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This is a Frequently Asked Questions thread for the Way of Moderation

About the FAQ:

* The only people who post in it are Cenere and myself. Thus I keep it locked.

* It will tell you everything you need to know about the WoM.


What is The Way of Moderation Tournament?

It's a story-writing elimination contest.

What do I do in the WoM?

You read the story in the main thread, then submit an entry based on instructions I outline after that story.

How do I submit?

Make a post in the main thread following the instructions for the relevant part. It can be written as a story, a script, drawn as a comic or even animated. I will tell you whether your submission is acceptable, and if not, what needs to be changed.

So what is the WoM about?

The Administration of AG has decided it needs a new moderator! However, since Devoidless broke the legendary Wheel of Moderation, a tournament shall be held instead of the traditional ceremony. In this tournament, all candidates successfully admitted to the ranks of the competitors will be tested by the moderators and each other, and eventually the competitors will be eliminated until only one is left.

Does this mean the winner of the WoM gets to become a moderator?

No. This is a work of fiction, and has nothing to do with becoming a moderator of AG.

So why participate? What's in it for me?

Participants have a chance to have their character become a featured character in either an animation or a game based on this series. How heavily your character is featured depends on the performance or involvement of your character in the WoM, your character may be selected to play a supporting role or even make cameo appearances in the game/animation.

How many characters can I submit?

You may submit one character or a single team of characters that act together. However, within that team, you need to select a main character.

How often are the deadlines?

Once the main story begins, the deadlines will range between two to four weeks, depending on what I have going on at the time and the expected scope of the challenge I have set for you.

How will you judge the submissions?

Vague but strong factors are creativity and attitude, which is highly subjective. However, some things set in concrete: no Mary-Sues. No god-modding. You MUST stick to your character's parameters as defined in the approved character sheet. Bending the world rules will also work strongly against you.

What's a Mary-Sue? What's god-modding? How do I know what's in the world rules?

A Mary-Sue is a character that either has a cliché, stereotyped history or has cool abilities to a highly unrealistic degree, frequently so as to give them no weaknesses. They are frowned upon here because it's hard to write a balanced fiction with Mary-Sues in it.

God-modding is a term used in role-playing games, but here it means playing your character in an out-of-character fashion that would require your character to be more powerful, more knowledgeable or more able than they should be, as dictated by your pre-approved character sheet. This is one of the big no-no's of roleplaying and collaborative fiction writing.

You will know what's in the world rules from what I have written. Some of it will be open to interpretation but I will be very clear about what's not allowed.

If my character is knocked out, am I excluded from the tournament?

From winning it, obviously (otherwise what's the point!?) From participating, definitely not. Whether or not you do continue is up to you. However, there will be side stories coming up and I may even assign you personal tasks, provided you wish to continue.

Who is running this?

Strop (main GM) and Cenere (co-GM). Cenere will be up-to-date with the pertinent information so if Iâm not available, ask Cenere.
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Part 0: Recruitment Drive- The Moderators hold a meeting.

Part 0: Recruitment Drive- The moderators' intentions are announced.

The tournament is officially opened

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Also important: here's the official map of AG for this tournament.

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p.s. guize, if I leave the thread unlocked it is because I'm leaving it open for Cenere to add any notes Cenere deems appropriate, seeing as Cenere is co-host. So there :P

I trust that everybody else knows it is unnecessary for them to post in this thread.

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Also very important:

Writing Guidelines

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And finally...

Specific Guidelines for Round One: The Invitation

From this point on, specific guidelines for each round will be in a SINGLE POST. I just have to figure out exactly how to run this.

And, because this bit is super important, it's going to be posted in full:


1) Check you are looking at the most current round on the WoM thread.
2) Read the story as posted on the thread.
3) Check the general instructions and deadline.
4) Check the specific writing guidelines for this round (they will be posted below the deadline).
5) Go to the WoM FAQ and see if there are any specific links you need to look at for this round.
6) Check your email (the email you use to contact
7) Make your submission!
8) Cenere will probably be the first to read it. If there is a conflict you will be notified. Otherwise I will read the submission on the weekend and get back to you myself.
9) Correct any conflicts.
10) Resubmit to When you get the go-ahead, post your entry here.

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Official reference for: The amphitheater

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And KingRyan just ruined my way of participating by breaking the trust...

All time is mainly RL time, which means that the dates are "Up to date". This means both weather and seasons can change.
This will be used, and can be used by you as well.
Current weather and season is sunny/summer.
It is pretty darn hot too.

