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Now, I just wanted a place to post these, so I could have a link on my profile, so that I can keep it looking nice, if you know what I Mean. So here they are!

Now, my Free Rider 2 levels:
Give credit when you want to link levels and don't copy my ideas please. Or I will find you... and kill you!!! jk, no. Tell me what you think on my profile! Thanks.

Version 1.1
1. Two stars were unable to be reached in the Vagina

This will teach you all you need to know through the sport of, racing!!

-18 1i 18 1i,-u -1c 1a -1e,-s -1c -1g -v -1o -7 -1m f -1e 10 -17 1i,17 -19 21 -18 2t -12 3s -k 52 2 67 p 7d 1i 8q 2g a3 3b bf 44 d4 4p ev 5d h1 6a im 77 kd 87 m7 93 o2 9r q0 ah rv ba tv c6 101 cv 124 dk 148 e7 16e em 18l f3 1at fe 1d5 fo 1fd g1 1hm g9 1k1 gd 1me gd 1oj ga 1qh g4 1s5 fq 1u1 f7 1vs ek 21m e3 237 dh 24g ct 25m c8 26v bs 284 bu,12 1j 22 2b 36 31 4d 3p 5p 4j 7d 5g 8t 6a a5 73 bh 80 db 91 es 9n gi ab id b3 k9 bv m8 cp o8 dj qb ei sf fm uj gs 10h ht 12c ip 147 ji 167 k7 188 kp 1ab l8 1cf lm 1em lv 1gu m7 1j5 mc 1lb me 1ne md 1pc m6 1rc lq 1tc lg 1ve l7 21e ku 233 kk 24u k8 26f jv,26e js 276 js 282 kg 28q le 29s mi 2b8 nc 2cs nv,280 bo 28v b0 2a6 ag 2bh 9r 2ct 93 2e5 8h 2fm 85 2hf 7s 2jf 7n 2lk 7k 2nc 7j 2p7 7j 2r3 7i 2t2 7i 2v1 7i 312 7h 334 7h 358 7h 37c 7g 39h 7g 3bn 7j 3dt 7s 3g1 8a 3hv 8n 3jn 94 3l8 9i 3mv a7 3oe aq,3o4 al 3om bc 3pk b9 3qm ai 3rq a4 3t8 9p 3ul 9r 40a a9 428 b5 43o bu 459 cn 46r dd 48a e4 49k f2 4b0 gb,4c6 lh 4b0 lj 49s lk 48q ll,4bu lj 4bj mt 4ai o7 49g p4 48b ps 46u qm 458 rc 43h ru 41l sf 3vp su 3tv tc 3s5 tm 3qd tu 3oq u3 3nh tq 3mn sr 3mp rk 3l9 rh,491 lh 47s lu 467 mg 44h mu 42o nf 415 nt 3vl ob 3tm ov 3rr pj 3q8 q5 3op ql 3nf r2 3m6 rc,3m1 rn 3kb rf 3id r6 3g7 qt 3ee qj 3ch q8 3aj pn 38k p7 36j oo 34g oc 32d o0 30a no 2ua nl 2sh nk 2qu nk 2p9 ni 2nk ng 2m0 ne 2k0 nd 2i3 ne 2g7 nh 2eb nk 2cd no,4aq g4 4b2 gs 4a0 hh 48m hc 479 h7 45p h4 44e h3 434 h2 41j gu,27q bi 27m ap 27i 9u 27c 8u 278 7n 275 6c 272 53 26q 3m 26f 2b 264 n 25o -14 25a -2o,26b 89 22o c7,21v a8 2a8 d2,27q 8c 21g bb,20s a8 26l 5a,274 53 1tv a0 23e 5p,24f 5a 21g ch 21d 6v 247 c4 1tj a5 23c 39 27j 5n 1sb 5f 1sn ct 1mf b3,1mn 9f 1tq 5n 1tt c7,1p4 dm 1oe cm,1tj d7 242 fd,211 f1 1r3 co,1qc b1 1rn 76,1rp 6l 1v5 e0 1rs df,1oe d2 1oe 9c,1sl 4c 23h 3h 255 af 1sl 4a 1lr 66 1qc e0 1mu 8j 1va 3t,218 2v 1uj -5,1sb f 23o 2g,24u 24 274 89 21g bd 1uc 84,1pj 42 1mk 87 1ni e3 1p4 go 1ur f3 22o as,23j 92 1u7 2g 24p -c 27l 47 29u bo 20k -44,25k -1p 250 -2v 241 -4a 23b -63 22b -82 21c -9l 208 -bb 1v0 -d4 1tp -ev 1ss -gs 1s7 -is 1r8 -kq 1q8 -mp 1p5 -op 1o5 -qr 1n4 -st 1m6 -v1 1lb -115 1k9 -139 1j0 -15a 1hi -179 1g1 -18v 1ef -1ab 1cq -1be 1b3 -1c1 199 -1c8 17e -1c5 15h -1bp 13g -1bg 11f -1b7 vc -1b0 t9 -1aq r4 -1ak ov -1af mp -1aa kj -1a6 ic -1a3 g4 -1a0 ds -19t bk -19q,bl -19p a4 -19a 8f -18l 6n -17q 4t -16r 2u -163 u -15e -13 -14r -35 -14a -57 -13p -7a -134 -9e -125 -bc -10v -d3 -vl -ek -u6 -g1 -sl -hf -r0 -io -p9,-io -p9 -js -ng -kr -lk -lm -jm -md -ht -n1 -g9 -nc -eo -nb -cv -n0 -bc -mo -9j -mh -80 -ma -6l -mr -57 -nh -3s -o9 -2m -p6 -1c -q3 5 -qs 21 -rg 44 -rt 5p -s6 7i -s9 9f -s6 bj -rt dl -rb fk -qf hh -pa ja -nt l3 -m9 mt -kf om -ip qe -h5 s5 -fk tq -e6 vf -cq 111 -b8 12k -9q 144 -8m 15o -7m 17g -74 199 -71 1au -75 1d1 -77 1f3 -6e 1gs -4o 1hh -2t 1i1 -t 1i8 15 1id 38 1ii 5c 1in 7g 1iq,7g 1iq 9l 1iu br 1j1 e2 1j3 g9 1j6,27d js 280 l2 286 mn 287 ob 286 q6 27v s8 27h tt 26t vk 264 11c 257 135 244 150 22t 16t 21i 18q 203 1an 1uh 1ci 1ss 1ef 1r5 1gd 1pc 1id,g1 1j4 hk 1j6 jb 1j8 la 1j9 ng 1ja pa 1jb r8 1jb t8 1jc va 1jc 11d 1jd 13h 1jd 15m 1je 17r 1je 19o 1je 1bf 1je 1de 1jf 1f4 1jf 1gh 1jf 1i1 1jf 1j8 1jf 1kd 1jg 1la 1jg 1m4 1jg 1n0 1jg 1ns 1jh,1np 1jg 1pl 1i3,2cd nm 2e1 nn 2fn o6 2hg p3 2j4 q6 2kg rg 2lk ss 2mc uh 2mk 10g 2lo 12a 2kf 13g 2iq 14i 2gv 15b 2f6 15m 2d8 153 2bf 13r 2a3 12k 28n 115 27m vg 270 tn 274 ru,2aj v8 2ao 143,288 11j 2fu 132 29t 12m 2fh 13m 2a9 uc 2kh te,2km t4 2dn vf 286 up 2il 114 2iv q5 2di tm 2aj rd 2ff rg 2a7 mg 28s s1 286 vd,24q qp 27a nl 2b5 sg,281 pc 26m ld 2br ph 2dv ur,2at 12h 2ln v8 2ms 12h 2f7 10q 2cd t9 2bh 14s,22f uu 254 p7 21m mn 270 tm 26c v0,21u pu 270 mq,2s6 4m 2r5 71 2va 68,2ra 6p 2o4 3l,26h jr 27u jm 29b jj 2b0 jh 2ct jf 2ev jd 2gl jc 2ic jb 2k7 jb 2m3 ja 2o0 j9 2q0 j9 2s0 j8 2u3 j8 309 j8 32h j9 34s ja 37a jb 39p jc 3c9 jj 3em jr 3gs k2 3iu k9 3kv kh 3mu kn 3oo kt 3qb l2 3s7 l9 3tp le 3v4 li 40h ln 41l lq 42s lu 449 lv 45r lq 477 ll 48n lj,428 h3 40g gr 3uj gj 3se gc 3qm g6 3or fv 3mu fp 3kt fi 3iq fb 3gk f3 3eb er 3c0 ei 39l ea 378 e4 34p dv 328 du 2vn du 2t7 du 2qk e1,2qk e1 2nv e4 2l9 e8 2ik ec 2ft ef 2d6 eh 2ac eg 27f ed 24f e9 21k ee,59j ne 59m ma 59v ks 5a7 ji 5af i8 5am gs 5as f9 5b2 di 5b6 br 5bf ae 5bv 9d 5d6 ac 5dn c7 5e4 e9 5ef g3 5eo hk 5er j6 5ep kl 5en m0 5ek nh 5dn oh 5c3 oc 5ac ns 58r nb,5bd a4 5bb 8r 5b8 7a 5b6 5o 5b4 3u 5b3 1u 5b2 -7 5b1 -1t 5b0 -3t 5b0 -5l 5av -76,5au -75 5bf -8r 5c3 -aa 5cl -bt 5d3 -do 5dg -fp 5do -hd 5e1 -j4 5el -ku 5fh -mu 5gi -p4 5hf -re 5i0 -to 5id -102 5io -12c 5j1 -14m 5ja -170 5ji -19a 5jp -1bk 5k0 -1dv 5kb -1ga 5kp -1in 5l8 -1l8 5li -1nv 5ln -1qt 5ls -1tu 5lu -20u 5ls -23q 5lq -26e 5lo -28u 5lm -2bd 5lk -2dr 5lj -2g9 5li -2il 5ln -2l0 5ls -2nb 5m0 -2pl 5lq -2re 5l9 -2sv 5kg -2ti 5jb -2sl 5i8 -2rg 5gq -2q0 5fl -2op 5e5 -2o0 5c3 -2o4 5ab -2pc 597 -2qn 585 -2sa 574 -2u1 56a -2vr,56a -2vr 55p -31o 55j -33n 55o -35q 568 -37t 576 -39t 58k -3bo 5ag -3dh 5cj -3fa 5ep -3h6 5gt -3j3 5iv -3l2 5ku -3n3 5mq -3p6,587 -34c 57r -33a 583 -326 58m -315 59f -306 5an -30e 5b1 -31q 5aj -336 59q -34h 589 -35f 56k -35e 56e -33t,59p -338 59o -32i,59k -336 599 -32a 59i -31g 59g -32o,5mq -3ou 5oq -3p1 5qu -3ov 5t7 -3os 5vh -3og 61k -3nt 63f -3n3 653 -3m3 66i -3kv 67n -3ji 68h -3hs 697 -3g3 69r -3e8 6ac -3ca 6ar -3ab 6b9 -38a 6bl -368 6c0 -345 6c9 -322 6ci -2vt 6cp -2tn 6d0 -2ri 6d5 -2pb 6db -2n3 6dh -2ko 6dm -2id 6dq -2g0 6du -2di 6e2 -2b4 6e5 -28m 6e7 -269 6ea -23r 6e6 -21e 6dr -1v2 6di -1so 6da -1qd 6d3 -1nv 6ct -1le 6co -1iv 6cj -1gg 6cd -1e2 6c3 -1bo 6bi -19h 6b0 -179 6ah -154 6a3 -135 69m -11b 69c -vm 695 -tt 68u -s1,568 12c 577 134 58j 13n 59o 144 5ac 14v 5ap 165 5at 17g 5an 18u 5ac 1ai 59l 1c8 58b 1b3 584 19c 57q 17b 57d 153 571 12s,59m 148 5bg 14h 5d9 14p 5et 154 5go 15j 5ir 162 5kh 16b 5m9 16m 5o4 179 5q1 17t 5rv 18e 5tr 18t 5vh 19a 61i 19o 63m 1a2 65d 19u 676 19o 693 19n 6b2 19n 6d4 19o 6f7 19o 6hc 19u 6jj 1ac 6ls 1as 6o6 1b9 6qg 1bl 6sq 1c0 6v4 1c9 71g 1ck 73s 1d0 769 1da 78f 1dj 7ad 1ds 7c5 1e3 7e4 1eb 7fr 1ei 7h9 1eo 7ig 1et 7jq 1f3 7l1 1f7 7mb 1fa 7nq 1f6 7pd 1ej 7qn 1dl 7ro 1ck 7sf 1bk 7t0 1ac 7sj 192 7rc 181 7q2 173 7ol 168,7ol 168 7n8 15g,7n8 15g 7lr 14r 7kc 14b 7il 13u 7gn 13k 7ek 13b 7ct 136 7b5 133 79a 12t 77e 12f 75g 11s 73f 118 71c 10n 6v8 108 6t3 vo 6qu v2 6on ub 6me tp 6k6 t8 6ht sq 6fk sd 6db ru 6b2 r8 68q qi 66i pu 64a pd 621 ou 5vo og 5tf o3 5r6 nj 5os n8 5mh n3 5k3 n9 5hf no 5eq o7,68u -s4 6a8 -qu 6bv -pl 6dq -o8 6fe -mr 6h5 -lf 6j2 -k3 6l1 -iq 6n1 -hd 6p2 -ft 6r4 -e9 6t5 -ci 6v8 -ap 716 -8u 72s -71 74d -52 75n -32 76u -11 788 12 79m 35 7b7 59 7cr 7e 7eh 9k 7g5 bq 7hi e1 7j1 g8 7kk ig 7ma kn 7o3 mu 7pu p5 7rq r7 7tn t0 7vk uj 81f 10a 83c 123 85b 13v 87b 15s 89a 17v 8b3 1a5 8ck 1cd 8dt 1ep 8f0 1h9 8fs 1jt 8gf 1mq 8gl 1q0 8gf 1td 8fu 20r 8f9 235 8ea 257 8cf 27p 8aa 29r,8aa 29r 87u 2bi 85d 2d3 82o 2ef 802 2g4 7tk 2ig 7r0 2kj 7nt 2ll 7kn 2m7 7hf 2me 7e5 2md 7aq 2md 77d 2me 73v 2mg 70h 2mg 6t5 2m6 6pr 2ll 6ml 2kt 6jj 2jv 6gi 2is 6dl 2hk 6at 2g7 689 2el 65v 2d0 649 2b7 638 298 62r 276,58e 1be 595 1d8 59q 1f7 5a7 1gr 5aj 1ih 5av 1ka 5bh 1m6 5cm 1o4 5ea 1q0 5g3 1rp 5hu 1th 5js 1vb 5m1 212 5o8 22j 5qh 23v 5sp 256 5v2 268 61b 276#4bo li 4rr sj 4jb mq 50c q3 4if ks,4is ks 4ul ie,4ue ie 4hu jh 507 dr,507 dh 4k9 g8,4i8 gb 4vc a5 4if fa,4hk ff 4n3 9a,4n5 8m 4e3 eh,4e1 eh 4fq ai,4h2 87 4ch em,4cf 40 4fe 8e 4kv 1b,4fe 87 4ft -9b,4fj -d3 4cp -bm 4es -ae 4ca -93,4h5 -cm 4g4 -8a,4ha -cf 4kj -bm 4ge -a4,4kv -ao 4p6 -al 4o8 -d3 4k6 -9i 4o6 -7h,4s5 -bt 4rk -72,4s5 -at 513 -b2,51a -al 4vr -6o,51f -ao 531 -5o,52v -7c 557 -b7,550 -ao 56n -2r,2kg -34 2lc h 2ol -3e,2ob -39 2ol 20 2s5 -2i,2s5 e 300 28 300 -18,2v7 -1d 2r5 1f 307 4q,32v t 36q 1r 34m -15,347 -m 334 3i,350 44 36q 4l,382 m 37q 4g,37v r 39h 49 3af 1a,3d9 2u 3g3 4e 3g6 1m 3cb 44,3cq 49 3fk 6k,3j7 3l 3ic 6k,3j2 3s 3m4 4o 3j0 5o,3k5 5o 3mb 8i,6u -19 62 -18,62 -18 6g -3,6g -3 4g -5,7q 0 94 d 8n -j 7i 4 8b 1v,ae a ad 2u,be 1j 8i 1v,d5 3c cm 40,dq 3m cs 4m,dh 3t dr 4s eo 3s,df 2n df 2u,h2 4v gg 5q,h2 55 he 6c im 5i ig 78,kb 6i jd 6t,jc 6t kg 80 k9 6m,lt 79 kq 7h lg 8s,nc 7b mn 8p,me 7o o3 8n,o9 8u o7 93,oc 8l o2 9e,o7 8h ot 8h,pd 98 p1 a7 pu a8 p0 93,ol 85 od 8e,r5 9p qg ao,qt 9t r7 ap s6 9q sr c7,le 8l kk 87,592 no 576 12c 58o 13k 5bi ua 5c6 om,5c6 p0 58o ne,55u ls 584 om 584 ku,57q om 55u g8,51s bs 54c bi,526 bi 542 fk 54c c6,55a cq 54c fa,54m d4 568 em 53o fu,55u ec 57q g8,57g de 57q fk 592 de,592 do 592 fu,59c bi 59m cg,5aa em 59m g8,5aa em 5b8 hg 5cg f0,5do gi 5c6 i4 5e2 jc,5e2 j2 5do fu 5fk ku,5gi ie 5g8 ku,5gi j2 5h6 ls,5t2 jc 5q8 kk 5rq mg 5oc ne,5uu ka 5tc pk,5ua mq 60g mg 5vs q8,62c no 648 p0 648 n4 62c no,622 no 648 rg,69s n4 69s q8,6ag l8 69i ls,6dk ne 6cc oc 6dk q8 6ag rg,6le o2 6go so,6kg om 6le tm,6nu q8 6kg uk,6n0 q8 6pq vi,6su rg 6pg ua,6ti rq 6ts v8,6ts uu 6nk uk,744 tm 70c vi 73g 106 73q ua 752 11o,79e uk 77i 122,79e uk 79o 122,79o 11e 7ba v8,7ci vs 7c8 122,7d6 so 7d6 t2,7e4 vs 7dq 12m,7ee 10q 7fm 13k,7fm 13a 7gu 10q,7jo 11o 7ig 12c 7k2 14i 7k2 11e,7kc 11o 7kc 15g 7g0 17m#T 7mi 1ei,T 7lu 1ei,T 7lk 1es,T 7ng 1ei,T 7nq 1ei,T 7ms 1f6,T 7m8 1f6,T 7la 1ei,T 7lk 1du,T 7m8 1du,T 7ng 1e8,T 7ms 1es,T 7lu 1es,T 7lu 1es,T 7mi 1f6,T 7ng 1ei,T 7ms 1du,T 7m8 1du,T 7m8 1e8,T 7ms 1e8

