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Okay, so you finished Phage Wars 2, and inevitably, the question has popped into your head:

Is there a way to fill all of your stat bars all of the way?

Yes, there is.


Yes. All you need is 10 agiY, 10 repN, and 10 leeB.

Um...I thought you only got one of each gene in-game...

Yes, but there is a way around that.

First, you need to unlock all of the available spaces to sequence genes. I'm not sure if you have to complete the game or not, but I did this after finishing the game.

Secondly, aquire the genes you need (agiY, repN, leeB). If you didn't hack the game or something, you should already have these.

Next, refresh the page. The game should start up from where you left off. If you have already completed the game, do one experiment and receive the email, then continue. Play the bottom-most limb of Culutre (light) to get repN. The top-most of dark Culture will give you agiY. leeB can be received by playing the 2nd from the bottom of Photophillic.

Go to sequence. You'l notice that the agiY, repN, and leeB genes have duplicated. The game doesn't save the genes you have already received, so after refreshing the page, you can play the game over and get duplicates of all of the genes. Isn't that great?

So, get ten of each. Put all of the agiY in, then 5 of the repN. Place all of the leeB, then the remaining repN. It fits perfectly, so unfortunatly, the only color you can make the cell is white. Your stats should be all the way filled.

Anyway, that's there for anyone who was curious. I don't know if this was intended or a glitch, but have fun with it.

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