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So. This is a list of things that happen when you spend too much time on armorgames. This isn't supposed to be serious. It's supposed to give people a few lolz. Just add to the list, but make sure to copy/paste the whole thing before you add, just for posterity.

You know you've spent too much time on Armor when
1. You have spent over 24 hours trying to get all the achievements on Sonny 2.
2. You would like to go outside, but you just want to read oooonnneee mmmooorrreeee page on that thread.
3. You can't recall what the sun looks like
4. The "clink clash clink" noises from the armor logo are stuck in your head. Permanently.
5. You start to dream about different ways to get that last achievement in Sonny 2.

Enjoy the list, and add more!

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