Version 1.1
1. Landing was way to hard. Made easier

The goal of this game is to be alive when you reach the bottom of the long drop.

-18 1i 18 1i,-18 1j -1u u -26 0 -1o -12 -s -1p b -25 1j -26 2u -23 4b -22 5l -20 72 -22 8k -25 9u -25 b6 -1n c4 -q cr b dc 1n dp 36 e4 4p ec 6e ei 86 em a2 eo c2 eo e5 ep g9 ep ic ep kg eq mk eq on eq qr eq su eq v1 eq 114 eq 137 er 15a er 17d er 19g er 1bj er 1dl er 1fo er 1hr er 1ju er 1m0 er 1o3 er 1q6 er 1s9 er 1ub er 20e er 22h er 24j er 26m,er 26m er 28p er 2ar er 2cu er 2f1 er 2h3 er 2j6 er 2l9 es 2nc f4 2pe fc 2rh fk 2tk fq 2vm fv 31p g4 33s g8 35u gb 381 ge 3a4 gg 3c6 gi 3e9 gk 3gc gl 3ie gn 3kh gk 3mk gh 3om ge 3qp gb 3ss g9 3uu g7 411 g5 434 g5 456 gc 479 gj 49c gq 4be gv 4dh h4 4fk h8 4hm hc 4jp h9 4ls h5 4nu h1 4q1 gu 4s4 h1 4u6 h6 509 h9 52c hc 54e h8 56h h4 58k h0 5am gu 5cp h4 5es,h4 5es ha 5gu hg 5j1 hj 5l4 he 5n6 h9 5p9 h5 5rc h1 5te gu 5vh gr 61k gt 63m h4 65p h2 67s h0 69u h6 6c1 hf 6e4 hg 6g6 hd 6i9 hh 6kc hr 6me i2 6oh i1 6qk hv 6sm i1 6up i4 70s i5 72u i7 751 i8 774 i9 796 ie 7b9 is 7dc jc 7eu k0 7gg kn 7i2 li 7jk mf 7l6 ne 7mo og 7oa pj 7ps qp 7re rv 7t0 t7 7ui ug 804 vr 81m 116 838 12h 84q 13u 86c 157 87u 16c 89g 17c 8b2 189 8ck,189 8ck 192 8e6 19o 8fo 1ac 8ha 1au 8is 1bd 8ke 1br 8m0 1cb 8o2 1co 8q5 1d4 8s8 1dd 8ua 1dm 90d 1dt 92g 1e3 94i 1e8 96l 1eb 98o 1e6 9aq 1do 9ct 1d8 9ef 1ck 9g1 1bs 9hj 1b2 9j5 1a5 9kn 199 9m9 18g 9nr 17r 9pd 178 9qv 16n 9sh 168 9u3 15m a06 157 a28 14r a4b 14g a6e 147 a8g 140 aaj 13p acm 13j aeo 13f agr 13b aiu 137 al0 135 an3 132 ap6 130 ar8 12u atb 12t ave 12r b1g 12u b3j 13b b5m 13v b7o 14j b9a 15b bas,15b bas 165 bce 173 be0 182 bfi 194 bh4 1a8 bim 1bd bk8 1cg blq 1df bnc 1ea bou 1f2 bqg 1fo bs2 1gb btk 1gr bv6 1ha c0o 1hr c2r 1ia c4u 1im c6s 1j0 c8i 1j9 c9v 1jh cb5 1jp ccd 1jv cde 1j1 ceh 1gu cep 1fa cet 1dm cev 1c1 cf2 1ad cf6 187 cfb 16f cfb 14m cf8 12r cf5 111 cf2 v7 cev td ces rk cep pr cem o2 cek m9 ceh kh cef ip ced h1 ceb,17 1j 24 1j 31 1j 3r 1k 4k 1r 5n 1u 74 20 8c 25,87 24 8v 27 9i 2q 9s 3o a0 4q a2 61 a3 7f a5 94 a6 ai a6 c3 a7 dn a7 fd a8 h4 a8 it a9 kn a9 mj a9 of a9 qc aa sa aa u8 aa 107 aa 126 aa 145 aa 165 aa 185 aa 1a5 aa 1c6 aa 1e6 aa 1g7 aa 1i8 aa 1k9 aa 1ma aa 1ob aa 1qc aa 1sd aa 1uf aa 20g aa 22h aa 24i aa 26k aa 28l aa 2am aa 2co aa 2ep aa 2gr a9 2is 9u 2kt 9h 2mv 96 2p0 8t 2r2 8l 2t3,8l 2t3 8e 2v5 8a 316 8g 337 8s 359 95 37a 9d 39c 9k 3bd 9q 3df 9v 3fg a3 3hi a7 3jj aa 3ll ac 3nm ad 3pn aa 3rp ad 3tq ai 3vs al 41t ap 43v ao 460 an 482 aq 4a3 at 4c4 av 4e6 av 4g7 as 4i9 av 4ka b0 4mc b2 4od b0 4qf au 4sg b0 4ui b1 50j b3 52k b4 54m b5 56n b6 58p b7 5aq b8 5cs b8 5et b9 5gv ba 5j0 bc 5l2 bf 5n3 bh 5p4 bi 5r6 bh 5t7 bg 5v9 bg 61a bf 63c,bf 63c be 65d bb 67f b6 69g b4 6bi b5 6dj b6 6fk b7 6hm b7 6jn b8 6lp b8 6nq b9 6ps b9 6rt b9 6tv ba 700 ba 722 b4 743 al 764 9u 786 99 79n 8g 7b8 7l 7cp 6n 7ea 5n 7fr 4l 7hd 3i 7iu 2d 7kf 1e 7m0 o 7nh 7 7pi 3 7rk 9 7tl p 7vn 1f 81o 25 839 2t 84q 3p 86b 4n 87t 5n 89e 6p 8av,tf 9d7 to 9f9 u0 9ha u6 9jb ub 9ld ug 9ne uk 9pg,t4 am4 t7 ao6 t9 aq7 tc as9 ta aua su b0b sb b2d rn b3u r1 b5f q7 b70 pc b8h ol ba2 o0 bbj ne bd5 mt bem mb bgn lr bip ld bkq l2 bmr ko bot kh bqu kl bt0 kn bv1 ki c13 kd c34,ka c34 k9 c4d k5 c5r k0 c7e js c92 jm cap jg ccl jc cei,aa n8 af oa ak pj au r7 b5 so b7 ue b3 109 av 127 as 149 ap 16d ao 182 am 19o al 1bf ak 1d7 al 1f0 am 1gp ak 1ij aj 1ke aj 1m9 an 1o5 aq 1q1 at 1rt at 1tp ao 1vm ak 21j ah 23h ae 25e ag 27c ai 299 aj 2b7 ai 2d5 af 2f3 a9 2h1 9t 2j0,6m 8ar 6m 8bv 6m 8dh 6m 8f5 6m 8h1 6p 8j5 72 8kt 7a 8mn 7h 8ok 7p 8qk 88 8sm 8v 8uq 9t 910 b1 937 ca 95f do 97p f7 9a4 gh 9cf hm 9es im 9h9 jj 9jn kd 9m5 l3 9ok ln 9r4 m9 9tk mp a04 n6 a2k nj a55 nu a7m oe aa7 p5 aco q4 afa r8 ahs sh akd,t0 am1 t5 an2,tf 9dk sp 9cd ss 9b1 u1 9bn ug 9d7 us 9f5 v3 9gr v7 9ir va 9l2 va 9nh va 9q6,se ak5 so al8 ss amc,at 14e b2 15o bf 179 bo 18q bu 1aj bo 1cj bg 1eo bb 1gf b6 1i8 b2 1k3 av 1m0 as 1nv as 1pv av 1s0 b0 1u3 at 206 aq 22a ao 24g al 26m am 28s aq 2b3 at 2db at 2fj at 2hr at 2k4 at 2md at 2om ao 2qv ak 2t9 ao 2vi at 31s aq 346 ag 36g a6 38r a0 3b5 a3 3df ac 3fq aj 3i4 ak 3kf ar 3mp b9 3p4 bj 3rf bj 3tr bb 406 b1 42h at 44s b3 477 bf 49j bi 4bu bd 4e9 b2 4gk,b2 4gk ap 4iv ah 4la,ej 8g eg 9g el ao ep c3 eq dj eo eu em gb ek hr eo jd et l1,ep 1rr eg 1t4 e4 1ul ds 206 dr 21v e3 23v ea 264 ef 27q ej 29k em 2bf eq 2dc es 2fa eu 2hb et 2jc et 2le es 2ni es 2pm es 2rr er 2u1 es 307 f3 32e fb 34l fh 36t fn 395 fs 3be fu 3dn ft 3g0 fu 3i9 g8 3ki gh 3ms gp 3p6,va 9q2 v7 9qm ul 9qc ug 9pn uk 9p3,kh c15 kv c2b lj c3l mh c5a nk c72 os c8q pu ca7 r2 cbl s9 cd3,1gv bvo 1gg c0p 1fv c20 1fe c39 1en c4u 1dr c6o 1cq c8m 1bt ca4 1as cbf 19l ccp 186 cdv 16k cf5,s4 ccq sr cdk tg cee,lp biv m6 bjp mv bkq np bln oj bmj pa bnc,19l bi6 198 bj8 18h bkf 17l blg 16i bmk##G od bqo 5q,G 188 br2 5k,G 160 brh 5i,G 13s bra 5g,G 13n brc 5f,G 144 br2 5h,G 17a bqr 6h,G 17k bri 5i,G 175 brk 57,G 168 brf 5j,G 166 bs3 4p,G 15k brk 58,G 14q brh 5c,G 147 br0 5k,G 13d brn 5g,G 12n brk 37,G 124 brd 5e,G 11g brh 5k,G 11b brh 5p,G 10s bri 5d,G 103 brf 5o,G vj brf 5k,G v2 br5 4p,G u9 br7 57,G tp br8 5i,G t2 brf 5i,G sl brm 5f,G s1 br7 5g,G r1 brd 5g,G qs bqt 5i,G pt br3 5e,G pd br0 5k,G 168 bmp b8,G 15p bnb b8,G 152 bnh b8,G 149 bnh b8,G 136 bng h,G 11t bnj an,G 12f bne 4,G 11m bnh 22,G 10q bnq b8,G 103 bnm b8,G v9 bnj b8,G ui bnj e,G u0 bnj i,G tc bng b8,G sh bng b8,G ru bng 4,G r5 bnh b8,G qf bno b4,G pq bnh b8,G pr bil b8,T 9n 1j,T 86 1c,T 75 19,T 69 1a,T 4b 12,T 2q t,T 1o n,T 14u ceh,T 169 cee,T 15v cee,T 14d ceh,T 13c ceh,T 11q cem,T vu cej,T u5 ce7,T um ce2,T v3 ce7,T vs cej,T vs cej,T 11q cej,T 127 cee,T 15l cec,T 15b cej,T 148 ceo,T 132 cem,G 121 bgj 5k,G vh bha 5k,G u1 bh0 53,G tb bha 5k,G 15p bfb 7j,G 14m bfb 59,G 13t bf6 5k,G 12i bfo 5e,G 126 bfb 5q,G 11d bfb 5q,G 105 bfe 5n,G ut bft 4i,G tl bfv 4g,G su bfg 5k,G ra bfb 5v,G q7 bf9 5g,G os bfg 50,G ov bds b8,G q2 bdp 9d,G rc be3 b0,G sk be8 b8,G t8 beg b3,G v9 be1 am,G 10f be8 b3,G 11s bdp b8,G 12q bdp b8,G 149 bdp ak,G 147 bbm 8,G 136 bbo d,G qc bbr 7,G rh bbt at,G sn bc5 b4,G tg bca aq,G ug bc2 ap,G vm bcf b4,G 10p bbr av,G 11n bbm b8,G 115 ba4 53,G 102 ba6 5e,G uq ba1 5k,G tn b9q 5d,G s5 ba1 4v,G r2 b98 5k,G rh b8n b8,G sk b8k 8,G ub b8k b8,G vm b8i b1,G 113 b8i ah,G 12i b8f b0,G 128 b72 5k,G rs b71 5k,G rs b5d b8,G 127 b5d b8,G uc b71 5k,G uc b5h b8,G t0 b71 5k,G t4 b5d b,G 113 b71 5k,G 113 b5d b8,G vn b79 5d,G vn b5d b8,T uu ceb,T 10j cef,T 13j ceg,T 15r ceg

