kingdom. It is because the King betrayed me. I had done him a job, working in his castle, and he treated me like a slave. Denied me ever working for him. So now I must kill him. So no one ever gets shunned like that again.

But I do not only plan my vengeance, with my powers comes forever caring for sea life. I am constantly asked to get a crab out of a fisherman's net or escort baby turtles into the waters.

But one day, i hear a rustling in the trees and out appear 5 heavily armored knights. Each with vibrant flags and horses, they yell "We have come under decree of King Andrew the IV, and are here to kill you." As they approach, I lift my hand up, and with it comes the whole sea behind me. "You prepared to come here with armor, you thought it would protect you, but with one million pounds of water on you, it will only kill you quicker. Back off now, I do not want to kill you. It is the king that i would like to release every shark and lobster on." They looked at each other, and one dressed in royal blue said "We accept you terms." And they whipped their horses and trotted away. I put the body of water down, and sat down. This happens every week or so, and I have become a master in the art of intimidation.

I am also well acquaintance with the sky, and receive messages of the kingdoms doings every so often. On day a dove comes to me and says "The kingdom's army is on its way here with 3 catapults and about 100 soldiers, heavily armed!" I thank the bird, a lay down. About 30 minutes later, I here something of a stampede of animals and see a giant projectile on fire land about 60 yard from me. As i saunter closer into the woods, I see giant catapults firing towards me and 100 knights galloping towards me. I douse the ground with thousands of gallons of water so it is much like shallow quicksand. I fall back, and watch all the steeds get knee-deep in mud. The knight get off their horses, but are stuck too. Now for the catapults. Much of the forest around me is in flames, and more fire balls are coming. I quickly get about 100 square feet of water and throw it toward the catapults. The sheer force breaks them like saplings. The knight have taken off their armor now and are retreating. As for the horses, I will tend to them now. I put out the forrest fire, and take out all the water from the drenched ground. I set them free, and lay down on the beach once again. There is steam everywhere. Like I said, you can't beat water.

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Purple Flash

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Wow, apophysis is really a cool program. You might see some pictures of it on my thread too...

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Hey, quick question: how did you get the picture from your computer to a url to AG?

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Wait, never mind. I got it using Facebook.

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~The Dreamer~

I take my rocket ship into the final frontier
Now I'm a shepard, getting my sheep ready to shear
I shave all the wool, and make a sheet
In conscious my imagination flows on repeat

Now I'm the new sheriff in town
I tip my oiled hat to a lady in a gown
My opponent stands across from me in the forlorn land
a tumbleweed scoots across the sand
i squint across, eying that cowpoke
I'm about to show him my accuracy is no joke
In one fluid movement, i fire 1 slug
he drops like a sack o stones, no grave needs to be dug
The smell of gunpowder lingers in the air
I'm the town hero, no need to care

I dive as the grenades detonate
Never mind the enemy, I'm top-rate
My covert operation is compromised
But I'm taking a lot more fire than I realized
Wilfire 2-1, expedite mission, how copy?
I may be outnumbered, but their skills are sloppy
These heartless commies got nothing on the USA
It's the noble patriots that will have the day
My gun is blazing into the night
But I have one trump card that will win this fight
I sprint towards the window
Then I detonate my c4, punishing my foe
I fly into the night, out of the glass
I see the water below me, one dark mass
I splash into the deep
I see the inferno, but I don't hear a peep
Another proud day for the country of liberty and grace
But now I need to swim back to base

As the child's mind ebbs and flows
with each dream, imagination grows
The child begins to snore
But I know what they are thinking is no bore

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Whoah, that's very very good. It's just me or the figure at the top is a warrior with a bird head and a long bow walking towards me?'s probably just me.
But again very beautiful. Gives space to a lot of interpretations, as you have seen :P

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step outside your door
Its a nice day for certain
But today feels like something more
As if nature has been reavealed behind a curtain

You dont have allergies, so you dont mind
That the flowers are opening for the daily grind
You squint into the radiating sun
Your meandering pace breaks out into a run
And as the warm air brightens the sunrise
Hibernating beasts open thier eyes
Eager to start the year anew,
Mother nature sure created a motly crew