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At 9 posts and over 1000 views I feel reassured that this thread is at least being checked!

Round Two: Welcome

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About the location:

You are found there at the beginning of the first task.
You are unaware of the beginning of the task until it strikes.
It has been a week or two since the registration for the WoM.
There have been no answer and not a mention about it.
The mods have been unavailable most of the time, so no one have been there to answer your questions.
The location is where you are most likely to be on a sunny day.

To keep it simple: You know nothing, it have been weeks, and SUPRISE!

13,720 posts

Beware, another correction, since it does not seem to be as clear as we thought it was.

The questions, along with the location is to be send to the email address we have been using, for approval. If you do not do do, it will not count as a submission, and you will therefor most likely be excluded from the trial-part of the WoM, which I bet you will not like.
Also, keep in mind the questions are to be answered in character, as it is a form your characters are given along with the registration form and the other papers.

You will need to send the draft for each round, and the mail will be up for just as long as it is need for drafts, so do not worry.

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List of Major Venues in Land of ArmorGames


* Site of intersection between the Popular Media and Art Music & Writing section.
* Built long before the Great Reshuffle, when the double-booking issue was resolved by making the delineation between the two forum sections clearer.
* Large colisseum-like structure, with many stone arches and a grand entry arch.
* Backstage is restricted access to performers (and administrative staff) only.

Aristocrat Way

* Residential areas of the top 100 AG users (by wealth of AP).
* Has always existed but steadily gains notoriety and (dis)repute.
* Winding cobblestone pathway lined by lush green bushland. The houses of the top 100 are nested among these, and they range from the simple and elegant to the vastly ostentatious (like Pixel's house-castle with its own personal moat).
* Position depends entirely on rank. It's a ruthless area of ladder climbing and falling.
* Some of the users frequently fall under investigation for "AP-laundering", and others are forcibly quarantined and treated for "AP-madness". Generally now an area of ill-repute and rumours of organised crime.
* Some of the houses are not occupied. Every mod has elected not to live on Aristocrat way.

Armor Bank

* Think of this as part of your status console, the bit that tells you your rank and AP and your posting statistics.
* Has always existed, but as the economy of AG grew, so did the bank.
* This is a grand multistorey brick building with columns to the side of the doorway and marble floors but some slightly more modern windows. The inside seems very spacious and calm and every step seems to echo, and the counters at which you do business seem very far away from the front entrance...
* This is the place that gives you your hat and badge denoting your rank whenever you attain a new one. If you choose to wear such things.
* There is a big vault somewhere in the basement, which is said to be the basis of AG's economic worth (like a Federal Gold Reserve). Access to this vault is restricted to only the top level site administrators.

Armor Academy

* The programming help section of the forums.
* Has always existed but likewise grown somewhat.
* Looks like a regular (decent standard) U.S. state college campus, complete with buildings, facilities, fields and statues and fountains and the like (I'll leave this to your imagination).
* This college specialises in "magic" (which, in this universe, is a metaphor for coding knowledge).
* Moderator Dank is a senior lecturer here. His classes are said to be as useful as they are terrifying!

Armor Castle

* The legendary center of ArmorGames, symbolic of the hierarchical setup of online communities.
* A relatively large white stone castle with four corner turrets but several towers of varying heights rising from its upper levels.
* Set amidst dense forest through which the only entry/exit is through the iron gates of the Armor Court of Great Justice and the drawbridge of the castle that lies across the moat.
* The moat is 'guarded' by Moderator Ubertuna and is said to be 'magically reinforced'. Though that didn't really prevent quite a few unauthorised entries...
* Armor Castle is restricted to moderators and administration (including game developers, who have their own offices on the grounds). Anybody else found inside (with the exception of Strop's clocktower, so it seems), is immediately banished from AG forever.

Armor Cathedral

* Representative of the faith of Dan McNeely as well as the significant Christian population on AG (as well as the amount of religious controversy within the community).
* Looks like a regular cathedral, complete with vaulted arches, stain-glass windows, altar and lectern, creaky wooden pews, stone floor and a pipe organ that one has to climb a winding flight of stairs to play.
* Certain characters appear to be allergic to this venue, otherwise anybody can access all areas, including the bell tower.