Version 1.1
1. Brain landing was too rough
2. throat was too dangerous

This level takes you through real steps and not so real steps of a Colenoscapy if you are having trouble beating it with a bike, just use the black blob thing and enjoy the trip...

-18 1i 18 1i,-18 1i -18 -1g 26 -1g,15 1h 23 1h 36 1h 4i 1h 5s 1h 7a 1h 8s 17 a5 o bh b ct -1 eb -b fp -h h8 -d io -3 k9 e lq v nb 1d ot 1o qf 1q s1 1j tj 16 v6 j 10p -4 12c -r 13v -1a 15i -1f 175 -1b 18o -10 1ab -f 1bv 8 1di 12 1f5 21 1gp 33 1ic 47 1k0 5e 1lj 6m 1n7 80 1or 99 1qe ac 1s2 b9 1tm c2 1v9 cm 20t cv 22h cv 244 co 25o c9 27c bn 28v b7 2aj ap 2c7 ae 2dq a4,2dq a4 2fe 9r 2h1 9k 2il 9e 2k9 99 2ls 95,26 -1h 2v -1h 3v -1h 51 -1h 65 -1i 7d -1l 8h -1o 9n -1t au -29 bj -2r cf -38 de -3h ei -3h fq -3c gt -39 i2 -35 j9 -2r kg -2h lk -29 mm -21 nm -1p oh -1h pf -1b qg -1a rg -1e sf -1k tf -1u uf -2b vl -2m 10u -2v 123 -39 139 -3k 14g -3r 15o -42 172 -46 18d -47 19o -47 1b4 -43 1ch -3n 1dv -35 1fc -2f 1gg -1p 1hk -12 1ip -9 1jt i 1l2 1e 1m6 2b 1nc 39 1oh 45 1pm 4s 1qr 5i,1qr 5i 1s7 69 1tk 6t 1v0 7h 20d 86 21q 8o 238 94 24n 97 266 90 27m 8i 295 7v 2ac 7e 2bk 6t 2ct 6g 2e6 65 2fd 5r 2gu 5i 2if 5e 2jv 5g 2le 5h,2lt 97 2mf a2 2n4 b1 2nk c8 2o2 dd 2on em 2pj g3 2qd h8 2ra ie 2sa jl 2tb ku 2ue m7 2vb nh 304 or 30p q6 31b ri 31r st 328 u9 32j vm 32s 112 334 12f 33b 13n 33i 152 33n 169 33s 17g 342 18k 351 19h 36b 1a5 37q 1am 393 1b4 3af 1bj 3br 1bv,2l8 5f 2km 3v 2k8 20 2js 8 2ji -1j 2j9 -3j 2j2 -5k 2iu -7p 2j1 -a2 2jf -ce 2k7 -es 2l5 -hb 2m7 -jr 2ng -mf 2ot -pa 2qf -sa 2s1 -ve 2t3 -11j 2u5 -13q 2v6 -162 304 -18d 30t -1as 31l -1db 32b -1fs 32t -1ic 33a -1kr 33m -1na 340 -1pp 34a -1s8 34j -1un 34s -214 354 -23g 35d -25t 35l -287,2ln 92 2mf 8k 2nl 8m 2p1 92 2qa 9l 2rl ad 2tb b2 2vd bf 312 bm 32s bh 34p b4 36m an 38h ab 3ab a2 3c4 9p 3dr 9i 3fh 9a 3h7 92 3iq 8k 3kb 7v 3lq 79 3nk 69 3pb 59 3qq 4c 3s0 3k,2ld 5j 2mm 4r 2ns 3u 2pc 2h 2qq 18 2sf 2 2u9 -v 307 -1s 327 -2m 347 -3c 36a -3v 38f -4d 3al -4q 3cs -55 3f5 -5f 3hg -5i 3jq -55 3m0 -4g 3nu -3m 3po -2p,3rt 3j 3t9 30 3uj 25 406 v 41h -4 42v -19 446 -2e 45h -3t 46k -5f 47f -74,3pk -2v 3qc -3u 3rb -55 3s6 -69 3su -7f 3ti -8m 3u7 -9v 3ui -av 3tc -bk 3th -cj 3tn -db 3sn -dg 3qr -db 3on -dg 3mv -dj 3l5 -dm 3j9 -dp 3hb -ds 3fb -e0 3d9 -e7 3b9 -es 39r -g7 392 -i0 38h -ju 38d -m0 38b -o4 38d -q9 38l -sf 38r -ul 391 -10s 396 -134 39a -15b 39e -17j 39p -19s 3b1 -1bo,3b1 -1bo 3cl -1d5 3eg -1e4 3gf -1en 3ik -1f0 3ks -1f6 3n3 -1fb 3pb -1fg 3rj -1fk 3ts -1fn 405 -1fr 42f -1ft 44o -1fu,4c5 -1fj 4dp -1fd 4fn -1f9 4hf -1f7 4j9 -1f5 4l5 -1f3 4n3 -1et 4p5 -1ec 4rc -1df 4tm -1ca 4vv -1as 521 -198 53n -17g 558 -15k 56i -13l 57l -11h 58e -v3 58t -sc 595 -pe 59f -md 59q -j8,59m -jt 58g -j8 575 -is 55d -ic 53c -hq 51m -he 4vt -h7 4u3 -h5 4s7 -gs 4qd -ge 4op -fr 4n7 -f7 4l9 -ea 4jq -di 4i9 -cp 4gk -bv 4et -b5 4d3 -ac 4b9 -9j 49h -8u,44l -1fs 45h -1gt 46f -1i6 47c -1jp 484 -1ln 48l -1nb 498 -1p5 49s -1r5 4an -1tc 4bu -1vo 4dd -223 4f1 -24f 4gq -26r 4in -293 4km -2b3 4mo -2cq 4ov -2e7 4rm -2f2 4uo -2fg 51u -2fo 555 -2ft 585 -2g2,5hk -2fl 5ib -2dv 5io -2bp 5ip -29v 5ii -282 5i4 -262 5hf -242 5gk -220 5fj -1vt 5ea -1tp 5ck -1rr 5ae -1qb,57v -1p4 555 -1o5 523 -1nb 4uv -1mo 4rr -1m7 4ol -1lp 4lg -1lc 4ia -1kr 4f6 -1jn,4f5 -1js 4ej -1ir,4dt -1hl 4d5 -1gj,4cv -1gq 4cj -1g2,4cq -1go 4cf -1g2,5ch -2rb 5ce -2t1 5cb -2uo 5c9 -30i 5c7 -32e 5c6 -34c 5c4 -36b 5c3 -38c 5c2 -3ae 5c1 -3cg 5c0 -3ek 5bv -3gp 5bu -3iu 5bt -3l4 5bt -3nb 5bs -3pi 5bs -3rp,5bo -3ro 5ct -3s9 5eb -3sa 5g5 -3sg 5i6 -3ss 5k7 -3tc 5lr -3u4 5ml -3v6 5mr -40d 5ln -41l 5k5 -42d 5ij -42s 5gr -436 5ep -43d 5cj -43j 5ab -43l 57v -43a,524 -3v0 51r -3sk 52e -3qc 53d -3o7 54b -3lo 54q -3im 554 -3fd 55d -3c0 55m -38g 55s -364 562 -33o 567 -31a 56c -2us 56h -2sc 56n -2pu 56s -2ni 575 -2k6 57o -2gq,57k -2h2 57s -2gb,53h -46d 53c -47u 538 -49f 535 -4b7 532 -4d6 530 -4f5 52u -4gq 52t -4i3 52q -4j0,4th -4lt 4ur -4lb 50r -4ku 52u -4ki 54m -4k9 56g -4k3 58a -4k2 5a5 -4k6,5c3 -4kh 5e3 -4l4 5g1 -4lt 5hm -4ms 5j0 -4o2 5jr -4pu 5ju -4s0 5j8 -4u5 5i4 -4vp,5i4 -4vp 5ge -51c 5eb -52s 5br -545 590 -553 55p -55d 53c -556 50r -54p 4ub -545 4rr -53b 4pb -52b 4mu -513 4kq -4vl 4j5 -4tu 4iq -4qu,4is -4r0 4k9 -4q6 4m8 -4p9 4nu -4oh 4pl -4nq 4r8 -4n6 4t6 -4me,4t6 -4mk 4u7 -4m0,521 -3uu 51h -3vv 50v -415 50f -42g 4vv -445 4vj -460 4v9 -47t 4v1 -49t 4uq -4bu 4uk -4dq 4uf -4fc 4u1 -4gg 4tg -4hg 4ta -4ij 4sv -4jm 4sf -4ki 4rq -4lk 4r9 -4mv,52j -4il 538 -4jc 53u -4k2,59v -4k6 5as -4ka 5bo -4ki,5gd -52p 5ha -520 5ib -50p 5jc -4vg 5k9 -4tv 5ku -4sb 5lb -4qk 5le -4ol 5l7 -4mh 5kr -4kq 5k7 -4iv 5jk -4h5 5j7 -4fa 5jg -4de 5js -4bm 5kd -49t 5l1 -486 5lv -46k 5n0 -451 5nu -438 5op -41d 5p4 -3vb 5ou -3t3 5nt -3qt 5ma -3os,5jf -4h2 5kr -4fu 5mh -4ef 5np -4db 5os -4c5 5pa -4a9 5nk -48u 5ln -489,5ma -48p 5mp -4a1 5nq -4ag 5n5 -48v,5om -42l 5nu -423 5mo -42v 5l6 -42s 5jc -432 5hj -43p 5fh -43q 5dc -43e 5b5 -43o 590 -44g,58a -457 5ac -452 5c8 -44t 5e6 -44o 5g6 -44k 5i6 -44g 5k6 -44d 5ma -44a,5bu -44t 5c8 -441,5in -44p 5il -43o,5mj -44c 5mr -436,5md -3p2 5l5 -3ob 5jj -3n3 5il -3ln 5hr -3k6 5h6 -3ih 5go -3gk 5gs -3ec 5ha -3bu 5i5 -39a 5jo -36u 5m0 -352 5ob -333 5qp -30v 5su -2ug 5ul -2rm 607 -2op 61m -2lp 632 -2im 64g -2fe 65i -2d6 66n -2at 680 -28g 699 -261 6ai -23g 6bp -20v 6ct -1ue 6dp -1s6 6ej -1ph 6f9 -1mv 6fq -1kb 6g5 -1ho 6gc -1f8 6gb -1cq 6g8 -1af 6g7 -184 6g8 -15l 6g8 -135 6g9 -10n,4iq -2in 4je -2jp 4kf -2l5 4mb -2md 4nv -2nd 4q2 -2oe 4s8 -2pm 4ug -2r3 501 -2t3 50d -2vj 50o -326 515 -34q 51e -37g 51l -3aa 51h -3d6 516 -3g3 50n -3j3 502 -3m4 4vc -3p7,4vc -3p7 4un -3s4 4ub -3u6 4u1 -3vv 4tk -425 4t5 -443 4sl -465 4s5 -47r 4rg -49o 4qk -4bo 4ps -4d6 4os -4en 4nl -4gb 4mo -4i2 4lr -4jq 4kp -4ll 4jd -4nm 4hn -4pu 4fs -4se 4eh -4v8 4ef -520 4fd -543 4gq -55l 4i8 -56q 4jm -57p 4l6 -58l 4mn -59d 4o9 -5a1 4ps -5ai 4rg -5b0 4t4 -5bc 4uq -5bk 50m -5bp 52n -5br 54r -5bp 575 -5bl 59i -5bc 5c0 -5at 