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1) Donât touch the controls for the first jump. You should get 17 money. Spend it on acceleration.

2) Second jump: press right arrow between first bounce and second bounce; just a little to make yourself flat. You should have 52ish money. Buy a glider.

3) From now on, you should never bounce.

4) Buy ramp height next (2/3 blobs of it), then rocket. After then, upgrading is up to you, but avoid small upgrades (less than 4 blobs for the first three items and the rocket fuel). The glider upgrade is the most important and you should always get it asap. A good guide is the maximum speed: glider 1 can go at 50mph, glider 2 at 100mph (barely), glider 3 at 225mph. If you see an award that says you have to go faster than your current glider can reasonably do, it may mean youâve under-upgraded it. But donât panic, and definitely donât âtryâ for an award you canât do, or youâll waste a whole day.

5) Rockets are almost important to buy as glider. Buy rocket level 1, then 4/5 blobs in rocket fuel, then rocket 2, then rocket 3, then try to upgrade rocket fuel to max. That is interspersed with the other upgrades, of course. To use rockets, just hold space while youâre still on the ramp, and donât let go until itâs empty. The default launch angle isnât too bad for rockets, but if you want a height award youâll want to steer up, and if you want the speed award (and others) youâll want to steer down.

6) Get every award before moving onto the next hill. I usually go for the height award first, forming a very tight curve into the air, then zooming down and flattening out just before the water. Sometimes that will get you a time award too. After that I go for a more sensible jump, as explained at the top of the post.

7) I finished the last award on the penultimate ramp on day 15 and (getting height and time awards on day 16, and 4k distance award on day 17), I got the badge on exactly day 18. Probably could have stretched it to 17, but there really was no point. I didnât get the 225mph award at any point; didnât need the money and itâs barely worth the distance/time it costs you.

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