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Ineffective Publicist:
Return to the faerie world without affecting any humans.
Self Explanitory.

Mold Ambassador:
Retun to the faerie world after affecting a human's life.
Easy since you only have impact 1 person.

Thorough Advocate:
Return to the faerie world after affecting every human in the town.
Haven't been able to get this one for some reason.

Decaying Paragon:
Show the most positive side of mold.
Haven' won this one either.

Fuzzy Savior:
Give a generally good impression of mold.
Help someone and don't kill anybody.

Balanced Demonstrator:
Provide an even-handed view of mold.
Don't be too good or evil.

Rotting Scourge:
Show the dark side of mold.
Kill people.

Budding Horror:
Slaugher as many humans as possible.

Fruiting Body:
Drop at least 2000 mold spores in one game.
Just hold the mouse down forever.

Slime friend:
Collect at least 25 slime mold spore across all games.
Have to play a couple times to get this one.

Slime Savior:
Collect at least 50 slime mold spores across all games.
Obviously will take twice as long as slime friend.

Fruit Spoiler:
Mold every kind of fruit.
Pretty simple.

Beacon of Hope:
Lead the lost child to safety.
Use your radioactive mold to light up the mushrooms.

Gourmet Chef:
Provide the resturant with an exotic new ingredient.
Use the cheese mold on... the cheese.

Health Infector:
Create a health code violation at the resturant.
Use the basic mold on the food.

Deadly Cook:
Create a tragic incident at the resturant.
Use the Deadly mold what a suprise.

Home Wreaker:
Save a family's finances in an unorthodox way.
Use the death mold inside the wall so the family can sue the previous owner for millions.

Domestic Tragedian:
Put a struggling family out of their misery.
Use the death mold on their food instead.

Malpracticing Nurse:
Poision a patient with hospital food.
You think it being hospital food would be enough but no you have to use death mold yet again.

Suprise Recovery Nurse:
Assist in the mysterious recovery of a patient.
Time for the radioactive penecillian again.

Serendipitious Researcher:
Provide a lasting cure to a virulent disease.
What do you know, more penecillian.

Plot Foiler:
Make an invalid suspicious enough to call the police.
Use normal mold on the poisoned food.

Double Rescuer:
Cure an invalid and uncover a plot.
Use penecillian on the poisoned food and make the old bat better again.

Fungal Robin Hood:
Eliminate a rich family.
Death mold yet again. Bye Bye invalid.

Any help with Thorough Advocate and Decaying Paragon would be wonderful. I don't know what I've missed so I'll leave it to one of you to figure out.

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