5e5 -5a0 5fr -58m 5h7 -575 5if -55f 5j3 -53i 5j2 -51j 5it -4vj,4ss -4mh 4u6 -4lj,4eo -1ir 4de -1h1,4c3 -1fj 4dl -1hb,5hk -2fm 5h9 -2gb 5gv -2h4 5gk -2ht 5g9 -2in 5g0 -2ji,5cu -2qn 5ch -2rr,5fv -2jg 5fh -2ke 5f3 -2le,5f2 -2ld 5el -2m5 5eb -2n4 5e0 -2o2 5dg -2p5 5cs -2q9 5cc -2rg,53c -46m 54g -45t 55o -456 572 -44c 589 -43g,57s -1p5 58l -1pi,58l -1pf 59f -1q0 5ag -1qc,47e -73 47r -7f 48a -7s 48r -8b,48r -8a 49b -8n,498 -8l 49u -94#2lc 5c 2l0 2d 2l0 o 2l5 -2i 2m3 -5f 2p2 -9r 2qr -c3,2lu 96 2sd di 326 fm,329 fj 3bf hi,2lc 5h 2l0 6m,2kr 6u 2m0 8s 2mu 7u 2n3 6h,2n1 6f 2l2 57,2lm 5r 2lr 8l,2lk 7f 2lp 7n,2lc 65 2lu 7u,2lp 6f 2m3 7k,2m8 6h 2mf 70 2lh 6r,3hl -149 3pa -19e,3pk -19e 3vs -18e 42r -171 3v5 -u6 3n1 -r2 3jm -pv 3jr -m7,3m8 -jl 3p7 -ip 3qu -h7,3q3 -le 3vi -jd,42o -ik 45q -iu,49f -jb 4gb -in 4mm -lo 4f8 -od 472 -od 45d -q2,44n -ru 48f -vt 4eu -u4 4lv -qh 4qq -nf 4vv -np,51h -q2 4ug -u9 4lt -12g 4k8 -160 4k8 -16k,4jp -173 4i0 -173,4gt -17v 4fb -19h,4en -1aa 4bq -1bf 477 -1ap 448 -1a7 3rg -14e 408 -tq 42r -po,3vn -m0 3mn -q9 3m1 -tl 3jr -13b 3g3 -s0 3mi -ke 4b1 -hh 4fl -jn 3v8 -qm 3ka -ru 3ee -12g 3gp -19m 3lu -1a5 40q -131,3vs -10k 461 -16d 4fd -12q 4n2 -u6,4l9 -jb 4k1 -f6,4lq -j8 4rt -da,4lj -j3 4su -69,4pl -5q 4op -4s,4nr -7u 4oa -7u,4pi -5o 4pd -3i,4pb -8i 4pq -7a,4rm -51 4rj -2f,4rm -4g 4tn -2h,4tk -2m 4ui -5e,4vq -46 51f -l,4uv -2h 536 -2u,536 -2p 55h -27 54q -3i 53n -19 56h -j,58b -3d 578 -2p 58q -1h 57k -q,5b2 -4v 5ah -q 5bf -o,59l -3p 5cp -2f,5fe -33 5dv -j 5g5 3,5g5 -1 5fc -2u,5fr -14 5hp i,5k7 -2u 5jo 0,5kr -2u 5m0 -6 5md -1t,5oo -2k 5ng -12 5qc a,5qk -19 5s1 -12 5rd -2u 5qf -4 5si 5,3a7 89 37s bq,3am 8m 3eo d9,3ak 8h 3c3 fk,3au gb 3a2 ih,3ah h4 3bp j0,3ak ih 3c1 im 3ej l1,3f5 gs 3eo j7,3fh h6 3ga j0,3ga j2 3h3 gq,3jr hb 3i9 jc,3j9 hq 3km jf,3jc io 3l0 ir,3mb gb 3m8 l8,3bi lb 3a5 n7 3cd p0,3eh mb 3dg o7,3eh mj 3et oh,3e2 n9 3f2 n9,3fa me 3ga of 3h1 mo,3h8 mo 3hv oh,3hi kd 3hs kn,3jm li 3jo oc,3j2 n4 3li n7,3lk nc 3ls oa,3n1 nc 3nl op,3oe nr 3ne pa,2nf 66 2mm 74 2rh 8j,2mk 71 2tg 5k,2uv 40 2ul 6l 300 5d 2vc 6g,2v7 6d 2uq 6d,307 5i 30m 6q 31k 58 32b 6g,32q 3j 33e 6b,32q 4r 35a 4c,35m 3j 35p 5p,34r 4h 376 45,2ul 76 2ul 9f,2uo 92 302 8h 30a a3,31u 8e 31d 9p,31d 9k 32q 9p 321 8c,339 71 33g 9a,34j 7e 34o 9r,1nc i 1n9 3m 1s2 32,1ne 32 1s9 -12,1rq -4g 1qg -33,1qn -33 1s4 -22,1tc -3d 1sh -1o,1tc -38 1tk -1j,1t0 -2a 1v1 -2a,1vb -2p 1v3 -t,1v8 -2a 206 -j,20l -1o 1vs 3,20o -1r 20q -e,21j -1r 21j -9,21h -22 22h -1h 227 -1e,22f -1h 235 -g,22a -1e 21h -1c,256 -2c 241 -l,25l -2k 254 -14,24g -1t 25q -1o,1u3 i 1tp 29,1tc n 1v3 18,1uu 1d 1vl 2e 20q 1b 21r 2v,23n 1b 23f 47 241 2q 24i 3t 23f 4a,256 2t 25q 3e 25j 24,25g 24 24v 3t,24v 3r 25v 40,5d0 -32n 5c4 -310 5e5 -2v4,5ce -31a 5f3 -31a,5g9 -323 5gl -2vj,5fs -31h 5hc -323,5hc -31u 5h9 -2vj,5hc -30j 5ir -2vg,5j8 -30h 5jd -2us,5jd -2vl 5kn -30h,5l9 -30e 5ki -2v1 5lq -2ud 5lg -30h,5mo -31u 5mr -2uv 5nc -2us,5mc -30j 5o0 -30m,5mc -2vt 5m7 -2ub,5m9 -302 5nc -2tu,5mm -2ug 5o3 -2tp,5nr -2ts 5p6 -2sm,4t7 -23f 50d -21q,50b -21t 524 -24k,508 -22h 4up -25l,4rq -280 4qu -26j 4rn -269 4r1 -258,4st -285 4t4 -25n,4se -26q 4tt -274,4uk -27c 4u5 -264 4va -25q 4um -27m,4vp -27e 4vp -269,4vp -274 50i -25v,50i -26b 519 -279,51b -27c 522 -25s,53f -277 52o -25q 53u -25i,540 -25l 530 -27h,53p -26g 551 -25n,55s -277 558 -26b 566 -25d,582 -28m 57h -25g,582 -26q 59d -26l 593 -253,579 -2k3 56o -2lt 577 -2nc 569 -2p1 56b -2q9 56j -2ro,566 -2t3 566 -2ul,56q -32a 55v -34b 561 -375,56b -386 55d -3b0 556 -3el 54n -3hf 54k -3j4,54f -3jv 537 -3nn 53a -3q7,5c7 -3nl 5bv -3ii 5cc -3dq 5bv -39g 5ch -35o,5cm -34e 5cm -31m 5ct -2t5 5dc -2ql,5hj -3vp 5fq -3v0 5ic -3s6,5g4 -3va 5sm -3sl,5vb -3sv 5vb -3q7,5vl -3si 610 -3pr 623 -3s6,625 -3s8 636 -3oe,67k -3qp 665 -3oj 683 -3nl 67n -3qm,6a9 -3qc 6a4 -3mp 6cf -3p4,6cf -3p7 6db -3km,6gp -3oo 6fj -3k9,6et -3n3 6h3 -3lr,6iq -3oo 6i1 -3jj,6iv -3lp 6jv -3la,6jj -3lh 6fm -3hf,53k -4um 50f -4rd 556 -4pg,50p -4rb 55p -4rr,58d -4ub 57q -4qm,589 -4tr 59f -4t8 57t -4s2 59d -4rf 589 -4qu,5ap -4s2 5af -4qq,5af -4qs 5bt -4rr,5ah -4qu 5aa -4p9,5ck -4rf 5bl -4q3,5cm -4r0 5ce -4pc,5bn -4qd 5d7 -4q9,5e2 -4qo 5dk -4p3,5f4 -4qm 5ep -4or,5fa -4q5 5g6 -4qd,5fn -4qm 5ft -4p9 5gi -4qo,5el -4s2 5e0 -4r7,5f0 -4qh 5ff -4r9,5fh -4rd 5fv -4qd,4pq -4vj 4nl -4qs,4n4 -4s2 4r4 -4u9,4t5 -4u3 4u3 -4vq
4rl -4rj,51p -4nf 57t -4lo 4rd -4qk 50n -50l 59u -51a 59j -51t,55a -53m 53f -52m 516 -50u#G 52f -4k0 8e,G 4sp -4l4 2o,G 5l1 -3u7 8k,G 5lb -41a 7f,G 5lj -3uq 8n,G 5m5 -40h 8e,G 5m0 -3vg 8c,G 5bl -3is b5,G 5bk -3i3 b6,G 54h -3lb b8,G 550 -3jp b8,G 54p -3kn b8,G 58o -2m1 30,G 5cq -2lf 2q,G 5dt -2l5 2q,G 5eh -2k5 2i,G 5au -2lf 2q,G 5b8 -2iv 2n,G 5de -2jr 2i,G 5aa -2ka 2q,G 57o -2jj 2n,G 58o -2ij 3a,G 5c6 -2kc 2q,G 5bq -2jm 2q,G 59k -2kc 2q,G 59c -2jc 2u,G 5ft -2i3 25,G 5ge -2gh 28,G 5h2 -2f1 23,G 4j9 -1mp 4r,G 4k7 -1m7 5g,G 4ju -1mm 5h,G 4j0 -1nl 5h,G 4ia -1oa 5k,G 4jb -1o6 5k,G 4j2 -1oh 5h,G 4hl -1pf 56,G 4hv -1pq 5e,G 4he -1qk 59,G 4gi -1r3 5e,G 4fb -1r7 5d,G 4ej -1s1 5a,G 4du -1rr 53,G 4cr -1tf 4u,G 4bg -1tl 5o,G 4bo -1th 55,G 4c7 -1tf 5p,G 4cv -1sj 5n,G 4dr -1rp 5o,G 4eq -1qt 5h,G 4fq -1q0 5k,G 4gi -1pf 5k,G 4hg -1p2 5h,G 4ij -1nr 5k,G 4jd -1nt 5n,G 4l5 -1lv 5g,G 4jq -1lq 5k,G 4dl -1j8 2q,G 488 -1kq 2q,G 498 -1kq 2q,G 4a6 -1kd 2q,G 4b7 -1k6 30,G 4cv -1jh 30,T 4uf -4kj,T 4sg -4ld,T 4t5 -4l6,T 4tm -4l2,T 4us -4km,T 506 -4k7,T 52b -4ju,T 525 -4ju,T 50e -4k9,T 4ul -4kf,T 4tb -4l8,T 4t1 -4lt,T 4t7 -4ln,T 4tb -4lf,T 4vp -4l0,T 52k -4k9,T 525 -4k9,T 511 -4kl,T 501 -4l0,T 4vc -4l0,T 4uj -4l2,T 4t3 -4lb,T 4sv -4lf,T 4sb -4m0,B 5hk -2dn av,B 5i5 -2ao b5,B 5ge -22p o,B 541 -1od 22,G 56m -2f9 5k,G 55j -2fc 4u,G 54n -2f7 5k,G 53n -2f2 5k,G 52a -2f4 55,G 50j -2ev 5n,G 4v3 -2f2 59,G 4tm -2eo 5q,G 4rv -2e1 5k,G 4qn -2dq 5k,G 4p0 -2d6 5d,G 4n7 -2ck 5k,G 4lv -2ba 5k,G 4ki -2a2 5k,G 4ir -28l 5q,G 3dm -eq 6,G 3ml -e4 b2,G 4ut -hn 5,G 4fl -c5 b8,B 44s -46 10,B 3tr 1v 1j

