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Step 1

Build 2 Banks

Build an Armory and set it as Energy

Build a Forge

Once you have done that...

Step 2

Upgrade the Forge to the second upgradable thing.

Upgrade both banks

Step 3

Then get 4 sakatas and hold them.

After you did that, you should have enough of everything to get unlimited Phantoms.

You might want to get some Scouts in there as well.

If it ends up not working it is probably because your partner sucks.

If my Walkthrough worked good please comment this and tell me too make a ground Walkthrough.

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A player going Romans Sakata-MKII (Anti-air sakata) Will beat that.

Sakatas are cheaper and build faster, so they win over phantoms, and Romans works as meat-shield, even taking some of the dmg from the phantoms as the sakatas do their job, and romans then group up, kill your sakatas, and then your base.
+ there is so many variables, depending on his and/or your friend. Thats what i like about colony, there IS NO "do this and win" strategy, it is all about adaption to your opponents strategy, and outsmarting your opponents. Love it ^^

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... A missle destroy Both Sakatas And Phantoms. a little mk can destroy both phantoms, and some hovers destroy all the Sakatas.

The End
If anyone put a queen up, i just need make a spinx and the queen run away. if they put a tank, they will be busy making some phantoms. so, i make more tanks and KABAM!, or i make some far snipers and PLIM!!

The end, one more time.

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