Armor Court of Great Justice

* Conceptually similar to the Court at Enies Lobby, from One Piece, through which one must pass if they are to reach the Gates of Justice. In this case, however, it's to reach Armor Castle. So think of this as the "contact administration" form.
* Big, Victorian sandstone building, just like the District Courts except bigger and grander, and shaped more like a square U as opposed to a block. Also it has a splendid fountain in front of it.
* Inside looks like a grand courtroom, no surprises here.
* Moderators hold the big administrative, civil and criminal tribunals here. If you've been summoned here chances are you've done something seriously wrong or seriously offended somebody.

Armor Hospital

* Founded by Strop shortly before he became a moderator.
* Relatively modest in size and generally understaffed, particularly as Strop doesn't have time to run it these days, and most of the employees were quacks.
* As a result it probably looks a little on the run-down side now. Not a lot, just a little.

Armusement Park

* Forum Games
* Big grassy field with a lake and a river running from an unknown location.
* Also has benches, a jousting arena (of all things), plus whatever else you care to think of, really.
* Recreational area only: no commercial activity to be undertaken here.

Atrium & Plaza

* World events, politics, religion section of the forum as well as other discussion threads.
* Think of a Roman forum, atrium. That's what this is. An open tiled court surrounded by a partial roof on four sides. Pretty simple.
* Located within ear shot of the News and Announcements tower.
* Almost always busy and scene of much commotion.

Community Hall

* Built under direction of Carlie with the help of some of the Moderators during the Great Reshuffle, this became the new site of most of the major Arts Music & Writing events, such as the ASC.
* Simple square brick building on a plot of about 150x300 feet. The inside is a basic hall with a wooden floor and lit by wall lamps and chandeliers but is usually divided up one way or another depending on the event.
* There is a raised stage at the far end of the hall.

Construction Zone

* For the games with interactive content, like Free Rider 2.
* Looks like a construction zone, generally, but much can be left to the imagination.
* Free access, but enter at own risk.

District Courts

* Built by Moe with help from Devoidless and Strop.
* Arranged around the Armor Court of Great Justice.
* Used for the less serious civil hearings and, at one point the site of the community project "The Great Debate".

Free Market

* The Support and Suggestions forum.
* Huge endless rows of wood and canvas stalls.
* Very very noisy, and mostly imitation equipment.
* Occasionally large sections get burnt to the ground by Devoidless, as part of clean-up.


* More recently founded, named by Gantic.
* Representative of the creative threads in the Art Music Writing forum.
* Tall (~200ft) spherical frame structure that looks like it is glowing from the outside. The shape overall resembles one of those snow shaker souvenirs. Except there is a door in the base, and a brass placard with a fancy inscription "The Imaginarium" next to it.
* Very disorganised inside, as everything is pretty much floating in aether.

Index road

* Large wide circular cobblestone road that runs through the central forum districts.
* Direct access to most of the other major locations in AG.
* Generally gets congested at peak hour.

Information Centre

* The Newcomers Section
* A modern pre-fab building with a big blue "i" (for information) sign outside it.
* Laid out in the shape of an 'H'.
* Inside is a bulletin board for sticky notes, a meet and greet area and help desk manned by volunteer users who frequent the Newcomers Section.

Library & Archives

* Quiet, dusty building in the back streets off Index Road, between the Post Office and the Community Hall.
* Claimed to be maintained by King "Since Beta" Ryan.
* Full of shelves with books that are never read.

Main Gate

* Login console.
* The one and only entry to Armor City.
* Tall, heavy wooden (reinforced with iron) gate that stands nearly the height of the wall that surrounds ArmorCity.
* In one of the doors is a small hatch through which a mysterious voice enquires as to your identity. You can't enter unless you have one and the password for said identity.

Main Street

* Also known as Armor Avenue
* Serves no real significance as far as the forums themselves go.
* Imagine some kind of "First Avenue" or "Main Street" of a town, and you've probably got the idea.

News & Broadcasting Tower

* A multipurpose hub.
* Ports in news from the outside world.
* Updates from the AG administration.
* Broadcasts directly to the Atrium and Plaza.
* Consists of a tall stone turret attached to a smaller building.
* Relatively unrestricted access.

Post Office

* User control panel. Change your options here.
* Looks like an old (Victorian) post-office, with high ceiling. Two storeys, though you can't enter the second storey- that's staff only.
* Staff consists of a troll. Or should I say, ex-troll that repented of his ways and now is serving his sentence of suffering the long-winded rants of users dictating their endless profile information to him.
* The back wall is a mural of the site rules.

Profile Lane

* Access user accounts. Runs through all the residential areas.
* Does not correlate to any particular part of the website- for layout purposes only.

