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Basically... You were on a nice soothing cruise with your friends, suddenly disaster strikes! The ship hits a large submerged rock and starts to sink! You wake up a few hours later on a small island...

NameYour name -_-)
AgeAnything except 12 or below)
GenderM or F)
AppearanceHow your character looks like)
Level 1
Weapon:Survival Knife 2-5 Dmg
Clothing:Simple Clothes
Inventory:Zippo Lighter, Cellphone

The Shore
This is where you got stranded... This place is pretty big and very isolated from the rest of the island, It's the only safe place here. You can do lots of things here...

The Jungle
The first unlocked area on the island, This will be where you get all your resources. Many monsters and wild animals can be found here.

As you progress through the game new areas will be unlocked. I will also be making poorly drawn maps.

Only 4 people can join.

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