Version 1.1
1. Added fish bowl
2. added table top, scenery and more...
3. added bike rack

Run forward or do a varity of different things for different results..
1. try to get guy in aquarium
2. try to get guy in Fish bowl
3. notice or get the bicycle in the nice bicycle stall to the right of the fish bowl

-18 1i 18 1i,18 1j 6s 1j,75 -1p -1i -1p,-1r -1p -1r 1j,76 -1q 74 -o,73 -r 7l -l 7d -6 7u -h 7c -15,pq pe pl 107 19c 107 19h pj,pq tn 197 102,100 107 105 1ig 12d 1ig 123 107,vt 1gp um 1gs te 1h6 s1 1hq r1 1im r1 1k8 sg 1l8 uj 1lu 10c 1ma 127 1mi 147 1mo 169 1mp 187 1mi 19p 1m0 1b4 1kt 1bd 1jf 19v 1i7 17u 1he 168 1gt 14g 1gf 12m 1g0,23 1j 1q 2e 18 38 b 3r -o 45 -28 48 -3r 4a,3g 1m 3d 2m 36 3o 2l 50 1i 5u a 6e -11 6o -2b 6v -3n 76,-3p 49 -3o 2v -3l 1f -3k -4 -3j -1h -3k -32 -3l -4n -3o -6g -3r -8c -3u -a9 -4r -bs -68 -cg -7g -c1 -8c -as -93 -9c -9r -7h -ad -5t -b0 -44 -bg -26 -bt -3 -c7 24 -cd 4e -cd 6n -c5 8q -bk aj -af bv -92 c4 -7p b6 -6m a5 -5i 90 -4a 7p,-3o 75 -3t 8b -3q 9t -3n bc -3m d2 -3n f3 -3o gq -3q il -3s kl -40 mo -43 ot -4a r1 -4m t1 -57 v0 -5t 10s -6n 12n -7l 14g -8m 167 -9p 17p -aq 195 -c1 1an -db 1a5 -dn 186 -ds 16b -e0 14b -e3 127 -e4 vv -e5 tl -e5 r7 -e4 oo -e1 m6 -dp jk -db h4 -cr el -cb c6 -bu 9r -bk 7l -bc 5j -b5 3i,q1 pf qq pf,rv pf sj pf,ui pa v8 pa,10l pd 11h pd,125 pd 133 pd,13s pd 141 pd,15l pd 164 pd,17h pd 17k pd,18f pa 18k pa,129 sn 12c sn,13b rv 13e rv,155 t4 15a t6,168 ri 16n rd,v3 r8 va r8,u1 s3 uc s7,10b tk 10i tk,113 qv 11o qp,14m un 14p un,ru re s5 re,r4 qi rg qo,r8 sh rg si,17d tp 17k tn,169 uc 16d uc,16k sg 16p sg,tp q8 tu q9,10g sc 10v sl,122 tu 12d tq,pg 1jl pg 16r 1b 16e l 1lm 39 1lr 3o 195 m9 19d mc 1n2,m6 1mr p5 1n7 pd 1ir,em 16g fi 16d gj 163 hh 15f ia 14j ir 13f j5 129 ja 113 jb 104 jo vg j0 ur i2 un h6 uk,au ud a1 ud 95 uk 9j vc 9r 10k a4 11s ai 135 b2 14b bp 15b d4 163 ee 16i,aq uf aq vd ah 10e am 11m b3 12t bm 148 ce 15f dn 166 f7 15v gh 151 ha 140 i1 12m if 11g ii 107 i2 v4,i4 v9 hg uo,c6 10h cd 10h,db 12a dn 12d,e2 14c ec 14e,eh 11a el 11a,cb ul cn un,bi ut cd v4,d8 vm di vm,ft vh g2 vj,ev 134 f2 134,cf 12q dg 134,ot 16q q2 16q q4 15h pq 15e pq 169 nd 166 nd 15f n2 15f n2 16k ov 16q#6p 1e 73 -4,74 -a 71 t,70 14 74 -h 71 1e,72 -i 72 -v 75 1m,74 -m 6v 1i 74 -r 6q 1g 74 -u,72 -o 6v 1g,6u 1f 76 -11,74 -v 6u 1h 70 -r,72 -m 73 1f,72 1d 74 -n,pq pd r4 p6 rt os sk pi t8 pi v4 ou 104 p6,10h p1 112 ok,11a os 133 pn,136 pn 141 pi,14b pd 14j p3,14j ou 15e op 16c os 16u os,173 ou 17k p6,17n p8 188 pg,18b pg 18n pg,18v pg 199 pg,17p r4 17f r4 170 qq 16f qe,16c qe 160 qo,15t qq 15j qv,15h qv 159 r2,154 r2 14v qq,12u r2 12s r9 12d rj,125 rj 11m rh 11f r4 11a r4,117 r4 110 r7,10r r7 109 r7,vv r7 vq r4,u1 qo ta r7,t0 r7 sp qq,sm ql sh ql sf qo,sa qq s7 qt,s0 qt ro qt,rm qt rj qq,td t3 ti t3,tp t8 ub t8,ud t8 ul t3,v4 t0 v9 t5,v9 ta vj ti,vl ti 117 tn,12i ta 12s td,131 td 13n td,13v t8 14l sr,14q sp 15c sp,15e sp 15o t5,160 ta 16r ta,ap ue hg um,hn ur as uo,b1 ul hb uo,c8 103 cl 10a,cn 10a d4 10a db 108,dj 105 do 105,dr 108 e4 10h,dg 11u e2 124,ea 126 er 128,f0 128 fc 123,fd 123 fm 128,g0 12j g5 12s,cv 12s dc 134,dj 137 dv 139,e9 139 ec 137,em 134 fa 13b,fh 107 g0 103,gd 100 g3 116,cb 128 ci 12e,dc 147 f3 14o,ou p4 hc kj,os p3 mb pg,ou p1 o0 l7,1g7 l6 1ao p6,1ao p6 1eq p6,1at p1 1bt l4,13s go 13q m0 16k ko,13n lr 101 ja,7m -6 ag 6,80 n 9h 19,95 17 b4 1t,8u d aq 1g,9p o d2 1r,9f o av 8,8p -d bi -19,89 1b 8u 2r,7o 1j 9d 20,8p 8 9i 6,8j -1o b8 -24,9f -8 c7 -a,b4 4 e2 l#S 8g f,S 7n 1a

version 1.0
This was created when I was working on the Target Practice. Run down the track to make your guys legs stretch to extreme lengths when he exits the tunnel.

-18 1i 18 1i 1u 1u 2h 2k 3a 3c 43 42 4u 4o 5s 5e 6t 6a 85 7e 99 8f ag 9k br ar d7 c5 em dg g6 et hn gc j9 hs kg j0 lp k5 n3 la of mg pv nn ri p2 t6 qd ur rn 10f sv 121 u7 13j vd 154 10i 16l 11l 185 12p 19k 13t 1b3 152 1ch 168 1dt 17d 1f8 18j 1gh 19o 1hp 1as 1j0 1c1 1k7 1d5 1le 1e9 1mk 1fe 1o6 1gp 1po 1hu 1r9 1it 1sq 1jo 1ub 1ka 1vs 1ki 21c 1ki 22s 1kb,-19 1j -22 1j -22 -27,22s 1kb 24c 1ju 25s 1jc 279 1il 28f 1hr 29f 1gu 2ab 1fu,289 1e8 27k 1eq 26s 1fb 25s 1fr 24u 1g7 243 1gg 233 1gn 21q 1gt 20j 1gv 1v7 1gr 1tt 1g9 1sq 1fh 1rm 1ek 1qg 1dl 1p9 1cj 1o0 1bg 1mm 1aa 1lb 193 1ju 17r 1ig 16i 1h2 158 1fi 13t 1e2 12i 1ci 117 1b1 vv 19h ut 186 u0 171 t7 15p sa 14m rg 13h qj 12h po 11f oq 10b np v5 mp tt ln sl kj rb je q5 ie p5 hj o3 gm n5 fs m2 es l3 dv k1 cv it bs ho ao gh 9i fg 8h ei 7l dh 6n,dh 6n ce 5m bf 4n ac 3o 98 2o 88 1u 77 12 6a 8 5f -f 4f -13 38 -1j 1v -1v,-23 -28 21 -1u,2aa 1fu 29p 1fc,287 1e8 28m 1eh##

version 1.1
1. lanch bug
2. death before reaching top of chute due to bump on track

Launch your guy and try to get him in a hole for points... different holes have different points...