Royal Guesthouses & Pavillion

* Developer corner (e.g. Krin, Conartists, Tony, John etc.).
* Restricted access- developers and administrators only. You should not be found here, seeing as it is on Castle grounds anyway. The only possible exception is if the developer has invited you to a closed beta.
* Rumour has it that a major project is happening here, but it's secret and the secret is very tightly guarded. Yes, the moderators are guarding it too, but they don't know what the secret is. Honest.

Shopping Quarter

* Symbolic representation of the S&S ideas that are actually good.
* Resembles a more affluent commercial district with narrow lanes and boutique shops.
* Some larger clubs have their HQs here.
* Eventually leads to the Tavern.

The Tavern

* The Tavern. Self-explanatory.
* Possibly the busiest place in AG with the exception of the Armusement Park.
* It's a big, semi-open tavern. I don't really need to explain this any further, do I?
* Used to have a pre-fabricated building next to it that acted as a social club (the official meebo AG chat), but was destroyed around August 2008 by flamers, then shut down by the administration.

Unicorn Depot

* Symbolic representation of the bandwidth used to load site pages.
* John is a believer in unicorn power.
* Essentially AG's public transport.
* The depot is essentially a line of wooden stables, maintained by John.

Unspecific places in Land of ArmorGames:

Residential Areas

* This is the area of user accounts that are actually active.
* They form a ring around the main forum areas. Seeing as the majority of accounts are ghost accounts and the active userbase tends to shift as opposed to grow, the city itself isn't required to expand very much.
* Much can be left to the imagination here. Some areas are crowded slum-like highrises (e.g. where Cenere lives). Others are suburban middle-class housing, with the occasional park and pond.
* The only rule is that none of the houses are more opulent than the ones found on Aristocrat way.

The Wilderness

* The area outside ArmorCity walls but still in Land of ArmorGames.
* The area where most of the released games lie, as well as most of the ghost accounts, for many users never enter the forums, they just play the games.
* This is a land of chaos, where you must rely on your skill to survive.
* The land is frequently interspersed with barren trees with fog rolling through it. Occasionally you may come across different settings, which generally means you've stumbled into a game area.
* Some characters live in this area, in villages or alone e.g. Manta's village by the river, Jaza's rusty shed, and, if you're unlucky enough to get really lost, Dank's tudor mansion. But woe betide the one who ever wanders into Devoidless' lair, for nobody alive has ever found it.

RESTRICTED AREAS (a summary of where it is better for you *not* to be found)

* Armor Castle
* anywhere behind Armor Courts
* The moat
* The forest surrounding Armor Castle
* Royal Guesthouses and Pavillion
* The backstage of the Amphitheatre

Other notes

* You don't have to use the unicorns to get around the city. You can go by foot, or if you have other tools at your disposal, private forms of transport.
* Rumor has it that the developments going on inside developers' corner will affect the very nature of the Wilderness, turning it, perhaps, into less of a Wilderness and more of a Metropolis. Who knows what will happen, for none of this appears particularly apparent at this time...

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Oh, and before a flame war starts...


* Re: Thoads enquiry- Blowing a hole in the wall of ArmorCity constitutes an act of terror and will get you banned.

* "Jaza" should say "Spamlawrd". My bad.

And... unless you are me or Cen, try not to post!!!


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Now, finally it is here. WARNING: this post is image heavy.

I suggest you download the pages by right-clicking and selecting "Save Image".

Following Part One: The Invitation...

At this point I would have included the arc about Strop visiting Cen on August 4th (for the umpteenth time) and finally persuading him to officiate for the WoM.

Part 2: Welcome

The amphitheatre was one of the monuments to ArmorCity's history, being not only one of the most ancient buildings but also the earliest, having occupied that very place within the walls since even before the Great Reshuffle. It had borne witness to many a public performance and drama, the scene of frequent double-bookings, and even now it was active as ever, arguably central to all those who had working eyes or ears (or both, as would imaginably be the case for most citizens of AG). It was for this reason that the administration had decided to hold the inaugural ceremony of the Way of Moderation Trials here.

Thus is was not without a certain sense of awe that each and every citizen and hopeful that passed through its grand arches, crowds filing into the semi-circular rows of stone, looking down upon the hallowed stage upon which epic awesome had been, and was to be enacted.

