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Cavemen age: Pretty straightforward. Start with rock slingshot and then the rest clubmen. With that save up for a dino rider. He kicks ass so you just have to wait till you have 100 gold then sell your rock slingshot and buy egg automatic. With that buy the rest cavemen and as soon as you can buy more dino riders. And donât forget to tap the special button occasionally.

Medieval age: Easy sell your egg automatic and buy the catapult. The rest swordsman no archers! After that save up too 500 gold buy a knight and watch the dude kick ass! Then click special and after that you should have enough to sell the catapult and buy the fire catapult. After that the rest should be swordsman.

Gunpowder: if you can afford a cannoneer BUY HIM! If you canât buy some duelers. After getting 1000 gold sell your fire catapult and buy a cannon. Next duelers! Keep them coming till you reach 1000 again. Buy a cannoneer and tap that special! And then save up for 2000 sell your cannon to get heavy cannon then you guessed it! MORE DUELERS!!!!

Modern age: Ah yes this one sell your heavy cannon and buy all the melee people you got! That may get you too 7000 gold if it doesnât just buy more melee people till then. Once at 7000 gold buy the turret. Then more melee people woohoo!!!!! Get too 700 again sell your turret and for 14000 buy the double then buy more melee guys (duh!) until you get 7000 (yet again). Buy tanks LOTS of tanks.

Future age: Oh dear first sell your turret and with that by titanium shooter. Buy god blades and keep them coming! After you have about 10 of them watch them kill sell your titanium shooter for a red one (one along the track) then save up for war machine (if its not looking good buy more god blades) keep buying those and when your secure buy another red thing. After you have like 3-4 sell them and buy the ion blaster! Then just buy a few more war machines and buy the turrets again sell them and buy a second ion blaster. And watch yourself win!

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