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1.Use arrow keys, jump on button then go into the tunnel
2.Same thing but controls are backwards.(Left=Right,Right=Left)
3.Go straight to the tunnel. Dont push the buton
4.Click tunnel with mouse.
5. Make way to tunnel avoiding spikes, push button.
6.Same as level 5.
7.Use spikes to jump to push the button.
8.Make your way to the button without touching the colour strip you didnt start on.
9.Use the mouse to move and click to jump,
10.Just make your way to the button.
11.Move normally but you cant move back.
12.Hold the right arrow key.
13.Alternate hitting the right and left arrow keys.
14.Jump straight on to the button platform. You only can jump once.
15.Refresh the page then return anfd the door will be open.
16.Hit the button 5 times to open the door.
17.Complete the level normally.
18.Go to the section above the tunnel with the spikes on the righthand side wall, waith till it collapes into the tunnel area and quikly jump in.
19.Complete the level in slow motion.
20.Make a long jump to hit the button then hold the right arrow to get to the tunnel.
21.Use the gravity shifts to push the button then hed to the tunnel.
22.Jump on to the higher ledge above the button are so you dont fall downt then complete the stage.
23.Use T=up. F=left G=down/stop H=right
24.Press and hold cap lock to open the door.
25.Wait for the door to open.
26.Just walk through the door.
27.Press Menu go to the credits then push the box at the bottom of the page to open the door,
28.Complete the stage regulary with a zoomed in camera.
29. Push the button then quikly get in to the tunnel before it closes.
30. Do the same thing from level 20.


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