The rising hubbub echoed down stone walls and passageways, down into the basement and through the backstage, where the moderators were performing their stage checks. Rumor had it that Queen Carlie herself would make an appearance on the stage. Flipski had tightened his security settings to the maximum (Strop had his doubts as to whether this was actually desirable). Zophia had what she called "a special surprise" prepared, to be accompanied by some of Ubertuna's self-styled 'masterpiece'. Dank, satisfied his wiring job was complete, leapt from the backstage scaffolding, landing on the ground with a mighty crash, turning on his heel, his armour clanking as he disappeared once more into the darkness, giving but a single brief nod to another shadowy figure in passing.

But Strop barely noticed, for he was busy briefing the to-be-official officiator of the event.

"Now Cenere, this is probably not the best time to be asking, don't suffer from stage fright do you?"

"... I think I need you to define 'Stage fright'..." Cenere was slightly pale. Just slightly.

Strop scratched his head, "Well, you're not going to, you know. Freak out and fluff up, or pee your pants, or's only a few..." Strop peeked through a crack in the curtains, "...thousand people out there."

"Wonderful..." Cenere took a deep breath, pushing the glasses back on place. "Just like ASC judging, just with your words, and a lot of people. No problem."

Strop clapped his hands together, oblivious to Cenere's tone: "Yes, precisely! That's the spirit. Now...just in case you forget...I've written your lines out on these cards..." Strop fumbled in some indeterminate location within his ninja suit, and produced some palm-sized cards with scrawl on it. "Please excuse my do- I mean ninja handwriting. Should be legible though."

"Hmm..." Cenere seemed rather nervous, and didn't even look at the card. "Tell me again, why I agreed on this instead of staying home and ignoring it..." It wasn't so much a question as speaking to himself.

"Aw come on." A bandaged hand squeezed Cenere's shoulder, shaking him about like a ragdoll. "It'll be great fun! Now-" Strop steamrolled on, "here's how it'll go. Once everybody is seated, Zophia and Ubertuna have a special introduction planned. Then Carlie will speak, then I'll speak and introduce you. When I call you out, you come out from the side, okay? Cenere? You listening? 'coz I can't remember what I just said."

"... Zophia has a special intro planned, Carlie speaks, you speak and introduce me, I get out from the side, and read from the cards, and then I can leave again. Right?"

Strop blinked confusedly for a moment, then lit up. "Yes! That's precisely right! I mean NO!" Strop shook his head: "You gotta stay around for registration! You know, just a little bit of paperwork...shouldn't take too long." Strop trailed off, inaudibly mumbling, "Maybe only about six hours or so..."

"Sounds great." Sarcasm was plenty evident in the young man's tone. More deep breaths. "Does it have to be this warm around here...what does Zophia have in mind? And why me..."

"Because you're special. Oops, here we go!" Strop danced off to the side of the stage, craning his neck around the curtain to catch a glimpse of Zophia's and Ubertuna's handiwork.

The hubbub rose a notch in intensity as restlessness swept in waves through the crowd, impatience mounting. Suddenly, a massive explosion resounded through the amphitheatre, and a few screams echoed around. These were drowned out, however, by wondrous sighs at the dazzling lights shooting high into the sky, crackling all the way. Before they even faded, more explosions rocked the stands and lights of all colours flashed, drawing sparkling patterns in the air. Then from all corners of the amphitheatre, the music began, loud, booming and triumphant, swelling and overwhelming. The crowd gasped again, for now a dragon out of light wove its way through the audience, spiralling up as the music rose higher and higher still until with it disappeared with the biggest explosion of all and the music cut out, leaving the audience seemingly blinded and deafened from the sudden silence.

As the remnants of the fireworks fizzled and the smoke settled, sight and hearing slowly returned to the members of the audience. The first thing they saw was the figure in the poufy dress and tiara, standing on the stage as if she had been there the whole time. So stunned was the audience, several seconds passed before they spontaneously erupted into roars and applause.

"It's Queen Carlie!" was the universal cry. Queen Carlie smiled self-effacingly, curtsying and giving her subjects a regal wave before taking the microphone magically floating in front of her. On cue, the crowd fell silent.

"Hello, and welcome!" was as far as she got before the crowd started hooting and stomping again. Carlie raised her hand and the crowd silenced again, though still buzzed with an edgy energy.

"Welcome to the inauguration ceremony of the Way of Moderation Trial!" While most of the audience was left scratching their heads at the big words, Carlie continued. "Thank you for coming to this historic event. I must also extend a special thank you to Moderator Zophia, who arranged the fireworks display, and Moderator Ubertuna, who wrote the music, and Moderator Dank, who provided the technical expertise. Wasn't that a wonderful show?"