-18 1i 18 1i,-16 1k -1t 10 -22 -3 -1e -18 -a -1v r -2h 22 -2q 3a -2p 4h -24 5h -v 6m o 7q 2a 94 40 aj 5q c8 7o e0 9o fs br hr e1 ju ga m3 ik oa l0 qj nc se ot u8 pd vt p6 116 o4 12c mf 13a kv 14a j8 15a hc 16b fb 17c d6 18e at 19h 8h 1al 61 1bp 3g 1ct r,15 1k 2c 2n 3m 4c 4q 5p 60 7e 78 98 8i b5 9r d5 b8 f7 co h6 ec j5 g3 l1 hs mr jn oi lk q7 ni rp ph t9 rk ue to v3 vq v4 11k uh 136 ta 14o rp 16c q2 180 o5 19m m2 1b7 jq 1cj hc 1dv eq 1fc c5 1gm 9d,18m nf 3s6 nu,3sv nu 3t2 lb,3s1 nr 3t7 nr,3sv lj 3t4 -ri 31a -1tc -7o -4 uh 16u 18m nf,26q -ko 2dl -ko,2dj -ko 2eh -ko 2eh -lm,26p -kq 26p -lm,21b 1e 23t 1d 23t 5,216 1d 216 d,2ip a6 2np a8 2nm 92,2ip a6 2ip 97,2oi -ud 334 -ud 335 -vp,2oi -ue 2o8 -um,294 -hc 2cl -hd 2cl -ib,295 -he 294 -ib,314 -1a 365 -1c 367 -31,313 -1c 310 -2b,3n1 -nr 3mq -mi 3me -kq 3lo -j6 3k8 -hi 3ia -g6 3fq -f9 3cu -es 3a4 -eq,39s -ep 39v -fp,3n4 -nn 3m6 -ns,1mi 9e 1mg 8d,1hk 6j 1i0 5n 1ie 4n 1iv 3j 1jf 2h,1h5 1t 1cu q,1gn 9e 1mi 9e,1gl 9d 1ho 6a#1k5 jh 1jr kn 1kr kp 1kr mb,1kp mb 1jt mb,1k5 jk 1l3 jk,2nc ka 2n7 ln 2oi ll 2oi ml 2nf ml,2n7 ka 2op ka,3kc l8 3k2 mb 3l7 mg 3kr n4 3jo n2,3ke l8 3m0 ld,29i -nj 29h -lf,2ap -ng 2af -l2 2ch -l2 2cc -nd 2ap -nd,21t -2c 21m -19 22j -19 22c -1 21j -b,21q -2c 22t -27,235 -24 235 -6 23r -b 23m -2b 22o -2e,2jl 7k 2l2 7k 2l2 88 2jj 88 2jl 91 2lc 9b,2m0 7d 2lr 91 2mp 93,2mp 91 2ml 7f 2ln 7c,2pk -13a 2pd -10p 2pl -10p 2q0 -12r,2q0 -12p 2pi -130,2rh -12v 2r4 -10k 2tg -106 2tl -12m 2rf -12t,2rr -12j 2rn -10v 2t3 -10r 2t7 -12c,2t3 -12d 2ru -12e,2uo -12j 2uo -vr,2uo -vs 32k -101 326 -136 2uv -12k,2vd -128 2vh -10b 323 -10h,320 -10k 31m -12k 2vg -122,29r -j8 2ag -j8 2ag -is 29p -ir,2ad -iu 2ad -im 2a0 -in,2bg -ji 2b6 -in 2bo -ik 2bo -jf 2b4 -jf,31q -43 329 -26,33b -3u 33b -30 347 -30 345 -29 332 -2h,336 -40 349 -42,3d7 -ko 3e6 -i5,3ev -lv 3g0 -iu 3gb -lf 3ek -lv,1jc 6s 1je 7t,1kl 76 1kg 8m 1l9 8m 1lj 76 1kd 6u#B 1ie 33 ms,T 1ie 9e,T 1j5 96,T 1ko 96,T 1mb 8n,T 1mi 93,T 1lr 99,T 1kb 99,T 1k1 9b,T 1i9 9b,B 151 qi nn,T 3m0 -mm,T 3mp -mp,T 3l2 -kb,T 3kn -ih,T 3iq -ha,T 3gs -gk,T 3et -gb,T 3e6 -g3,T 3ct -fl,T 3b8 -fl,T 1m3 kl,T 1km iu,T 1j4 js,T 1j1 kj,T 1j4 m0,T 2qi lo,T 2o7 jd,T 2pk k6,T 2m1 kq,T 2lq lr,T 3me ko,T 3ko k9,T 3j3 ko,T 3ia lo,T 3id mh,T 363 -34,T 36a -2u,T 36i -1u,T 360 -1h,T 35e -1c,T 354 -1c,T 34m -1c,T 33s -18,T 33n -18,T 32i -18,T 31u -1a,T 31h -1d,T 313 -1k,T 30t -1s,T 30t -2a,T 290 -i6,T 290 -i1,T 294 -ht,T 295 -hg,T 29e -hi,T 29o -hi,T 29u -hi,T 2aa -hi,T 2ad -hi,T 2ah -hi,T 2am -hi,T 2b3 -hi,T 2bb -hg,T 2bk -he,T 2bv -he,T 2c8 -he,T 2cg -hg,T 2cn -i4,T 2cn -ib,T 2co -i7,T 2co -hq,T 2co -hj,T 2cq -h6,T 2cl -h6,T 2c9 -h6,T 2bu -h6,T 2bl -h6,T 2b8 -h6,T 2ap -h6,T 2a8 -h6,T 29t -h6,T 29f -h6,T 2pb -ti,T 2nd -vq,T 2n9 -115,T 2na -12a,T 2pm -150,T 2r7 -15n,T 2si -15q,T 2ua -15t,T 2vq -15p,T 31m -14v,T 32h -14m,T 336 -148,T 33g -13c,T 33i -12j,T 33r -11a,T 340 -vp,T 343 -ut,T 340 -tv,T 331 -tk,T 315 -th,T 2va -t9,T 2tn -ta,T 2rq -tj,T 2pv -tq,T 2oc -uc,T 2o0 -va,T 2nl -10b,T 2nn -110,T 2ns -11o,T 2o7 -12b,T 2og -12u,T 2p1 -13q,T 2pg -14b,T 2ps -14g,T 2q7 -14m,T 2qp -14u,T 2rb -152,T 2ri -152,T 2s3 -152,T 2sf -155,T 2sv -157,T 2tk -159,T 2u4 -158,T 2ut -157,T 2vk -153,T 2vt -150,T 30k -14p,T 31b -14d,T 31r -143,T 32h -13j,T 32q -13a,T 331 -12s,T 334 -129,T 338 -11i,T 333 -10j,T 333 -109,T 333 -vp,T 33l -ub,T 333 -u7,T 32g -u6,T 313 -u4,T 30f -u4,T 2vk -u4,T 2v9 -u4,T 2ut -u4,T 2tc -u5,T 2sm -u6,T 2ri -u9,T 2pt -ua,T 2p4 -ub,T 2oo -uh,T 2o6 -us,T 2o2 -v3,T 2ok -v5,T 2sh -uu,T 2ud -v8,T 30c -vb,T 30v -v9,T 330 -vh,T 32m -vg,T 31n -vd,T 2vr -vb,T 2ul -vb,T 2tp -vd,T 2t3 -ve,T 2s5 -vg,T 2s2 -vg,T 2ra -vh,T 2qn -ve,T 2q3 -ve,T 2pm -vd,T 2pb -v8,T 2p8 -v3,T 2pu -v1,T 2r0 -uu,T 2rv -ut,T 2sp -us,T 2tl -us,T 2ul -us,T 2v0 -us,T 2v4 -ur,T 2vt -up,T 30d -up,T 311 -uo,T 314 -uo,T 31j -uu,T 323 -v1,T 32k -uu,T 32j -um,T 322 -uf,T 310 -ud,T 2vr -uf,T 2u5 -ui,T 2tn -ui,T 2t4 -ui,T 2sh -ui,T 2re -ui,T 2r2 -ui,T 2qg -uk,T 2pm -uk,T 2p6 -uj,T 2jf al,T 2ii 9s,T 2mu an,T 2nu ab,T 2o5 9k,T 2o3 8m,T 2o0 7t,T 2nr 7b,T 2nf 6t,T 2mu 6g,T 2m5 69,T 2lj 68,T 2l7 68,T 2ko 6d,T 2k9 6g,T 2ji 6t,T 2j3 79,T 2ik 7r,T 2ih 8f,T 2ih 97,T 21v d,T 21k d,T 21g f,T 21g k,T 21k k,T 21v i,T 226 i,T 22j k,T 22n k,T 231 k,T 237 k,T 23h n,T 23j u,T 23h 13,T 237 13,T 22v 13,T 22o 13,T 22b 13,T 223 13,T 21n 13,T 21a 11,T 211 -20,T 211 -1r,T 211 -1h,T 211 -18,T 211 -t,T 211 -e,T 211 -5,T 210 6,T 210 p,T 210 u,T 20r 1e,T 245 -1h,T 245 -1a,T 245 -10,T 244 -k,T 244 -c,T 244 -2,T 244 6,T 242 k,T 242 u,T 242 14,T 245 1l,T 23v 1o,T 23o 1o,T 236 1o,T 22n 1n,T 22e 1n,T 21u 1n,T 21g 1n,T 28g -l4,T 2dt -l6,T 2d9 -l6,T 2cg -l6,T 2bi -l6,T 2af -l6,T 2a0 -l6,T 28v -l7,T 28g -l6,T 27q -l6,T 274 -l7,B 1d5 fc n4,B 1b3 j7 ne

Version 1.3
1. Added goal stars.
2. Problem with landing on second hill
3. Some star where still out of reach

A simple half pint level. Drive your guy up and down the sides of the half pint, and try to reach those goal stars! remember to click z to turn around at the right height to get maximum speed.

-18 1i 18 1i,1a 1k 28 1o 32 2l 3g 3n 3s 53 45 6l 4c 82 4h 9i 4l b5 4p cr 4t ei 50 gb 5b i6 5v k2 6p lu 7q no 90 p9 aa qj bo rm d9 sk es t7 gi te ia t9 k4 sr lr s5 n9 r8 oh q6 pj ou qf nj r7 m4 rs ki se iu st h7 t9 ff tk dl tt bp u5 9t ub 80 uh 62,uh 60 ui 4v##T u2 3b,T u2 1u,T u2 g,T u0 -r,T u2 -2a,T u6 -3e,T u4 -4f,T u6 -5t,T 2u 1k,T 43 3f,T 4n 5a,T 55 89,T 5e aq,T 5m f6,T 6i ju,T 7e lr,T 93 oq,T bi qt,T fa sq,T j1 sm,T md r5,T oa pg,T q4 md,T sb gk,T t4 c3,T tc ag,T tm 7t,T u0 56

