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Im sorry for telling this, but i felt like i hadd too. If you read the text below the Game Walkthrough section it says: Are you a gaming master? If so, write up a game tutorial and let others know how to pass the game as well.

But when you enter the side and look at the topic's, there are quite few that contains guides. the most of them says

-Cheat plix!! Made by people who exemply play Boxhead Zombie wars and think for themself:

- WoW i died in a couple of mins, i should go to the topic and ask for cheats that gives infinite minigun and makes me immortal.

I dont know about you others but i think that cheating in games are boaring. Hows a fighting game if you are immortal?

Anyway, wath i wanted with this topic is to open the cheaters eyes and make them stop spam the forums with cheat requests.

Btw. Sorry for bad grammar and anger :P

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