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Before you read this, you must know that you can't use any of the material for your own stories without my or Braketh's permission. I give special thanks to Pazx,Manta,Goumas, and DudeGuy. And I also thank Braketh for continuing the story when I was not able to. The first two chapters aren't much but a description. But I hope you enjoy it anyway.

The Return of Scythe and the Fall of Armor.

Chapter 1: The Return.

All who remembered him died long ago. But now he was back. Upon his return he brought forth the armies of the undead, and a darkness of unimaginable proportions. That which even the worst nightmares could not conjure. This being of darkness was Scythe. Having lived longer than most the beings of Armor. He had the knowledge of the ages. A knowledge which he planned to use in the destruction of Armor and all who stood for it.

Over two thousand years ago Scythe had been the most powerful and just ruler Armor had ever seen, and has yet to see since. Scythe was the first king to bring all of the kingdoms under one rule. This new land he named Armor. It became a great nation. All who lived there were blessed, war was non-existant and peace was in the air. But like all great rulers there is one battle none could win. The battle with death. The greatest enemy man had ever faced. And like any other man Scythe became deathly ill. During his reign he had taught the people not to fear death, but to except it. For upon death, all ascended to a greater place where pain was banished from the mind. His loyal subjects hearing of their great rulers decline, expected he would die and so they did not mourn but congratulated him. For he would finally get the rest they all believed was well earned. Scythe thought otherwise, death was not the path for him. No one knows to this day how he did it. But somehow Scythe cheated death through some supernatural cause. Yet at what cost, his body deteriorated, though he looked and smelled like that of the dead. He was alive and just as powerful as before. To hide his appearance from the people. Blue cloth was wrapped around his body. Covering his newly attained attributes. The people began to despise Scythe for this. For why would a ruler who preached that death was a virtue not want to join it. People began to question other preachings. Finally he lost control of them and they revolted, burning everything in his castle. Though Scythe had the power to destroy them all, he could not. For he loved his people even during this. Scythe left Armor, many believed he had died in the fire. But he would one day return and take back the throne of Armor.

Far to the north Scythe waited patiently, so patient was he that two thousand years passed before he made his move. But during that two thousand years his mind had been poisoned. One of his subjects still believed in him, her name was Pazx. She believed in him so much that she began to hate those who had betrayed her master. And with this hate she brainwashed Scythe into destroying Armor instead of reclaiming it. She also convinced him to let her have powers from the darkside and to make her his queen. And so Pazx became the Queen of Darkness.

Scythe with his new found hatred for Armor realized that having an army would make things all the easier for him. With his power he brought forth the armies of the undead. But then every good lord has a general he thought. And so from the darkness forged a general who's power was only exceeded by Scythe himself. This general was Goumas.

And finally Goumas found it a necessity to have one that could operate apart from the army. A sort of extension to it. One who could reach far behind enemy lines without detection. Scythe knew what Goumas wanted. An assassin, for if the enemies leaders were taken out prior to the battles their morale would be crushed. This Dark Assassin was called Manta. Bearing a cloak of sea weed, he could breath on land and under water. His skin had a blue tint to it and at the end of each finger was a sharp nail made of an unrustable steel as was that of his teeth. Webbing between all of his toes and fingers gave him a great advantage over humans in the water. He was the ultimate hunting machine.

With everything complete, Scythe sent forth his Dark forces.

Chapter 2: An Evil Plot.

Pazx looked out over the land from her dark tower. The armies were marching out today. And a spectacle it was. Over six hundred thousand undead soldiers walked across the black plains. They all marched in rythm with the war drums, metal clanking against metal. This war would be over soon she thought. How she longed to be loved by all the people of Armor once again. As she had been over two thousand years ago. A shadow stirred behind her. Rising from the shadows was a dark form, DudeGuy stood before her. Having the ability to morf into shadow and bend it to his will he was a valuable spy. "Ah, I've been awaiting your return. What news do you bring me of Scythe's plans?" Pazx had turned to greet her good friend. DudeGuy bowed to her. "Lord Scythe will not destroy the city. Something inside of him is holding tight. He will reclaim the throne. But I still believe you could convince him into destroying it." DudeGuy braced himself for the wrath of his dark lady. Her nostrils flared with rage. "What a stupid old fool he is!!!" She screeched. "He has power, all the power in the entire world! Yet he will not use it, just because they are his people!!! Where were his people when he fell ill, who believed in him when all others despised him. Me! It was me, not THEM!!" She turned away from him. Pointing her gaze towards the armies once again. "GO, get out of my sight. I'll call for you later." DudeGuy disappeared into the shadows. Leaving his lady in her anger. She would come up with a plan he thought, she always does.

Goumas rode his skeletal dragon high above the army. Watching their every move, though he knew none of them would act with their dark general flying overhead. Being the general was a daunting task. For if he failed to win this war Scythe would destroy him, which he could do easily. But with an army this powerful he expected there would be very little war, most fights would be an onslaught. Also being so high above ground gave Goumas a tactical advantage over enemies. Not only could he spot their moves quickly. He could also pick out strategical positions before hand. He could then tell his field commanders what to do through their minds. And they would in turn give commands to the soldiers themselves. Everything was going as planned, now he just had to wait for battle.

The Manta swam through the swampy waters of the boglands. Far south of his lords position. Though he wished to be out killing, he did not mind scouting. It did give him a chance to think about how he longed for an opportunity to kill something. How he wanted to drive his sharp claws deep into the flesh of another being. At that moment something on the bank caught his eye. A man walked along the water sword on his hip. Obviosly a guard on patrol. Manta laughed at this, what a fool he thought. Surely he knew to stay away from the waters edge. Without thought Manta swam a little ahead of the man. His planned mapped out already in his mind. Then he veered back toward the man speeding through the murky waters undetected. He leaped out his steel claws bared. The man jumped back startled at the sight of this creature flying towards him. The man reached for his sword desperatly but it was to late. Manta had already thrust his claws deep into his chest. A small splutter came from the man's throat as if he was chocking. Blood ran from his mouth as he fell to the ground. Manta looked into his prey's eyes as his final breath cryed out. Manta stood removing his claws, and then knelt near the water washing his bloodied hands. He then jumped back into the swampy waters hoping for another kill to come.

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