Version 1.2
1. Gravity problems
2. End star Gathering
3. Trail hills

Travel over a few twisted trails to reach an interesting item at the end

-18 1i 18 1i,15 1i 2e 1i 3u 1i 5f 1i 78 1i 97 1i bc 1i d2 1i es 1i gn 1i ik 1i ki 1i mi 1i oj 1i qm 1i sp 1i ut 1i 112 1i 138 1i 15e 1i 17l 1i 19t 1i 1c4 1f 1ec 14 1gn h,1gl h 1iu -8 1l7 -17 1ng -2b 1pq -3k,1pp -3j 1s3 -50 1ud -6g 20n -83 231 -9o 25b -bh 27l -db 2a0 -f8 2ca -h6 2ek -j5 2gv -l6 2ja -n8 2lk -pb 2nv -rf 2qa -te 2sk -v6 2uv -10n 31a -122 33l -139 360 -14b 38b -159 3al -164 3d0 -16s 3fb -17h 3hm -183 3k1 -18j 3mc -191 3on -195 3r2 -190 3td -18j 3vo -17v 423 -175 44e -164 46p -14v 48u -13m 4ar -129 4ch -10o 4e1 -v4 4fb -te 4gh -rl 4hi -pq 4if -nu 4j9 -lv 4k0 -jv 4kl -hu 4l7 -fs 4lm -dp 4m5 -bl 4mh -9g 4ms -7a 4n6 -54,4n6 -54 4ne -2t 4nm -m 4nt 1i 4o3 3q 4o8 63 4od 8b 4oh ak 4ok cu 4oo f7 4or hh 4ot jq 4ov m4 4p1 oe 4p3 qp 4p5 t3 4p7 vd 4ph 11o 4q2 13s 4qq 15p 4ro 17c 4sr 18g 4uh 19d 50e 19m 52g 19f 545 190 55k 18a 57b 174 58p 15l 5a0 13t 5aq 12f 5be 10u 5bn v9 5bv ti 5c6 rp 5cd pu 5cr o2 5dg mb 5eb l1,53m 3l 53p 1g 53r -l 53t -2q 53v -51 541 -78 548 -9f 54o -bn 55e -dv 56a -g1 57b -hs 58i -jg 59s -kl 5bb -le 5de -lt 5f3 -lt 5gr -lk 5il -l3 5kh -kc 5mf -jf 5oe -id 5qf -h6 5sh -fq 5uk -eb 60n -cp 62s -b4 652 -9d 678 -7j 69e -5n 6bl -3q 6dt -1s 6g5 -4 6id 1e 6km 2p 6mv 3t 6p8 4k 6rh 50 6tr 51 704 4q 72e 4b 74o 3l 772 2p 79d 1o 7bn i 7e1 -p 7gc -27 7im -3o 7l1 -5d 7nb -73 7pm -8k 7s1 -9v,7s1 -9v 7uc -b5,5ea l2 5en k2 5et iu 5em hj 5e7 gb 5di ev 5ct dr 5c3 cm 5b4 bh 59u ae 58i 9b 573 88 55h 76 549 60,54a 61 53v 5e,53o 4p 53k 45,53v 5g 53p 4r 53m 44 53l 3f,57b 8b 53o 2i,545 5o 55b 54 55h 75,55a 54 53o 4c,7he -bh 7gv -u9 81v -18k,81v -18k 8r4 -18i 994 -o0 8on a 7q0 5,7o7 -7l 7pv 0##G 5pt -ng 6a,G 5o9 -oc 5r,G 5n1 -ot 62,G 5lc -pf 5g,G 5k7 -q5 5k,G 5j1 -qk 5g,G 5hk -qs 5g,G 5g5 -qu 50,G 5f2 -rb 5c,G 5ds -ri 5o,G 5cf -rb 5b,G 5ao -r6 5g,G 59e -qk 52,G 57p -qf 4o,G 56a -p2 4t,G 554 -oc 4s,G 544 -ng 4s,G 52u -mn 4i,G 52a -m1 4h,G 517 -lf 49,G 50t -it 3n,G 50h -h6 3o,G 509 -fh 3m,G 50c -e2 36,G 50c -bf 42,G 4vq -a0 3f,G 504 -86 33,G 4vq 39 2q,G 515 6g 2v,G 50o 4u 21,G 50c -6k 3b,G 504 -5k 3f,G 4vv -2s 3e,G 50m -10 2q,G 50t n 2g,G 510 1s 2q,G 515 2l 2q,G 8lb -29 9u,G 8ic -27 9l,G 7sl -2c 17,G 7va -as 10,G 7ur -ad 1v,G 7tl -9k 1o,G 7u7 -ad 2h,G 7v2 -aq 1v,G 7r3 -8r 20,G 7r5 -8u 23,G 7sb -93 1o,G 7pm -7c 1t,G 7pt -6t 2a,G 7po -61 1u,G 7pj -5d e,G 7qk -48 9v,G 7qk -3f 1h,G 7qa -3a 1s,G 7sn -45 9c,G 7qu -1v 17,G 7r8 -1b 14,G 7sg -19 19,G 7sd -l 1e,G 7u2 -11 1l,G 7uh -g v,G 7vc -d o,G 80p -q o,G 82g -11 7,G 83h -11 d,G 84u -s 5,G 866 -n b5,G 8ct -8 al,G 8bv -i b8,G 8bl -14 ak,G 87e -n 1m,G 88j -b ar,G 8a0 -8 at,G 8b8 -g ar,G 8c9 -1o 7s,G 8cv -1l 8k,G 8ec -1j 8h,G 8eu -16 9i,G 8fi -1g a6,G 8gd -1g 8e,G 8h1 -v 9n,G 8ho -1b a4,G 8it -n 9p,G 8ju -v 9t,G 8kk -16 9k,G 8l6 -14 9k,G 8mb -19 92,G 8nj -11 a2,G 8oa -1o 9l,G 8p0 -1j ac,G 8q1 -32 a2,G 8qb -3u 9r,G 8re -4f 9i,G 8s2 -5v 99,G 8sr -6o 8s,G 8ta -85 90,G 8ud -93 8l,G 8us -a6 8m,G 8vn -as 9e,G 906 -c9 8r,G 91e -d7 92,G 91h -e5 99,G 92f -fi 8u,G 92p -h7 96,G 93s -ic 9e,G 94n -ji 9j,G 95l -k8 9i,G 96o -l9 93,G 970 -mc 9a,G 97r -nc 9i,G 97a -ok 8e,G 948 -sm 7c,G 96e -pl 7e,G 962 -q4 7m,G 95v -re 71,G 94d -tf 77,G 938 -u3 7d,G 906 -115 7b,G 912 -104 6p,G 8vg -10r 4g,G 8v3 -12s 6t,G 8t7 -13s 6k,G 8t0 -152 73,G 8rq -15r 74,G 8ka -17d 6n,G 8mg -17f 74,G 8nt -17d 6m,G 8ps -16c 7d,G 8pk -16m 6s,G 8pp -170 6q,G 8mv -17d 32,G 8lq -17f 66,G 8ka -170 68,G 8gq -186 63,G 8bs -17p 5k,G 88h -17p 77,G 8a0 -18b 5s,G 8b8 -18q 5t,G 8e0 -17n 69,G 8j7 -16c 4j,G 8it -16r 4i,G 8hj -178 5p,G 8fk -167 58,G 8eu -16h 5u,G 8dh -16h 5m,G 8bi -16p 5d,G 8a5 -167 5i,G 89r -16p 4m,G 87t -175 50,G 86s -17f 5i,G 866 -170 5q,G 840 -17k 50,G 82j -17n 4u,G 81d -16u 4g,G 80u -16u 4g,G 800 -15j 4f,G 7v5 -15m 4b,G 7um -154 1o,G 7u2 -152 44,G 7tb -14o 4j,G 7si -14b 4e,G 7ri -149 4n,G 7qk -13b 44,G 7pm -12i 4g,G 7ot -11u 44,G 7nv -11m 40,G 7nb -112 4b,G 7ma -10j 4f,G 7l5 -vv 44,G 7kc -ve 40,G 7je -un 4i,G 7j1 -ug 4b,G 7hs -u8 31,G 7hd -tk 30,G 7hd -su 1r,G 7h5 -rt 29,G 7ha -r2 1o,G 7hd -q9 24,G 7hf -pi 2q,G 7hk -op 2q,G 7hs -nr 2l,G 7hs -n0 2q,G 7hs -m4 29,G 7hp -lb 2l,G 7hi -kb 28,G 7hi -ja 2q,G 7hn -ih 2q,G 7hp -h7 2d,G 7hp -g1 2l,G 7hp -eu 2c,G 7hp -dh 2j,G 7hj -ce 2l,G 535 2u 2q,G 530 43 2j,G 53k 62 1g,G 54q 7m 1g,G 56c 8i t,G 58u a9 1d,G 5aq ch 16,G 5ch e3 1d,G 5eb ip 2q,G 5df g9 1p,G 5du kj 44,G 4iu -pe 7p,G 4gv -si 73,G 4dr -10n 73,B 46p -15p 3m,G 4kk -k1 8e,G 40h -18t 6o,T 80u -e4,T 816 -dq,T 81i -db,T 81s -d4,T 824 -dg,T 829 -dt,T 82b -ec,T 82b -ec,T 82o -d1,T 82t -cv,T 832 -cv,T 82q -dj,T 82o -e7,T 82l -ee,T 83c -d4,T 83j -dl,T 83m -dv,T 83m -eh,T 83o -ej,T 83o -ej,T 840 -em,T 858 -fc,T 85s -fp,T 861 -fu,T 85s -fu,T 847 -f2,T 84f -f2,T 84r -f7,T 85p -g0,T 85a -gd,T 853 -gn,T 84p -gu,T 84h -h3,T 84c -h8,T 84c -hg,T 84a -i1,T 840 -it,T 83r -jc,T 83m -jo,T 83m -jo,T 83c -jh,T 82b -io,T 826 -i9,T 81v -hq,T 81l -hd,T 81d -hn,T 80i -ig,T 80a -ij,T 7vp -iv,T 7va -jc,T 7va -jc,T 7vf -it,T 7vm -i6,T 805 -hd,T 80p -gp,T 81b -g8,T 816 -g5,T 80n -f5,T 80i -e9,T 80i -dq,T 80k -dl,T 82q -i4,T 83m -i4,T 82l -hb,T 82v -h6,T 839 -h3,T 83o -h3,T 83r -h3,G 2o r h0,G 4lt -e7 j7,G 4ol 70 jh,G 4ru 173 ih,G 52s 18v g6,G 5ai 12c en,G 5c9 p3 ea,G 53e 1e e5,G 541 -al eu,G 56m -hd eo,G 5dp -m5 h0,G 8b9 -gv jk,G 8b8 -hs jm,G 8bb -il ju,G 8b9 -j9 jm,G 8at -js j2,G 8al -k9 jg,G 8a2 -kk i9,G 89n -l8 if,G 88s -ll in,G 88b -m3 ik,G 87i -mf j5,G 871 -mo hj,G 86i -n4 h8,G 85s -ni iu,G 84c -nn g9,G 83v -nc gb,G 82p -ng fq,G 850 -np ic,G 81j -ne g3,G 80m -n5 fp,G 7vk -ml fb,G 7vg -mi f4,G 828 -nj gn,G 802 -ms ff,G 7v2 -mb fh,G 7um -ln ff,G 7u6 -lb fj,G 7tv -l1 fa,G 7tj -kn g5,G 7ta -k9 fc,G 7t4 -jt et,G 7td -jj ge,G 7sd -j4 fd,G 7si -ik f2,G 7s0 -ia f0,G 7s5 -hn ev,G 7s5 -h6 fv,G 7rr -gi fc,G 7s6 -ff ei,G 7s4 -et ef,G 8bb -g4 jt,G 8b5 -fa k8,G 8ar -ej kr,G 8ac -dr l1,G 89j -d9 kp,G 88s -cj l6,G 88i -cg l5,G 87u -bu le,G 87e -bi lj,G 86v -bb ll,G 86c -b9 le,G 85v -b8 lu,G 85c -b0 l9,G 850 -aq kt,G 844 -ae lc,G 837 -a5 bg,G 832 -ag m7,G 82e -ae bh,G 81i -a6 la,G 81a -ag l7,G 80l -aa bs,G 80c -al cb,G 7vm -aj cb,G 7vn -b4 kv,G 7uv -ar cr,G 7sa -e2 cu,G 7sh -dr db,G 7si -d4 d4,G 7sp -cm cr,G 7sq -c5 dc,G 7t8 -bt cr,G 7tc -bf cq,G 7tq -be cp,B 7jv -5f cr,B 6ja 15 eh,B 5p0 -ij f2,B 53g -1i m7,B 4p9 io gs,B 4ji -mb g7,B 505 19a du,B 2u2 -10l ce,B 22k -aa co,B 195 13 e2,B kc 13 e2,B 5p 10 e8

Version 1.3
1. Gravity bugs
2. Stars could not be reached
3. loop bump
5. added alternate ending
6. made it so loop was nessicary by adding stars to it

let the gravity pads take you to a plain, where you gather speed and do a loop. be prepared for a sad death... or maybe a way to not die???

-18 1i 18 1i,pc -1cr 323 -1cl,321 -1co 59g -1co,59b -1cq 5al -1cq 5c6 -1cq 5dn -1cq 5fg -1cq 5hh -1cr 5je -1d0 5l3 -1db 5mm -1dq 5oc -1eb 5q0 -1er 5rg -1fc,671 -1fu 689 -1fh 69o -1f4 6bh -1eo 6db -1ef 6f5 -1ei 6gu -1f9 6ig -1gh 6jq -1hv 6kp -1jj 6lf -1lb 6ln -1n5 6ln -1p2 6ld -1r4 6l0 -1so 6k5 -1u9 6iv -1vn 6hh -214 6ft -22d 6e3 -23e 6c8 -244 6ag -24f 68q -24g 675 -249 65j -23t 63f -237 61r -22b 60c -216 5v4 -201 5tm -1uh 5so -1sq 5s8 -1r1 5s7 -1p6,5rf -1ff 5s1 -1e7 5st -1co 5u6 -1av 5vc -19g 60o -17t 62c -168 64a -14h 66i -12u 691 -11m 6bj -10p 6e4 -101 6gl -vd,6j6 -us 6lk -uo 6nn -v5 6ou -10b 6p3 -122 6oi -13v 6nl -15r 6mf -17l 6l2 -19f 6jd -1b8 6hj -1d0 6fk -1eo,6bl -m5 6s2 -m3 6rv -p9 6jp -pb,6gd -pj 6bb -pg 6b9 -m5 6bt -m3,6d0 -p7 6bt -p6 6bt -o3 6d4 -o3,6d2 -o4 6d4 -mr 6bo -mu,6ot -111 6jv -106 6nt -vd,6l7 -vv 6js -vk 6ml -vj,6kp -10d 6js -10h 6nl -10r#6e3 -ot 6di -mt,6dv -ou 6el -ms,6dp -nq 6ei -nt,6fe -ot 6fc -n6,6fe -o5 6ft -o9,6fb -oo 6g4 -op,6go -op 6ge -n7,6gr -oj 6hc -oj,6gj -o2 6h3 -o0,6gc -no 6h7 -nj,6iq -om 6in -mt,6ip -oj 6jo -oj 6jo -nv 6is -nq,6jq -nr 6jq -n4 6iv -n6,6l9 -o9 6l2 -n6 6lu -n6 6lu -o5 6l5 -o4,6mi -oc 6na -ms,6ni -o5 6m8 -mo#T 5sq -1qo,T 5ti -1s3,T 5ui -1uk,T 600 -200,T 61e -219,T 63b -226,T 648 -22k,T 66p -23h,T 692 -23q,T 6ad -23q,T 6cj -22q,T 6e7 -22e,T 6fg -220,T 6hg -206,T 6id -1v3,T 6kc -1s9,T 6ko -1pc,T 6ki -1l7,T 6pf -mu,T 6p5 -mn,T 6q6 -mm,T 6qv -mf,T 6r9 -n8,T 6r7 -n8,T 6qd -ni,T 6q3 -nb,T 6pi -nn,T 6pg -nn,T 6pi -n6,T 6qq -n8,T 6r2 -n8,T 6rg -mi,T 6qv -mk,T 6q3 -mk,T 6p5 -mi,T 660 -14a,T 66j -13j,T 685 -12j,T 68v -124,T 6b9 -11l,T 6b0 -11q,T 69q -12e,T 68f -12t,T 67n -136,T 67i -137,T 67n -132,T 68b -12g,T 67k -134,T 69l -12b,T 6a7 -124,T 6b2 -11u,T 6cs -11d,T 6at -11u,T 6c3 -11g,T 6cm -11a,T 6eb -10p,T 6eo -10i,T 6g7 -108,T 6gr -108,T 6fl -10f,T 6df -110,T 6d8 -11b,T 6et -111,T 6fb -10u,T 6h7 -10a,T 6h2 -107,T 6h5 -105,T 6hp -103,T 6i0 -103,T 6ib -10a,T 6ib -vr,G 5ng -1f6 6h,G 5mp -1et 6j,G 5o4 -1ff 6r,G 5pd -1fi 71,G 5qj -1fq 6f,T 6hq -106,G 627 -21n 115,G 638 -229 10q,G 63n -229 10r,G 648 -221 111,G 65j -22o ul,G 66p -23h 102,G 67f -23e v7,G 68b -236 10q,G 6a7 -22v 108,G 6bk -23e 10h,G 6c8 -22s 11a,G 6dq -22e 116,G 6dk -22g nf,G 6fv -229 10i,G 6fh -21q ob,G 6h8 -213 o5,G 6hc -207 o7,G 6i8 -1v9 o8,G 6ii -1ub of,G 6jv -1t6 om,G 6kr -1rp ol,G 6ke -1qk om,G 6lm -1pg od,G 6kt -1o1 oi,G 6kt -1mn p2,G 6le -1la p1,G 6kg -1kb pa,G 6js -1je pu,G 6j4 -1id q6,G 6ib -1hn qa,G 6h8 -1fq q7,G 6g4 -1fl pu,G 6en -1f6 q7,G 6dl -1f7 qe,G 6c0 -1f4 ql,G 6ag -1fc qr,G 69i -1ft rq,G 68q -1g5 rh,G 67m -1gm sb,B 664 -23c uh,B 6en -22i vr,B 6l7 -1m8 mg,B 6e9 -1f1 os,G 5se -1ms qn,G 5sj -1om rg,G 5sg -1q0 s4,G 5se -1qd uu,G 5vp -1vu vv,G 6b9 -23k 11o,G 6i0 -1vn nl,G 6b1 -1fp sb,G 23v -1rv ra,G s6 -1nj qb,G -3b -je ov,G 3 r 11g

Does not die at end!

Needs work, but I will finish it soon, what do you think?

