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Take note that 5 of the choices will be on your game. I did not go through it more than twice, and the ones at the bottom only had 5, because that's the way the game was set up for me on those levels. I am sorry if I missed any. It's random everytime. And that I was always clicking at the left side.

1st level

1 the birds
2 One of the trees branches
3 The C of differences
4 Top of the highest building
5 The Trees shadow
6 The man
7 One of the sidewalk tiles

2nd level

1 The guy with the number on his back - on his sandle
2 The green paint
3 The red and orange paint
4 The man in the brown
5 The farthest right building
6 The sidewalk

3rd level

1 The robots right hand
2 The robots glasses
3 *The Grass* on the sign
4 The highest cloud
5 The tree down from the highest cloud

4th level

1 The dot between *Park Area*
2 Click on *Be a patient, better driver*
3 Click on *No more microwaved dinners and saturated Fats*
4 Click on *No killing moths or putting boiling water on ants*
5 Click on *No bad dreams*
6 Click on *Trash bins for park uses only*
7 Click on *Pets must be kept on a leash*
8 Click on *Become fitter, happier, and more productive*

5th level

1 The dark gray pebble to the bottom left
2 The sixth plant from left to right on the bottom
3 Click on the dark gray rock left of the forth plant
4 The briges' shadow
5 The small dark gray rock in the shadows in the top.
6 The grass at the left bottom of the bridge

6th level

1 The sign near the stairs
2 The tree on the top left
3 The thin tree directly top-forward
4 The very top left trees' top
5 The man playing the guitar's shadow

7th level

1 The cloud to the top left
2 One of the ropes holders (at the bottom of the rope)
3 Top of one of the buildings (not the reflection)
4 The PM sign
5 The bottom of the heart (the darkest part)

8th level

1 The benches shadow
2 The wire near the bottom of the tree
3 The smallest cloud
4 One of the sidewalk tiles line that divides the squares
5 The top of the building all the way to the top left

9th level

1 The guy hitchings shadow, the one on the ground
2 The elevators shine
3 The Left girl in the shop
4 The bottom of the door
5 One of the buildings at the top

10th level

1 The girls umbrella
2 The girls sock
3 The window in the middle.
4 The gutter
5 The doornob
6 The top of the door

11th level

1 The left set of bricks on the wall
2 The low set of birds
3 The top set of birds
4 The Rails that keep the sign up
5 The *Or don't*

12th level

1 The line next to the numbers
2 The brick by the guys feet
3 The mans shadow
4 The set of 4 bricks to the right of the man
5 The brick that's the opposite color of the other, look at the middle of the man, then move right

13th level

1 The bricks under the window seal
2 The brick left of the TV
3 The brick to the top right
4 The pair of bricks at the bottom
5 The mans shoe

14th level

1 The shadow at the top of the light
2 The guitars, uh, 3 brackets? not real sure what they are called
3 the bricks at the bottom ofthe window seal
4 The top left brick
5 The bottom right brick

15th level

1 The dark tree
2 The Soon on *come back soon*
3 The brightest star, near the middle right
4 a little bright star, some-what near the star
5 One of the lines on the road

That's all

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