The audience rose as one in ovation. Behind the heavy stage curtain, Ubertuna positively tingled with delight. "Oh, glorious, glorious accolades!"

Carlie's face changed, and the crowd was immediately silenced. "What you are about to witness," she intoned, "Is an unprecedented development in the history of ArmorGames! We have heard your calls for a more objective manner in which we assess candidates for the role of Moderation. The Way of Moderation Trial heralds a new era in which this is made possible. To explain to you the process, I now introduce to you the one and only ninja horse of ArmorGames, Moderator Strop!"

Amidst the resounding cheers, Strop could not contain the celebrity vibes from getting to his head. He burst through the middle of the curtain, leaping into the air and flipping end on end before landing next to Carlie in a deep bow, milking the crowd's reaction for all it was worth. Carlie returned the gesture, then hitched her skirts and walked back offstage. Strop stood up, surveying the crowd as the noise dwindled. Then he held up his hands and the noise stopped altogether.

"Yes, it is I." Strop nodded emphatically, drawing a few laughs from the audience. He dropped his stiff posture and started pacing along the stage. "You may be wondering what this Way of Moderation is. Many of you here have asked me, personally, how one becomes a moderator, and I have simply told you that you must follow the Way of Moderation. But do any of you know what it means?"

Strop stopped and turned his gaze back to the front. "This is what we shall test! We shall test your determination, your mettle, your aptitude and your nature all! To see if you can follow the Way of Moderation! A series of trials you will face, and only one of you, should you choose to participate, will pass. So I ask, who among you is up to the task? Any of you at all?"

There was a hushed muttering as the members of the crowd conversed amongst themselves, possibly speculating more on how much coffee Strop really had before taking the stage.

"But enough of that, we shall reveal the stages to you as they come. For instructions on what to do next, however!" Strop held up his finger. "I shall introduce you to our independent observer and judge of this contest. Many of you will already know him from his previous judging roles, including the illustrious Art Skills Contest, as well as the maintainer of the Announcements Board in the News Tower! I hardly think I need introduce him any further, so here he is, Cenere!"

Once again the crowd roared, but nobody appeared on stage. Strop blinked a moment, then tapped his hoof. "I said...Cenere!"

There was an awkward pause, then Cenere shuffled on, blushing and adjusting his pants. "Can't give me even a second here?"

Strop turned, then strode to the back of the stage, slapping Cenere on the back as he passed. "Mic's all yours, Cen."

Cen gagged, then shot Strop a dirty look before shuffling his papers and clearing his throat. "Ahem." Cenere squinted at the pages. "Before I begin, there is something Strop wishes me to tell you." Cenere squinted at the pages again, before reddening and turning to look at Strop. "No."

The crowd blinked uniformly, now looking at Strop, who was doubled over in laughter. "Please, Cen...please go on..."

Cen sighed, "As usual, why me..." before shuffling his papers again and reading: "The purpose of this inauguration ceremony is to register for the Way of Moderation Tournament. Today is the one and only time it will be done, so if you wish to join, you must do so immediately after the end of the ceremony. You should form a single line up to the stage, and I will endeavour to process all your forms as soon as possible. With that, I bid you all a good day and...Strop, what do you mean 'I'?"

The members of the audience were already rising and scrambling towards the stage, jostling madly to try and gain the first spot. Cenere repeated his question. "Strop, what's this?"

Strop looked sidewards shiftily. "What's what?"

"It says 'I will endeavour.' Why not 'We?'"

"Uhm. I have things to do. And this is...your duty!" Strop started edging away.

Cenere barely resisted the temptation to reach for Strop's neck and give him a few good shakes. "What do you mean! Do you realise how many people there are in the queue!"

Strop was now at least halfway across the stage and not even facing Cenere, but this didn't stop him from throwing over his shoulder, "Don't worry, it'll only take a few hours!" before disappearing through the grand arch of the Amphitheatre.

While they had been talking, Dank had dragged a table and a stool in the stage, before walking off. "All yours" he curtly said before stumping off.

"Wait, wait, come back here you-" Veins pulsated on Cenere's head and he rubbed it. He had a headache, he still had stomach cramps from the stage fright, his cheeks were still burning from the prank Strop had played on him, and now this. He gazed dolefully at the line of impatient users, then at the forms. There had to be at least two hundred users there, and three forms each- one for their personal details, another for their curriculum vitae, and an extra large one for "indemnity purposes".

There would be words when he was done.

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