-2s 1i -2s -37 48 -37,48 -36 49 2p,-2s 1h -2r 4b,49 2ts -2o 2ts -2r 2tr,-2s 2k 9 2k 9 4v -2s 4v,49 2o 4a 4q 4a 2tt,49 cd 3f cd 3f cs,3h cs 49 cu,-2r 4a -2s 6d -2s 2ro,-2r 2r3 -2r 2tq,g h8 16 h8 16 hm g hm g h8,-2s k6 -28 k6 -28 ko -2r ko,-a md i md i ms -a ms -a md,-2q u8 -1s u8 -1s vb -2q vb,4a 1aa 3i 1ac 3i 1ar 4c 1at,9 1if 11 1if v 1j6 7 1j5 c 1if,-2u 1ob -1v 1ob -1v 1p6 -2u 1p6,f 23o 15 23m 15 24j i 24l i 23o,6 2gp o 2go o 2h8 3 2h8 7 2gn,49 2j9 3l 2j9 3l 2jn 4a 2jn,1l 2lf 2c 2lf 2b 2lv 1m 2lv 1l 2lg,-e 2ng -e 2ns -n 2nr,-m 2nr -m 2nh -f 2nh,-16 2po -o 2po -o 2q4 -17 2q4 -17 2pn##

Lap Dance
Version 1.0

If you find it to hard, be the blob and look around and have fun. Note: some places can only be looked at be scrolling around the level and enjoying the art.

-18 1i 18 1i,37 1v 4f 2b 5t 1r 7a 1b 8j v,k8 ml lf ns n1 or oo pl qh qn rh sj rt u6 rk 106 qd 11m om 12n ms 13f l6 141 jr 14d ig 15i hl 171 h6 18s gr 1b1 gj 1cr gk 1eh gs 1gd h3 1hv ge 1j8 g3 1l3 gs 1mp h9 1oe g7 1q8 fu 1s5 g6 1u4 g5 203,g4 1vp fn 20v f4 21s ec 22r dl 23m cn 24f b4 24t 9c 250 77 24v 5e 24t 3i 24o 1j 249 -9 23i -25 22q -42 222 -5u 218 -7l 206 -9c 1uu,-8p 4a -71 3j -7c 1p -8u -8 -aq -2b -bp -3s -a2 -45 -8h -3j -7d -2h -6e -12 -5e e -3r 15,-3s 15 -33 1b -2b 1e -1j 1i,-96 1v4 -a4 1uc -b0 1tj -bs 1sn -cp 1rm -dk 1qm -ef 1pn -f9 1oq,-gb 1l8 -h9 1k8 -id 1j0 -jq 1hc -l1 1g1 -m5 1eg -n0 1cr -nk 1b1 -o5 195 -ol 176 -p8 150 -pu 12m -qk 109 -ra tp -s2 r6 -sm oh -st lu -st jb -sv go -t1 e6 -sr bo -s2 9g -r0 7c -pg 5o -nr 4o -mg 3s -mm 1a -nk -1c -om -43 -ol -5n -n0 -5c -lk -42 -kc -2a -j5 -r -hk f -g1 1i -ef 2l -cv 3l -be 4f -9q 4p -8m 3i,-91 3c -8o 46,-1q 1i -12 1m,1r3 1uv 1q5 1un 1os 1u9 1ni 1to 1m7 1t4 1kf 1sd 1j2 1ri 1ho 1qf 1gi 1p5 1f9 1nm 1ds 1m4 1cb 1kf 1ar 1in 19h 1gr 18a 1es,18a 1es 178 1cn 16b 1aa 15k 17o 158 158 14v 12t 14q 10m 14u uh 15a sf 161 qg 177 oj 18m mj 1ae kd 1cf i3 1en fk,1en fk 1h4 d1 1is b9 1kn 9f 1mj 7k 1oh 5o 1qf 3r 1sf 1t 1uf -2 20g -1v 22e -3p,249 -5h 262 -76 27p -8q 2a7 -b6 2cf -dj 2eg -g1 2ge -ic 2i9 -kl,16b 1as 154 1ac 13n 19k 124 18f 10g 172 va 15s ts 14b sk 12q ri 11b,ri 11g qv 10p,ol of op mn pc kh q3 im qu go s1 ei ti c6 ve 9l 11k 72 13c 5c 159 3m 178 1u 199 6 1bd -1j 1do -3a 1g6 -4v 1io -6j 1lf -83 1oa -9b 1r4 -ae 1tp -bf 20d -cd 22u -d9 25d -e4 27p -et 2a2 -fk,2a2 -fk 2c9 -ga,td pt u5 r7 uc sg u5 tp t7 uv s1 ve,q8 pf pi q7,1a4 vc 198 10g 18n 11q 18r 13c 19l 14i 1as 15h 1cg 15u 1e1 15f 1f4 14d 1fj 135 1fi 11q 1er 10i 1do vg 1cd uj,1cj ul 1bl up 1ah v3,1c9 10r 1bp 11e 1bo 12a 1cn 12j 1co 11j 1bv 111,k7 mo jk lt,8g s 9u n bs i dh f eo e dp 1c cj 2d be 3f ac 4m 9f 5s bt 5b f0 4c ha 3q jl 3a m0 30 pc 2o sc 2i pc 2u lv 3g ik 46 fd 50 cu 68 cb 7l cb 99 cc ai ck c7 c8 ec cv fr eb h1,cc en ck dk dr d1 et dq fb f9 f9 gt dm h0 cf fh c0 dq,7e hp 72 gm 7m fg 96 g4 9n hk 8k ia 7k hd,ju m7 j3 la hp k5 gg j2 f3 hq dr gn,1qm 1ut 1rp 1uv 1su 1v6 1ug 1vb 207 1v9 21v 1v0 23l 1uj 25a 1u1 26t 1ta 28d 1s3 29p 1qe 2aq 1ot 2bp 1n8 2ck 1lf 2dd 1jk 2e2 1hn 2er 1fo 2fp 1do 2gt 1bn 2i5 19k 2ji 17h 2kv 15d 2mb 139 2ni 11a 2ol vi 2pl u0 2qg sl 2rg r2 2s1 pm 2se o3 2st mf 2ta kq 2tm iu 2ue h3 2vm fg 30v e8 32g cs 349 bb 369 9o 388 85,2c3 -g8 2d7 -gi 2e7 -gs 2f5 -h7,2et -h4 2fj -hg,2ot -pu 2qf -q7 2rv -qj 2tn -qs 2vl -qu 31t -qp 33m -ql,2fk -q0 2e8 -pp 2d0 -q5,24c -uf 23o -td 235 -s8 22b -r6 21j -q2 20n -om 1vv -nh 1v7 -mh 1uc -lf 1tl -kj 1st -jo 1sb -j2,1sf -j4 1rf -k4 1pv -l7 1oh -m1 1ms -mr 1l3 -nk 1j4 -oc 1gv -p4 1el -pr 1c5 -qh 19h -r7 16p -rs 13u -sh 10v -t5 u2 -tn rq -tu ps -u4 o0 -v5 mi -10k l0 -128 ja -13u hk -15k g7 -16k fo -14r g8 -12n gu -10r hr -us im -t0 gf -tg e3 -v2 bg -10q 8s -12c 78 -12b 7q -10n 9b -v7 b4 -tm d5 -s9 ea -rd c5 -r8 8t -ra 69 -r5 3k -qt 1i -qe 2r -os 5d -nr 8g -n8 bf -n1 9b -lo 63 -k9 3q -j6 1u -i4,1u -i4 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-1s4,2rs -1q3 32o -1s4,2jt -1ps 308 -1no 303 -1n4,2gr -1ok 2j9 -1qd,2l7 -1r1 2l7 -1r9 2lm -1rt,2rn -1t0 36l -1ps,34r -1q1 2kr -1qg 2rp -1oc 2qr -1nj,2ms -1pk 2gr -187,2h8 -1li 2fo -1e0 2gr -197,2lh -1l3 2la -1l8,2lh -1ld 2mn -1lg 2nd -1k6 2mb -1jd 2lb -1k3 2lr -1l7,2qf -1ls 2rt -1mh 2t5 -1ls 2so -1ki 2rb -1kp,2ov -1d4 2ql -1d5 2s4 -1d7 2tp -1db 2vi -1dl 30q -1dk 2vp -1c5 2u3 -1bd 2rt -1bi 2q7 -1c1 2op -1co,2qh -1m1 2rf -1kk,2vf -1mj 35p -1gv 30n -1n9 35a -1g3 30n -1mq 384 -1g6 2ur -1op 2u2 -1qg 32q -1q3 2jo -1r9,2q5 -1rt 2ib -1s2 2lh -1th,2mu -1th 2hn -1m9 2h3 -1fi,2km -1ou 2eq -1h1 2kc -1ok,2kc -1ok 2ca -1hj 2mf -1sh,2mn -1rq 2r3 -1qd,2i3 -1mg 2l5 -192 2i9 -1cn 2hq -1c1 2h5 -1dt,2f9 -1da 2jo -17t 2jq -199 2dr -1n0 2dv -1in 2em -1jl 2eo -1ma,35j -1i9 39g -18c 34m -1hv,2vf -1qs 2v2 -1st 31n -1p8,34h -1jk 38r -1dr,2lc -1ps 2in -1hj 2hs -1li,2hb -1ps 2g7 -1h1,2kc -1n9 2ji -196,2sn -1s0 3aj -1eh,326 -1oc 39e -1gg,2u7 -1s6 2v5 -1kk,2in -1ro 2dq -1h6,2ga -1oh 2ae -1gl,2e9 -1p5 2cu -1ho,2vh 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-7f,T 1fu -5e,T 1cv -3l,O 2rp -1lq,O 2s6 -1lg,O 2s1 -1ln,O 2rp -1lg,O 2ma -1kf,O 2md -1kk,O 2m8 -1kp,O 2m8 -1kd,O 2mi -1k8,O 68 7k,O 2t 7f,O 1b 5q,O 79 4d,O 9m 2p,O an 27,O 7q 3n,O 4a 4d,O 8 35,O -7 43,O -3e 2u,O -6a l,O -8o -25,O -49 41,O -86 4,O -99 -1h,O -ac -2f,O -49 7a,O -ap 88,O -m1 7c,O -oh ao,O -iq 8f,O -fk 3p,O -kh 4d,O -p2 9q,O -qs c5,O -qu ag,O -pu 83,O -n1 5e,O -k5 2f,O -l0 -6,O -ls -1m,O -7l 70,O -b5 5o,O -de 46,O -fp 2k,O -hn 12,O -jh -6,O -la -1m,O -n4 -3s,O -n4 -48,O 8h gm,O 8m gt,O 8h h2,O 8m h0,O 8j h0,O 84 go,O 87 gt,O 8e gt,G 7o gh r,G 7o gm b8,G 7q h0 aq,G 7t h7 am,G 87 ha 8e,G 8c ha 8e,G 8r ha 8e,G 92 ha 8e,G 95 gt 5v,G 92 go 4p,G 8t gj 47,G 8h g9 41,G 87 g9 2q,G 7t g9 2q,G 7t g9 5k,G dc fb 2q,G d9 f4 52,G do ei 2q,G de el 2c,G d2 es 1r,G d2 f1 b8,G d2 f9 b8,G dc fl 9r,G dh fl 8e,G dr fj 80,G e5 fj 8e,G e7 fj 8e,G ec fg 7j,G em f6 71,G eh f1 47,G e2 ei 47,O e2 f1,O dt el,O dm en,O dm f4,O dr fe,O e2 fe,O e5 f9,O dt eq,O do es,O e0 f9,O e5 f6,O do f4,S 1ce 11m,S 1cj 120,S 1cb 12d,S 1cb 11r,S 1c6 11h,S 1c4 11k,S 1bv 11m,S 1bq 123,S 1bv 125,S 1cb 12d,S 1c9 11u,O l6 14a,O lb 140,O l1 13p,O kk 13r,O kk 143,O ks 14i,O l6 143,O ks 140,O kn 143,O kf 14a,O kf 14n,O ku 14n,O l8 14i,O ll 13u,O li 13m,O kp 13p,O kd 14d,O im 13r,O j0 140,O ja 13m,O j2 13h,O ir 13k,O ij 13h,O ih 13f,O ir 130,O im 137,O io 13f,O jc 13k,O jk 13c,O jk 130,O j7 130,O it 132,O j5 13f,O jf 13f,O jh 13p

Simple Loop
Version 1.0
Wow, so amazing... NOT, cool and easy to do!

-18 1i 18 1i,16 1h 27 1h 3h 1h 4u 1g 6i 14 80 h 9h -a b4 -1b co -2g e5 -3r fb -58 gb -6p h3 -8d hd -a3 hb -br h0 -dk gc -ff fh -h7 eg -in da -jv c0 -l2 ai -lv 91 -mn 7d -n3 5n -n4 3v -mq 26 -m8 b -le -1h -ke -2u -jj -4j -ia -60 -gu -76 -fe -86 -ds -92 -c7 -9p -ag -a9 -8n -ad -6s -a6 -51 -9m -34 -8u -17 -80 o -76 27 -69 3m -59 56 -48 6i -34 7p -1i 96 2 a9 1p as 3h b2,3h b2 5b au 76 ag 93 9q b0 8t ce 84 dr 7a##B -8r -2m 4p,B -9r -5n 51,B -9r -9k 5h,B -86 -d3 6h,B -6b -ft 6l,B -2g -jf 72,B 37 -m5 7n,B 9f -lq 9h,B fp -f6 ab,B fp -6v k,B 9u -17 1j,B 29 q 2q

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This belongs in the flash games section, and there's already a thread stickied in which you ONLY post free rider levels. A separate thread is not needed.

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do you alwas ghave to be a know it all crazy flame

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