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Anarchy is a failed concept - it will never actually work out. Example: The people have an uprising and eliminate the established laws. What then? People can't get along. Militant groups around the country rise up. Some with good ideals, some with bad. Eventually, a small number of people will have control of vast regions. Wars will erupt around the country, and one person or one group could eventually take power through force. My bet on the one person or group that takes power is the original catalyst behind the entire movement to overthrow government. Ironic, isn't it? Anarchy fails hard, because order WILL assert itself, and the chaos will continue to fight against order. The two are so intertwined that to attempt to eliminate one simply cannot happen - order cannot exist without chaos, and chaos cannot exist without order. Without one, the other simply would not be. Would order be order if there were no chaos? No. And the same holds true for chaos.

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