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Ineffective Publicist:
Return to the faerie world without affecting any humans.
Self Explanitory.

Mold Ambassador:
Retun to the faerie world after affecting a human's life.
Easy since you only have impact 1 person.

Thorough Advocate:
Return to the faerie world after affecting every human in the town.
Haven't been able to get this one for some reason.

Decaying Paragon:
Show the most positive side of mold.
Haven' won this one either.

Fuzzy Savior:
Give a generally good impression of mold.
Help someone and don't kill anybody.

Balanced Demonstrator:
Provide an even-handed view of mold.
Don't be too good or evil.

Rotting Scourge:
Show the dark side of mold.
Kill people.

Budding Horror:
Slaugher as many humans as possible.

Fruiting Body:
Drop at least 2000 mold spores in one game.
Just hold the mouse down forever.

Slime friend:
Collect at least 25 slime mold spore across all games.
Have to play a couple times to get this one.

Slime Savior:
Collect at least 50 slime mold spores across all games.
Obviously will take twice as long as slime friend.

Fruit Spoiler:
Mold every kind of fruit.
Pretty simple.

Beacon of Hope:
Lead the lost child to safety.
Use your radioactive mold to light up the mushrooms.

Gourmet Chef:
Provide the resturant with an exotic new ingredient.
Use the cheese mold on... the cheese.

Health Infector:
Create a health code violation at the resturant.
Use the basic mold on the food.

Deadly Cook:
Create a tragic incident at the resturant.
Use the Deadly mold what a suprise.

Home Wreaker:
Save a family's finances in an unorthodox way.
Use the death mold inside the wall so the family can sue the previous owner for millions.

Domestic Tragedian:
Put a struggling family out of their misery.
Use the death mold on their food instead.

Malpracticing Nurse:
Poision a patient with hospital food.
You think it being hospital food would be enough but no you have to use death mold yet again.

Suprise Recovery Nurse:
Assist in the mysterious recovery of a patient.
Time for the radioactive penecillian again.

Serendipitious Researcher:
Provide a lasting cure to a virulent disease.
What do you know, more penecillian.

Plot Foiler:
Make an invalid suspicious enough to call the police.
Use normal mold on the poisoned food.

Double Rescuer:
Cure an invalid and uncover a plot.
Use penecillian on the poisoned food and make the old bat better again.

Fungal Robin Hood:
Eliminate a rich family.
Death mold yet again. Bye Bye invalid.

Any help with Thorough Advocate and Decaying Paragon would be wonderful. I don't know what I've missed so I'll leave it to one of you to figure out.

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This game is fun, but pretty easy.
I got every title in less than half an hour.

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If you get help everybody (save the boy in the well, save the mom, provide the cure for the doctor, save the family, save the restaurant, and cure the patient) you will get Thorough Advocate. =) Hope that helped someone, the titles post was helpful to me.

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[i]I cant find one of the spores, I have looked everywhere! i have 49 and it is really annoying me! could you tell me where the hard to find ones are please as i pbviously cant expect you to write down the location of 50 spores. Thank You.

I'm stuck on 49 too...I bet there are only 49 in the whole game and it's just there to annoy us...[/i]

Actually there are fifty. I know because I've gotten them all. I can't give you where they are because it's too hard and I don't remember some, but I'm just saying it's possible if you literally look EVERYWHERE! Oh and there's a passage under the poor family's house so that might be where the last one is.

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Wow this page is really helpful..thanks for those who just new in this game though..

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1) Collect the pulsating, orange spore to the left of the apple tree.
2) Touch the mouldy dog poop (?) between the two signs.
3) Click on the map.
4) Click on the river.
5) Collect the three spores near the bottom of the screen.
6) Fly right until you reach the metal containers.
7) Collect the three spores on top of the second metal container.
8) Touch the dead fish below the third metal container.
9) Collect the two spores under the dead fish.
10) Click on the map.
11) Click on the trees.
12) Go down into the well.
13) Turn into the right tunnel and cover the mushrooms in P. mutans mould (from the fish).
14) Get the spore from the ledge near the wall.
15) Turn into the left tunnel and get the three spores on the ground.
16) Descend further into the well shaft until you reach the bottom and get the four spores on the ground.
17) Click back on the map.
18) Click on the mansion.
19) Collect the spore on the left side of the downstairs door frame.
20) Fly right until you reach the table with the bread on it.
21) Cover the bread and the bananas in R. stolonifer mould (from the poop).
22) Collect the spore on the edge of the table to the right of the bananas.
23) Go down and to the right.
24) Touch the white rectangle with the blue patches on it.
25) Collect the two spores on the wine rack.
26) Fly back to the bread then up towards a grille in the ceiling.
27) Collect the spore on the grille.
28) Collect the two spores on the floor to the left of the grille.
29) Collect the spore to the right of the grille.
30) Collect the spore near the pillow.
31) Click on the map.
32) Click on the hospital.
33) Collect the spore on top of the hospital sign.
34) Collect the two spores on the roof.
35) Collect the spore near the wheelie bin.
36) Collect the spore near the elevator.
37) Cover the petri dish in P. mutans mould.
38) Collect the spore near the wall to the left of the petri dish.
39) Collect the spore on the desk near the male nurse.
40) Collect the spore on the floor near the sick boy's head.
41) Click on the map.
42) Click on the house.
43) Collect the spore by the girl's knee.
44) Collect the spore just inside the wall cavity.
45) Cover the wall insulation (the pink shell things) in S. chartarum mould.
46) Collect the spore between the wall cavity and the refrigerator.
47) Collect the spore on the brick wall near the woman.
48) Collect the spore at the bottom of the brick wall.
49) Go under the foundations of the house.
50) Collect the spore near the steps.
51) Fly up towards the roof and get the two spores.
52) Click on the map.
53) Click on the café.
54) Get the spore on the floor.
55) Get the spore on the desk of the maître d'.
56) Cover the spaghetti bolognaise and the cheese in P. roqueforti mould.
57) Get the spores by the cheese and the lettuce.
58) Get the spore near the chef's arm.
59) Get the spore under the oven.
60) Get the spore under the first table.
61) Collect the spore from the flag/sign thing outside the café.
62) Click on the map.
63) Click on the river.
64) Go near the slime mould. (It will talk to you.)
65) Click on the map.
66) Click on the portal.
67) Click 'depart'.

You ought to get the titles Mold Ambassador, Thorough Advocate, Decaying Paragon, Fruiting Body, Slime Friend, Slime Savior, Beacon of Hope, Gourmet Chef, Home Wrecker, Serendipitous Researcher, and Plot Foiler.

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Thank you IsabelElizabeth! While looking through your walkthrough I found the last spore! My cookie died and I was replaying.

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