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ok well i like to make it obvious that i am a "metalhead" (listens to alot of heavy metal) but the thing is rap seems to have "taken over", and everywhere i go i hear someone blasting it, either in their car or walking by someone and hear their ipod. Now i dont hate rap, it is a genre of music people like, and it is their choice to liten to it, but i dont like the message, most of the songs are about either violence, drugs, or prostitution. I know some rap is good and actuly can have a good message to it, but the ones i'm talking about is the new mainstream rap, for example: soulja boy, snoop dog, and lil wayne. i know heavy metal may not be the most christian loving genre of metal, but not all of it satanic (same thing as rap, parts actuly have a good message), i ecspecially get the heavy metal is evil reaction around where i live. Why is it that the less important rap is more famous while the bands trying to send a message are left out? i belive that the newer rap is helping cause more of the teenage, young adult, gang violence, due to the violent lyrics. what are people thoughts on this?

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