The stream flows on to the cool river
The air is humid, but the water makes you shiver
Minnows meander about
Soon to be large trout
You fold your arms and walk with the flow
Making sure not to step on any flowers aspiring to grow

This kind of weather changes your demeanor
You want to be succesfll when the grass is greener
"maybe ill pickup that old telescope"
Or go trekking with just food and a rope

Before you know it you dont reconize your surrounding
That youve walked this far is astounding
Oh well, its still bright out
Giod thing it's a nice day
No need to pout
And you begin to walk the other way

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I enjoyed that Dudeguy I thought it was very good.

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Your chickens are cute!

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Fire shrimp

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~scratch and grain~

every morning, before the sun appears
a farmer's dreams of sheep and shears,
is abruptly interrupted by a forced screech
the regal rooster, making his morning speech
the worn old farmer stretches his bones
his bed is dusty and used, it creaks and groans
he shuffles to his wardrobe, groggy as can be
it's pitch black out, looking forward he can't quite see
his children have left him, his wife in tomb
his family never leaves him, they linger and loom
he is a normal man, with normal attires
to lead a normal life is all he aspires
after a normal breakfast, he heads on out
walking with a hobble, due to his gout
but the animals are his priority, his well-being is second
"without me, they would drop dead" he has often reckoned
milking the cows with a calloused, yet tender hand
he has been here decades, on this land
his wisdom is extensive, on all facts and matters
from pleasing a woman to fixing ladders
he strides out of the milking barn, one objective checked off
"now on to 'em chickens" he smiles with a cough
his flock of chickens are next, patiently waiting
he loves these birds, they get his top rating
his pride and joy, they get a homemade treat
kitchen scraps and love, nothing else can beat
he admires his flock for a minute or two
but he pushes off, there is much to do
a passerby may brush him off as a simple, lonely being
but there is a loving, devoted side that no one is seeing
for he lives for his land and his creatures
the setting sun outlines his chiseled features
he ponders the day, and shambles up to his den
he will get a sound night of sleep, so that the cycle will start again

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A quite forest, serene and lush
despite a bird call here and there, all is hush
but distantly twigs can be heard snapping
quick tiny footsteps tapping
a rushing boy comes into sight
a smile plastered on his face, he's pure delight
he approaches a tree house, modest with wear
but it is his sanctum, his den, his lair
the boy scurries up the ladder and opens the door
his nest is before him, he sits on the floor
toys, crafts and pictures are scattered around
he knows it so well, where things can be found
he is ready to start his endeavor
he tunes out the outside, his senses he must severe
first he grabs a cowboy hat, and preps for battle
he closes his eyes and finds himself on a saddle
outfitted in spurs and plaid, desert sun on his face
one hour he fights bandits, the next he's in space
batting at Fenway, jousting for the round table
he's in his own story, his own fable
he can do whatever he wants his will is so strong
his thoughts are endless, but the day grows long
suddenly he opens his eyes
it is dusk out, he must be on his way
he gathers his things, he will be back the next day
"see you soon!" his call reverberates against the brush
and he hurries away in a rush
all is silent again
and the sun sets on his little den
but the next day the child is nowhere in sight
all day no sign of him, then it turns night
was he home sick, or on vacation
how could he go without his daily creation?
but he's different now.... he's changed
and the tiny hut has been exchanged
in no time a month has passed
the fort is faded now, but it was built to last
many years later, in shambles and decay
a teenager and his friend are walking on their way
one of them glances at the decrepit shack
he stares at it and tries to think back
but the memory is shrouded and distant
the boy shrugs it off, but the thought is persistent
the two walk away
never to come back that way
months still, and the house lays forlorn
it very essence tattered and torn
until one sunny day, the calls of the forest are broken
sounds can be heard, sounds being spoken
a boy and his father come up from a mound
the two are striding, looking for something to be found
the shack comes into view, the boy becomes quite as a mouse
"look son, haven't you always wanted a tree house?"

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