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I'm just curios about your favorite websites, beside AG of course. You can share any website here, music, game download/online/MMO, Flash, picture, art, photography, anything you can imagine, NO PORN ALLOWED, DRUG AND TERRORIST AND FRIENDS!

I know it's 'VS thread rules'
but I can see many users still put a link once in a while. Why? Because pictures and video describe better than just words. I want us to share, so we can get quick 'knowledge' about your favorite website and why you like it. So we don't waste time on google just to search and find good site.

Mod, if this gonna get locked, could you let it 'survive' for 2 weeks? Please? Thx.

If you gonna lock it, please don't just lock it, please give us some time to 'create' something here.


Don't open youtube 2.0, it's a virus itself, don't download anything from this site. I delete the virus by using Avira.


Just some rules:

1. Put a title.
2. Describe something about content of the website.
3. Pros and cons about it, like or dislike, or rate it with STARS.
4. You can also ask about certain kind of website, like "do you know a website full of interesting sounds, bell, wind, bird, water, etc?" or "I want to learn Flash, how to make game or website without learning too much coding".
5. I hope we can make this thread full of conversation, and each one of us 'donate' favorite website. Make your wish, ask other users if they know good websites.
6. If you see other user post the same favorite website just before you, you shouldn't post it again, but you can put some reviews about the site.

Guys, don't forget to check the link inside of the site, you might found some fun!

I'll start:


Some examples on

Learn photoshop technique here.
This one is epic! You can release your stress here, impossible pictures.
For picture lovers only!

I found this one very interesting, I can download free antivirus(Avira), dictionary (Everest is a good one, gozoku, ZDT) and many more here. Ohh, Recover My File (it saves you from accidentally deleted file on your recycle bin). I also find some Mp3 cutter software here. I always choose 'freeware' license.
Download softwares, product reviews, etc.

Who doesn't know this site? Technology, latest game, green fuel, solar panel using glass say goodbye to expensive solar panel?
It's discovery channel, I love this site. I watch it on TV when I go to Vietnam.


Now you don't have to pay for comic books, except if you are a collector or otaku!

Similar to AG.
Experience something different here, the users here are sux!(bad-word), the forum also sux(it's like I'm talking to myself here) but you can try the game. Chess, sudoku, card, sushido.

Very good for learning chess, they have database from many GMs.
They have Bobby Fischer Vids here.
For Japanese chess, GO. It took you 2-4 hours one game, it's a unique kind of chess.

Go to yahoo, click 'game' on the left bar, choose 'board', play chess on yahoo online. The user like to say bad word when they lose, just 'disabled' chat in the options. Try kappatolpunishment, he is my friend, 18 years old, he almost done his Master degree, not in chess.

I got this 'suspicious' site from firetail, thx.

I like to download music from here, not all the songs you can download, but many un-famous band have good songs here. They have pictures, video and many more. I like Amos Lee.


I also want to make a thread about 'collecting threads - similar thread in on thread'. The ideas are to gather the threads, for example: Gemcraft, so I will gather all the links that have 'Gemcraft' tag on it or talking about Gemcraft, from page 1 to 20 from our 'Tavern', 'opular media' and so on.

So the next thread about 'zombie' or '2012' will be grouped in one thread, and I hope this will reduce duplicate or similar thread. I hope someone from AG will help me doing this, it will took some time, but we can make AG more 'easier to search'.

It's not like I'm trying to become a mini-mod or something, It just pop-up from my head, and I think it can help AG users somehow.

If some users interested in this project, please let me know in my profile, for AG!, yes we can, yes we can.


Several websites that I would love to know:

1. Site with .mp3 or .wav or midi files. Free sound, like water, bird singing, wind blowing, rain drops, natural sound.
2. "How to", I like to learn how to cook, repair motorcycle and make my own bookshelf or small strong table.
3. Sound splitter, I have heard there is a software that can 'split' sound, for example, an orchestra(mp3), the software can split the piano, violin and saxophone sound.

OK, thx for reading my thread.

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