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Hello all!

This is a new and different kind of contest for Custom Castles. JJ52 and I worked together to think of this contest, but most of the idea belongs to JJ52.

The point of this contest is to judge whoever has the best castle in the categories of our choosing. The category will be changed every 5 days. Either JJ52 or myself will judge will judge whichever is the best every time the category is changed.

Here are the rules:
1. Do not spam under any circumstance.
2. Only enter 1 castle for each category.
3. Do not ask either of us which category will be next.
4. Do not copy somebody else's castle if you do not have permission from him/her.
5. When entering for the contest, always submit your castle according to the current category.
6. Have fun!

To prevent spam, use this format to submit your castle:

Name of Castle:


The first category for this contest is: The Most Realistic Castle

Have fun!

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